URTV "Incidents"

Incident One, "Albedo's Dare."

Rubedo PoV

Oh. My God. He's actually doing it.

Dammit, Albedo is such an idiot.

Did anyone ever tell you that?

Well, I tell you NOW.

Albedo is an idiot.

Well, there he goes…with…you probably don't want to know.

So, we were playing truth or dare, Nigredo, Albedo, and I.

Albedo chose dare….against his will…but Nigredo went evil. I don't know if it was something he ate (the cooks at the institute try to kill us with inedible food, I know it), but he dared it.

Under garments.

Of the last girl on the planet any of us would dare to piss off.

Damn. I can't believe he's doing it.

"Albedo!" Citrine screamed, chasing after the damn idiot who was stupid enough to steal the underwear of our sister. And run around the institute with them on his head.

Okay. I'll spill.

I'm cracking up.

As I am rolling on the ground laughing my ass off, Nigredo is over on the bench doing pretty much the same thing! Albedo ran past us again, with an extremely frightened look on his face. He turned the corner down the path as we continued laughing our asses off.

Damn I can't believe he's doing it! How many more times am I gonna say that? Until I believe it, dammit!


Out of nowhere.

A very loud screech.

He ran back past us. The underwear was gone.

His shirt was ripped.

And his pants were gone.

Nice underwear Albedo. Purple Albie boxers! XD

I'm a bit sorry for him now.

Nigredo, I feel your pain.

I cracked up some more.

Then, I wanted to plug my ears, but I couldn't because the damn screaming was inside my damn head.


I cracked up some more, before getting up and running in the direction that they had run. He did, after all, sound really scared. Like, REALLY scared. Nigredo followed.

We couldn't find them anywhere! XD

So, here we are, running around looking for the damn idiot and the other damn idiot who wanted the first damn idiot dead.

We finally found them. Well, him.

It was sad. Sad, sad, sad.

He was curled up in a corner. His shirt was gone, all he had on were his boxers. His purple boxers with Albie on them.

There were about twenty standards gathered around him, cracking up. Them and their damn single-consciousness. One of them cracks, the others do too.

So, I pushed my way to the front.

"All right, break it up, break it up!" I shouted loudly, pushing a standard to the side and walking up to Albedo. He jumped up and wrapped his arms around my waist like a little kid and buried his face into my stomach. Awkward. I patted his back. "All right, come on."

I tried to pull him, but he wouldn't budge.

"She's mean!" he cried, tightening his grip.

"Nigredo, get over here and help, please," I said, trying not to laugh. He, obviously struggling not to laugh, as well, walked over and grabbed Albedo's waist and pulled, but he still wouldn't let go. After a few minutes of attempting to get him off, I sighed and just flipped him over.

"Ow!" he cried, finally letting go. He was winded.

So, I picked him up and slung him over my shoulder like a rag doll, him screaming. Once I was on the verge of going deaf, I just knocked him out.

Then we headed back to our room. Nigredo came along.

Once Albedo woke up, we were both staring him in the face. We had managed to get him back into some clothes (it wasn't easy), and just kinda dropped him on the floor. Now he was awake, and we continued to stare him in the face.

"Your turn."


"You guys suck! She did bad bad things to me!"