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Summary: Tsukome Sawada is the quiet, calm, and seemingly introversive princess of Namimori Middle. Deemed useless in everything by her fellow students, she never thought she would ever become anything of importance in life. Everything changes however, when the baby hitman Reborn shows up, hired by her oblivious mother as a home tutor. His real purpose; to mold and raise Tsukome into the next leader of the Vongola. Now a mafia boss-in-training, Tsukome must fight for survival as she makes new friends and enemies. But can this princess become the powerful leader needed to run a huge criminal organization? Warning: Fem!27/Fem!Tsuna AU fanfic; Unintentional OOCness may occur; Pairings undecided!

Oh yeah, please don't murder me for this, but for the first couple of chapters Tsukome will be "dating" Mochida Kensuke, but not really. It's just Mochida who thinks that, Tsukome has no real idea of why he keeps hanging around her and claiming that when she never even agreed on it or remembers being asked to go out with him.

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Target 1: Princess with an Attitude- The Hitman Tutor Reborn!

Birds could be heard chirping in the crisp morning air, the sunlight slowly filtering in through the window and landing on the empty bed, pale orange comforter lying in a heap at the end of the bed. A shower could be heard through the closed door of the medium-sized, slightly messy bedroom; originating from somewhere else on the second floor of the two-story house, while the sounds of breakfast being prepared drifted up from the kitchen downstairs, a slight, but extremely faint humming accompanying it. In the corner, the remains of an alarm clock could be seen, having been tossed across the room with unnecessary force from its previous position on the nightstand after having gone off just a few moments before. Suddenly the sounds of the shower running cut off, and the bedroom door opened, revealing a slightly petite in stature young girl, no older than 13 years old, fully clad in her middle school uniform as she lazily walked over to the dresser, picking up a hair brush so she could at least try to get her unruly, long brown hair, which fell down to her hips when down, under some semblance of control for the day.

She faintly took notice when she heard her mother call her name from down the stairs, probably from as far away as the kitchen judging from how faint and distant the sound was.

"Tsu-chan, Tsukome! Hurry up or you'll be late for school!" the girl, Tsukome, placed the brush down, taking a glance in the mirror and deeming herself ready, walked out the door and down the stairs.

"Okay mama! Thanks for the warning, see ya!" Tsukome called, grabbing her school bag from the sofa in the living room before grabbing a piece of toast and jumping out the front door, taking off in a dead sprint in the direction of her school as soon as she touched the ground.

"Bye Tsu-chan have a nice day!" the woman called slightly, though she knew her daughter probably hadn't heard her. She smiled slightly, washing her hands before she too walked out the door, headed for the mailbox to see what was there. "Hmm, what's this?" she asked as she eyed the neatly done sheet of paper that she had pulled from the metal container.

"An ad? Home tutor huh? Hmm…"

Namimori Middle School…

Tsukome stood in the locker area of the school, switching shoes as she let her thoughts drift slowly onto what classes she had today. Placing her outdoor shoes in her locker, she eyed the clock on the other side of the forum. 'I've got fifteen minutes to spare…I wonder if Kyoko-chan is here today…If I remember correctly, her brother was sick yesterday, so she might have stayed home today to help take care of him…' she was shaken from her thoughts by a very familiar voice coming from somewhere behind her.

"Oi! Tsukome-chan!" she turned to face the speaker, a forced but still gentle smile on her lips as she spotted her self-proclaimed boyfriend, Kensuke Mochida. He was the leader of her middle school, Namimori Middle's, kendo club. Truth be told, she really didn't know him all that well. Up until a year ago, he hadn't even said one kind word to her, and then all of a sudden he had started calling her his girlfriend and acting nice. She couldn't even recall him ever having asked her out before hand, or asking for permission to call her such things. One thing she was sure of, though she wouldn't voice it aloud, was that she did not like his attitude, or how he had a tendency to treat her at times when he could catch her alone. Sure he was nice, but he had a tendency to be way too pushy, and all but forced his presence onto her whenever he was given the chance. Mochida even dragged her around at times, along with his friends, showing her off like some sort of prize he had won. Though most girls probably would have felt happy if their boyfriends did such a thing, the way Mochida went about it wasn't something that she liked, at all. He was also blatantly chauvinistic towards her and other girls.

Put simply, she honestly thought he was annoying, but she didn't really have the heart to say so right to his face.

"Tsukome-chan, I missed you yesterday, I thought we were going on a date. What happened?"

"Mmh." Was her only reply, automatically tuning him out as she walked to her classroom, not in the mood to be dealing with her "boyfriend's" stupidity at that moment.

"C'mon, aren't I your boyfriend? I'd like a reason as to why you didn't show up."

"Forgot." Honestly she doubted he'd even actually asked her out yesterday.

"That's not a good reason but fine I guess. We can't all be perfect." And there was that infamous ego of his. "But you can make it up to me today. A bunch of friends and I are going out this afternoon after school, and you are coming along, okay?"

"Not okay. Can't." Tsukome responded as they neared the classroom. Honestly she wished that she could use the excuse that he had a different classroom, but that would be lying. She opened the door and walked in, Mochida following her at the heels like some sort of egotistic puppy. Except puppies weren't egotistic, they were cute, nice, and loving. The guy claiming to be her boyfriend was not cute, though some of the girls in her school would disagree, or nice, or loving. Okay, bad comparison, he was nothing like a puppy.

"What? Why not?"

"Homework, school project." Tsukome listed shortly, silently debating in her head the pros and cons of being so patient that she was famous for it in her school. She was dead sure now that if she wasn't so patient, she wouldn't be having this problem right now.

"Tsukome-chan, seriously? We both know you don't do your schoolwork, especially projects."

"I have to or I flunk the class."

"Well how about I come over then, maybe I can help." Tsukome was more than dead sure that when he said help, he didn't mean with the project judging from how low that hand of his was venturing.

"Thanks, but no." she answered, growling slightly as she pinched his hand harshly, causing him to release a yelp as he quickly removed his hand from her personage.

"You sure?" he asked, obviously trying hard not to snap or swear as he rubbed his injured hand.

"I'm sure." She said, voice pensive as she sat down. "You should sit down in your seat before the teacher comes."-'as far away from me as possible!' she added on in her thoughts, turning her gaze to whatever was going on outside the window, abruptly finishing the conversation and killing whatever Mochida would say next before it even spilled out of his mouth.

Just then the English teacher walked in, helping in getting rid of the nuisance that was her stalker of a fake boyfriend, for now at least, as he made a dash for his seat on the other side of the room.

"Good morning. Now let's begin…"

After school…

"Tsuko-chan, wait up!" Tsukome turned to face the speaker, a more genuine smile on her face as she spotted her best and only friend, Kyoko.

"Hey Kyoko-chan." Tsukome greeted once the girl had caught up to her. The girl nodded, chin-length, light brown hair bobbing slightly with the motion.

"Hey, how was school?"

"Good, I almost got forced to clean up after my P.E. class again."

"That wouldn't happen if you'd at least try to put some effort into your classes."


"So Mochida-san is still bugging you huh?"

"You saw?"

"Who didn't? For Kami-sama's sake, who didn't hear him? This morning before you arrived he was standing before the other members of the kendo club claiming how he was your boyfriend and how you worshipped him. He was so loud about it, I'm sure the kids in the next school district heard him."

"I see…"

"Why don't you just tell him that you're not interested? End this stupid farce?"

"For one thing, I don't think he's ego could take the blow." Tsukome's answer resulted in both girl's breaking out into laughter as they continued on their way home, "Two, he wouldn't listen to me anyways, he doesn't take no for answer. At least not without something to detour him. Honestly I don't see why he's so insistent on me of all the girls in the school being his girlfriend." Tsukome continued with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.

"It's because you're seen as unattainable." Kyoko replied, sounding so sure it was almost frightening.


"You've never shown any open interest in any of the boys at our school, and you act so distant to most people. The boys in the school have deemed you as an unattainable prize of sorts. For Mochida to have you as a girlfriend, even if it is one-sided without anybody knowing, it means he got what nobody else could. It gives him a higher status, or feeling really. He feels superior to everybody else now, and everybody else is fueling the belief."

"Ah. So that's it."

"Yep. Though it is pretty clear that you're not interested at all in him. I mean, I find it pretty hard to get the signals mixed up, all the girls see it, and as a result they're laughing their heads off at Mochida's stupidity and blatant obliviousness,"

"So that's why they giggle every time they see the both of us together."

"Yep!" suddenly Kyoko froze, realizing that they had both arrived at the familiar intersection where they had to split up for the day. "Well, I have to go home, be careful. See ya tomorrow!" Kyoko called, waving good bye as she ran across the street and disappeared into the distance. Tsukome merely nodded in response, waving back before continuing on in the direction of her house.

The Sawada Household…

Tsukome walked in, the front door closing behind her with a click as she removed her shoes.

"Mama, I'm home!"

"Welcome home Tsu-chan!" her mother greeted as she walked out of the kitchen, walking into the kitchen to greet her daughter as she walked out of the forum. "Tsu-chan, I have a surprise for you." The woman declared happily as she held up the sheet of paper she had found in the mailbox that morning.

"Why do I have a feeling that spells doom for me…" Tsukome grumbled to herself as she warily eyed the paper and her mother.

"Well, your grades are dropping again, and shortly after you left I got a call from the school saying you skipped again two days ago." The woman said, voice turning reprimanding as her eyes took on a look of slight disappointment, "I don't know how you expect to get into a good college with your grades as they are, so I hired a home tutor for you. The ad arrived in the mail this morning, a delightful one, 'I'll raise your child into the leader of the next generation.', it sounded promising so I made the call as soon as I saw it."


"Don't you mama me, I will not have any child of mine failing middle school. Besides, it'll help in the end, trust me. You'll thank me for it later." Tsukome sighed, knowing full well there was no reasoning with the woman now. Gut feelings be cursed and thrown out the window. The ad sounded like a sure fire scam, and her mother had probably paid money for it. Sometimes, the woman could be a real idiot and hopelessly oblivious.

"Fine Mama…"


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