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Target 2: Reborn's Mission- Beginnings of a Mafia Boss!

Tsukome couldn't help but sigh as she silently observed the ongoing conversation between her forever oblivious mother and their… guest. She used the term in the loosest sense humanly possible though. She wasn't really sure what to call him to be honest, considering that fact that the 'guest' was a fedora wearing baby going by the name of Reborn claiming to be her new home tutor. She'd have immediately dismissed it as some sort of child fantasy, if not for the fact that one; the last time she had checked, normal children of that age did NOT speak that fluent and clearly, not even what most would consider geniuses. He couldn't have been older than one year old. Of course her mother wasn't making things any easier when she just accepted what he had said without question, going along and believing every word that came out of his mouth. To add fuel to the fire, the woman, hopeless as ever and extremely desensitized to reality to a point where Tsukome found it horribly sad, had gone and come up with her own background story for the obviously lying infant. She knew it was beyond the point of no-return now though, so Tsukome was forced to just shake her head in despair and plopped herself down on the nearby sofa in the living room, not wanting anything further to do with the insanity going on in the forum.

"Tsu-chan, don't just sit there, come greet you're new tutor!" her mother called to her as she entered the living room, blinking slightly in surprise when she realized that her daughter hadn't actually gone that far from where they had been.


"Now, now, don't be rude Tsu-chan. Say hello to Reborn-kun won't you?" Tsukome eyed her mother, her gaze seeping with disbelief as she silently observed the woman's expression. 'Maybe I should consider getting a psychiatrist for her, there is no way this could be considered healthy mentally speaking…' her thoughts were interrupted by her mother, who called her name again to regain the lost attention, "Tsu-chan…" Tsukome finally gave in, heaving a sigh as she sat up straight and turned to face their 'guest',

"Hello." She greeted, voice surprisingly even despite the apprehension she felt toward the largely unknown infant.

"Again, Ciaossu. My name is Reborn, you're new home tutor."

"Nice to meet you Reborn. My name's Tsukome Sawada." She greeted in return, taking care to be polite. "Most call me Tsuko though." She didn't like talking in huge sentences a lot of the time, honestly she wasn't used to it, so her answers wound up being short clipped responses that rarely went higher than six words at a time, and that was only if she deemed a close enough friend.

"Not a huge talker are you?" Reborn asked, though she guessed that he probably already knew the answer. Instead of a verbal response, she simply nodded her head in confirmation, it was up to him how he interpreted her actions though. She was the type of person who never spoke her mind out front, it was her body language that did most of the talking for her. If people misinterpreted what she meant, regardless of whether what she had said been verbal or not, then that was on them. As far as she was concerned, she wasn't going to waste her time explaining herself to people who didn't want to listen or take the time to understand.

"Mama…" Tsukome directed her attention to her mother, who had at some point during the beginning of their conversation went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Hmm? Yes Tsu-chan?" she asked coming out to see what the problem was. She tilted her head in confusion when she didn't see anything wrong with either, her daughter didn't seem tense at all, just bored, lazy, and tired as she stared back at her, seeing the world upside down since she was laying back and hadn't bothered to turn over to her stomach to look at her properly. "What is it?"

"Going upstairs now." Was the only response she received before the girl got up from her place on the couch and disappeared up the stairs just as quickly as she had arrived. She heaved an exasperated sigh at the behavior, unable to understand her daughter's hesitance in getting close to people. Had she done something wrong when raising her daughter? Or was it the near constant absence of the girl's father in her life? If so maybe she should persuade her husband to at least attempt to visit more often, for her daughter's sake of course.

"Nana-san…" she startled slightly as she turned to face the baby, slightly surprised from the suddenness of it all.

"Oh yes, Sorry Reborn-kun. What is it?"

"I'd like to discuss the terms of my working with your daughter, but first I'm going to start that evaluation I told you about earlier. I'll be back down later."

"Oh of course Reborn…"


Tsukome sighed as she lay on her bed, gazing at the pages of some sort of pre-teen girly magazine her mother had insisted on subscribing for her as she lazily flipped through, not really reading or looking at the pictures.

"Well, you're room is surprisingly cleaner than I expected."

"Ah! Hello Reborn-san…" Tsukome greeted the baby, her voice barely giving anything away of her surprise at his sudden appearance.

"Ciaossu." He greeted, surveying her room with a detached, professional gaze. "Hmm…not exactly what I expected but it's decent enough." Reborn said, nonchalantly kicking a stray stuffed animal from that lay discarded on the floor.

"Mmh…" Tsukome replied in a deadened tone as she turned her attention to the magazine in front of her. She heaved a sigh in boredom before chucking the magazine into some random corner of the room and turning her full attention on her new home tutor. Her eyes widened at the sight before her though. At some point, Reborn had placed down his metal briefcase and opened it. She hadn't really thought of it as important when she had seen it earlier, but now she had wished she had paid better attention to it, because apparently it had contained a sniper rifle in it. Said weapon was now being held easily in the baby's hands as he pointed it at her head. "What the-"

"I have no openings, my true line of work is assassination. And my real job…is to make you a mafia boss." Reborn informed, his tone telling her that he had probably done this multiple times before. "I was hired by a certain person to turn you into an astounding mafia boss."


"The method is of course, left up to me."

"Ok…um…quick question."


"Did somebody drop you on your head or something?" Tsukome asked, expression one of disbelief.

"No, shall I shoot you in the head once?"


"But not now, I'm hungry. Later." Tsukome sighed watched as her new, definitely insane home tutor walked out of the room and back down stairs. Tsukome couldn't help but sigh, relaxing back onto the bed.

She was close to falling asleep when she heard the beeping of her cell phone; someone had just texted her, and there were only a few people that would. Sighing she got off of the bed and walked over to her desk, picking up the device as she flopped lazily into the nearby chair. A smile decorated the young girl's face at the sight of the text message before she placed it back down on the desk and headed towards her closet. Quickly pulling out a loose fitting orange jacket and white tank top, she tossed it onto the bed before heading over to the dresser and pulling out a pair of faded, blue denim shorts, the ends frayed and torn.

She put the clothes on, quickly reaching under the bed and pulling out a pair of worn sneakers, she made a beeline of sort for the window, sparing a glance at the door to make sure nobody was coming in suddenly. Seeing none, she unlocked the window and pushed it open, before crawling through. She gulped in some air, not having to usually use this method of leaving before, at the sight of ground some meters below her. She quickly slipped her shoes on, before taking in a much needed breath of air, and counting back in her head from five to one, jumped from her place, having been precariously balancing on the windowsill. Admittedly not one of her brightest moves considering how clumsy she really was, but with her tutor and mother downstairs, she felt she hadn't had much choice.

Back in Tsukome's room…

Reborn stood on top of his new student's desk, staring at the cellphone that had been left open for any and all to see. Despite his calm expression, he was pissed beyond belief. He had come back into the bedroom, expecting to see his student lazing around on her bed looking at a magazine that she wasn't really reading, or looking at for that matter, but to find no sign of her when he opened the door. At first he had been shocked and more than a little surprised, thinking the worst had happened and she had been kidnapped or something of the like.

Searching for anything that might indicate as to where his student had disappeared to, he became frustrated when he had found nothing. He was about to leave, and check the other rooms thinking that maybe he had overlooked something on his way to the bedroom when he had spotted the cellphone. Hopping onto the desk, he also took note of the open window, a detail he had carelessly overlooked earlier when he clearly remembered it had been closed when he had left the girl alone. The cellphone displayed a text message, sent recently, about an hour or so ago, on the screen. Reading it, he couldn't help but release a 'tch' in slight irritation. His student had snuck out of the house while he was eating downstairs, and he hadn't noticed it at all. That took guts, and at least some talent in the area of stealth. So she obviously had some physical skills. The good thing about all this was that he knew where she might have gone, or at least the name of the place. He'd never heard of it though, and judging by the time stated in the text, whatever she had left for had already started about half an hour or so ago.

There was of course, the chance that she would come back on her own, but he wasn't going to be leaving anything to chance if he could help it.

"Baka-Tsuko." He grumbled as he hopped out the window as well, landing easily on his feet like a cat before disappearing into the night air as well. "My idiot student is going to be in louds of trouble when I find her."

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