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Tsuna has been wondering. Lately, Giotto would come home late and would go straight to bed and go to sleep. "Giotto-nii... You've been so stressed lately. Is something wrong?" Tsuna asked in a worried voice. They were eating inside the kitchen. Tsuna would glance over to his brother every minute to find him dazing in an empty space. He frowned. It seems like Giotto didn't hear what he said since Tsuna was rewarded with silence. "Giotto-nii!" Tsuna said, a bit louder this time though Giotto was still so deep in thought to hear what Tsuna said.

"Giotto-nii!" shouted Tsuna. It was loud and it worked. Giotto snapped out of his dazed and looked at Tsuna. "W-what? Tsuna..?" Giotto said as he rubs his head. He's been thinking hard lately. There's only one cause to why he's thinking hard. It was Kyoko. He was thinking a lot of stuffs and more importantly, he couldn't bring himself to tell Tsuna about it. "You've been stressed lately, Giotto-nii." Tsuna repeated as he rubs a finger on Giotto's cheek. Giotto smiled a fake one though. Tsuna almost frowned at this. "I'm fine Tsuna. I just have many problems at work. Look! It's about time Yamamoto and Gokudera to arrive." Giotto said as he stood up. Tsuna wanted to ask more question but Giotto's right. He needs to go to school soon.


"Reborn. Do you know what's bothering Giotto-nii?" Tsuna asked. It was dismissal time and he was alone inside the classroom with Reborn. Gokudera said he's going to do some club activity same goes to Yamamoto. "Nope, did something happen again?" Reborn asked as he stroke Leon. "Well, I can try and ask him later if you want." Reborn suggested. "R-really? But... I hope it won't be trouble to you" Tsuna said as he fidgets. Reborn motioned his fingers and asked Tsuna to sit on his lap. Tsuna gave him a questioning look but did so anyway. "So, have you two done it? I'm an impatient person you know." Reborn said. He smirked and Tsuna swore that he saw it grew bigger and bigger! "N-not... not yet and... If I have sex with you... doesn't that mean that I'm cheating with Giotto-nii?" Tsuna asked as he lean on Reborn's chest. It feels warm. "Tsk. I know but that's just my last request you know." Reborn grumbled. Tsuna smiled and closed his eyes. Reborn just smells so good for him.

Giotto, on the other hand was feeling sick. He was thinking hard of what to do and his stupid part is asking for love. (Ya know what I mean~) He wanted to have sex. He's been holding it in since Tsuna arrived and now he can't take it any longer! He slumped on his bed and gripped the bed sheets tightly. Maybe he can still endure some more for Tsuna's sake?

Tsuna opened the front doors to his house. No one was in the living room. Really, Giotto's been acting so weird that he's feeling lonely without the blonde. He removed his shoes and continued his way to his brother's room.

He knocked on the door. "Come in." Giotto said as he sat up. He rubbed his temples before smiling at the brunette. "Welcome back" Giotto said as he smiled brightly though it was a fake one. Tsuna pouted as he jumped on the blonde's bed. Giotto bounced. "Giotto-nii! You've been acting so weird lately! You can tell me what's troubling you." Tsuna said as he sat on the bed with a pout on his mouth. Giotto should have told Tsuna about Kyoko on loose but he didn't know how the other will react. He might hurt him again so maybe he'll just keep it to himself.

"It's nothing Tsuna. I'm just feeling weird lately." Giotto stated as he force a smile while rubbing his cheek. Tsuna wanted to frown more and more but he knew Giotto's lying. "This morning you said you have a lot of problems at work and now it's because you're feeling weird. Giotto-nii... I know something's really bothering you. It's making me worried." Tsuna said with a hint of sadness in his tone. He stared on the ground before finally looking up to the blonde. Giotto clenched his fist before looking up to the brunette. "Tsuna. I'm sorry but it's really nothing. Don't worry about it" Giotto said with reassurance. For once, Tsuna didn't listen to him. "Mou~ Giotto-nii... I really don't know what's happening so I can't give you some sort of advices or something." Tsuna pouted though there's hint of sadness in his tone. He was really worried about the blonde. And right now, he's feeling curious as well.

"Tsuna... Say, let's drop the topic ok?" Giotto begged. His head is really aching and his lower part is aching as well. Maybe he can just take care of it in the bathroom? He stood up and was about to walk to the bathroom when Tsuna tugged on his sleeve. "Where are you going Giotto-nii?" asked Tsuna. He was really trying hard to make the blonde tell him what's bothering him though he still gets ignored. "Bathroom." Giotto said fast. He gently removed Tsuna's hand from his sleeves and was going to the bathroom now.

Tsuna was left inside the room. He was thinking hard. Normally, Giotto wouldn't ignore him like that and will also just stay by his side but when his hand was detached from the blonde's sleeve. He got suspicious. 'Maybe he doesn't love me anymore... Maybe... he's tired of me... Maybe- NO! Of course not! Giotto would never be... But what if?' were the thoughts that are running the brunette's mind. He didn't really want Giotto to get tired of him. Right now, he's 100% sure of his feelings. He loved Giotto, a lot... following Reborn. If Giotto's tired of him, maybe he'll at least... say it right?


Giotto was inside the bathrrom, thinking. He knew he wanted to ravish the brunette right on the spot but thinking back to his problems; he can't help but think of Kyoko. He was worried. What if she comes back and do something to Tsuna... but... she didn't know that Tsuna's his future wife right so... it means he's safe... right? He needed to ask Reborn of what to do later. He sighed and went out of the bathroom with a smile; it faded when he saw Tsuna who was looking sad.

"Tsuna. Is something wrong?" asked Giotto as he approach Tsuna. Maybe it was because of what happened right? Tsuna looked up at him with a smile though there were hints of tears in his eyes. "Giotto-nii. I'll go to my room and get changed." Tsuna said. Standing up, he was about to walk out of the room when Giotto forced him down to sat on the bed once again. "Tsuna. Are you mad about me not telling you what's bothering me?" asked Giotto. He kneels in front of Tsuna. Tsuna shook his head. "Nope, not at all. Though I'm glad Giotto-nii's back to his normal self-right now." Tsuna said as he smiled brightly. Too bright.

Now, it's time for Giotto to force Tsuna to speak. "Tsuna. I know it's unfair of me not to tell you my problem but... are you really mad at me?" Giotto asked. He cupped Tsuna's chin and smiled at him. Tsuna bit his lower lip. 'Don't cry Tsuna. If you do... Heck, that's why people call you dame!' he mentally thought. He gently slapped the hand away and looked everywhere except Giotto. "It's nothing Giotto-nii. You know, I'm fine. I was just thinking about a lot of things that's all." Tsuna said as he noded his head. Giotto frowned. "Tsuna. I know you're really mad-" Giotto started but was cut off when he looked at Tsuna who was sniffling. "B-because Giotto-nii's always keeping secrets from me... So, I-I was thinking that now... you're... you're tired of me!" Tsuna said as he sniffles. He was trying his best not to let his tears fall.

Giotto couldn't help but smile at the boy. "There' no way I'll get tired of you, Tsuna. I just have a lot of problems. Sorry for making you feel lonely these past few days." Giotto said as he hugs the brunette. Tsuna hugged back, he sniffled and a tear fell out of his eye. A smile was gracing upon each other's lips while hugging each other. Tsuna was relieved Giotto wasn't tired of him. He pulled back. He stared at the blonde and the blonde stared back. Tsuna held both of Giotto's cheek and he pulled him closer until he was kissing the blonde. Giotto was shock with the sudden action but he didn't refuse to return the kiss. After a few minutes, both pulled back. The kiss didn't last long since it was just a normal kiss, nothing special.

"Tsuna... Do you want to... have...-" Giotto started, He pushed Tsuna on the bed so he was lying on his back. Tsuna was blushing a deep red as he stares at Giotto's image. He looks so sexy! "Sex?" Giotto finished. This is what he was waiting for.