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Love Call

The darkness concealed the small alley from any straying eyes. The blue haired figure moved quickly as he took down one idiot after another. Some thugs just don't learn. As his fist slammed into the gut of the last man standing, his sensitive ears picked up on a slow melodic tune echoing softly. Blue eyes widened slightly as the faint voice of a deep angel sung.

"In a darkness where I couldn't see anything, I found a small light."

The thug finally fell to the cold and damp cement as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. The blue haired man stood to his full height, holding his breath as he strained to hear the tune.

"I walk on, no longer afraid. May it reach straight to you..."

The man was one Grimmjow Jaegerjaques; aged 26; relationship status... painfully single. Ever since he was a teen he roamed the streets and somehow got roped into working for the Yakuza lord Sousuke Aizen. It only took a few years for him to climb the ranks to become the Sexta of their group nicknamed the Espada. Sure, it was dangerous work, but the pay was great and Grimmjow wasn't really cut out for anything else. He was on a mission to retrieve information about a blonde haired shopkeeper who had recently moved to the city. Everything about the man was suspicious considering he owned a candy store. The store didn't carry anything you couldn't get at a convenience store and was priced higher too. Yet even after a month of poor business, the store was still there. It was obviously a front for something and Aizen wanted to know.

"In a noise where I couldn't hear anything, I found a small voice." The deep voice snapped him from his thoughts. "The melody I sing reaches into the sky, spreading far and wide."

The melody was faint making it a bit difficult to pinpoint where it was coming from. Of course, that wouldn't stop Grimmjow. There was something about that melodic voice that was pulling him in. It soothed him. Made him feel like no matter what the future held, he'd be alright.

"My heart continues to you." The blunette's heart skipped a beat at that. He felt like he was being called by some sort of siren. "I want to meet you right now, and feel your warmth."

Wasting no time, Grimmjow exited the alley and looked all around, trying to pinpoint the voice. "The world is filled with light." Blue eyes snapped upward to see some colored lights dancing against the night sky a good distance away.

At first, he started walking toward the dancing lights. The walking turned to a light jog which quickly turned into a full on sprint. His body instinctively swerved and dodged people as they went about their nightly activities. He wasn't sure why, but he just felt the urge to see the face that belonged to the mesmerizing voice.

"No matter where you are, I can feel your voice." Unfortunately for the blunette, his straight shot to the dancing lights and the beautiful voice was blocked by a large building. Snapping his head left and right, he spotted an alley that led to the next street over. "This is my love call, to you..."

Grimmjow felt himself stop momentarily at that. Love? What exactly was love? He couldn't say he'd ever known what it felt like to love someone let alone be loved in return. His father walked out on his mother before he was even born. The woman who had birthed him wasn't even fit to be a mother. She was an addict of every kind, going so far as to sell her own body to get her next fix. He'd never felt a distinct attachment to her. When he ran away at thirteen, Aizen had found him and had convinced him to join his cause. The group was close like a family, but it was nothing like a real family. You had to watch your back or your so called "loved ones" would stab you in the back... quite literally too.

"In my lonely heart, where the tears overflow, I found a small love." Shaking his head slightly, Grimmjow quickly darted down the alley, determined to once more find that voice. "The singing voice I imagine echoes everywhere..." Upon exiting the alley, his head turned left to look for the lights once more. Luck was definitely not on his side as this route didn't lead directly to the light either. However, he was fortunate enough to spot another alleyway a bit down the road.

"I love you..."

His heart pounding in his chest at hearing those words, having never really heard them before. Especially since it felt like this song was being sung specifically for him. Grimmjow couldn't explain why it did even if he wanted to. He just knew that whoever was singing was calling out to him. Taking a deep breath, his feet pounded heavily against the pavement as he sprinted down the street and headed for the alley across the way. Not even half way through the alley, he was ambushed by a few of the Espada's enemies, enemies Grimmjow had taken down before. One of them managed to knock the blunette down before harshly kicking his sides, bruising a few ribs and knocking the wind out of his lungs. He quickly rolled away from the attacker to avoid any more damage.

"Even if I stumble, and am exhausted..."

Grimmjow slowly climbed to his feet, panting slightly as his ears continued to listen to the slightly sad melody echoing in the alley. With a holler, he pulled his fist back and began to unleash hell on the man who had attacked him first.

"Even if I can't see the goal past this road with no map..."

The second man jumped at the blunette wielding a pocket knife. Grimmjow dodged the knife aimed at his throat as he buried his knee deep into the man's gut. His frown deepened upon hearing the man's grunt of pain. Blue eyes turned to the third man and just glared. Taking the hint, the man ran off, not wanting to incite the taller man's wrath. Exhaling heavily, Grimmjow slowly approached the alley's exit.

"I will carry on, looking ahead." The music and voice was getting louder. He no longer had to guess exactly what was being sung. He could hear every syllable clear as day. "I will reach the place where you are."

Catching his second wind, Grimmjow rushed out of the alley and turned left once more, surprised to see a large crowd of people gathered in the park of the other side of the road. Picking up his pace, he ran across the street, narrowly missing a car speeding by, before forcing his way into the throng of people. He had to be close, after all, he could feel the bass pounding in his chest. The voice singing had to be here.

"My heart continues to you."

The echo was gone now, replaced with the purity of the softly singing voice. He could tell the song was reaching its end, so he jumped a bit trying to see over the hundreds of people. He was able to spot a brightly lit stage a good distance away. Sadly he could not make out anything on the stage.

"I want to meet you always, and feel your warmth."

Grimmjow pushed through more people trying to get as close to the front as possible. "I want to meet you too," he muttered to himself. "I have to know who that voice belongs to!"

A few people turned at his sudden outburst, but for the most part it was ignored. The further he pushed, the louder the music got. "The world is filled with light."

There is no light in this world of darkness, he growled mentally. If there were light, I wouldn't be working for the most heart less man on this planet.

"No matter where you are, I can feel your love."

Come on! Grimmjow mentally screamed as he could almost see the stage. Closing his eyes, he just pushed his way through with all his might. As he was jerked to a forceful stop, blue eyes snapped open to see a tall silver haired man blocking him from getting any further. Before he got the chance to examine the man any further, movement from the now highly visible stage caught his attention.

Grimmjow's breath caught in his throat as he finally found the owner of his siren. Bright orange hair that trailed a bit past broad shoulders and dusted into closed eyes. A black, off the shoulder three-quarter sleeve shirt adorned his slightly muscular chest. Tight white jeans clung to his every curve and a black studded belt used purely for aesthetics hung off his right hip. A mic was clutched tightly in his right hand and held close to his pale lips.

Eyes slowly peeled open to reveal iris of a beautiful amber, only to stare into widened cyan orbs. "This is my love call," the orangette sung as a slight smile graced his lips. He raised his left hand and outstretched it toward the man, as if he wanted Grimmjow to clasp his hand. The music seemed to stop as the singer then whispered into the mic, "To you..."

The song played a short little melody to indicate the end of the song as the lights on the stage went black. Grimmjow's heart thumped loudly in his chest as his mouth suddenly went dry. Those eyes, they had stared at him. Directly at him. Grimmjow was certain of it. In that moment when their eyes had met, the blunette was able to forget everything wrong with his life. His chest had grown warm and he had felt a sense of belonging that he had never been able to find before.

Finally gathering his bearings, he sighed heavily as he followed the crowd in their disbursement. As much as he wanted to stick around and at least find out the orangette's name, he knew he couldn't. They were of two different worlds. Worlds that were never meant to meet. Grimmjow's legs mindlessly carried him far away from the park and back toward Aizen's mansion so that he could report what little information he had gathered on the shopkeeper.

Perhaps someday he could get out of the hell he currently dwelled in...

(A/N: I was listening to Love Call from God Only Knows [the song Kanon sings at the climax of her capture] earlier when I was like "Wow, this song screams GrimmIchi". I couldn't help it. It's short because I just kinda let my muse take over. I seriously wrote this thing on auto-pilot. I could picture this in my head, but I'm not sure I did a good enough job for anyone else to be able to picture it. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, if you read it, please review it!)