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Chapter Eight - Please Take Care of my Love!

The stadium boomed with cheering and whistling at the sight of their precious orange haired idol dancing and singing on stage. The concert ended up being pushed back an extra week due to Ichigo recovering in the hospital, but here he was, right where he belonged. Usually someone would be traumatized after such an event, but not the singer. He brushed the incident aside and picked himself back up almost as if nothing had happened. Of course Yumichika was more than displeased to find out some of the new choreography had to be changed a bit.

After all, Ichigo had been shot a little over a week before hand. He needed to take it easy.

Grimmjow stood off stage with other VIPs, his arm lightly bandaged. The stitches had been removed the day before, but it still had some minor healing to do. He was beyond relieved to find out that his arm would be just fine in the long run. A bit tender for a while, but nothing serious. Surprisingly, he was relieved of his duties from Aizen. Both Aizen and Urahara felt that Ichigo would be in grave danger if he were to continue working for the now joined underworld group. Just as Grimmjow thought of taking it easy for a while, he was forcibly asked to be Ichigo's personal bodyguard.

How could he say no to those sparkling hopeful amber eyes?

The boy had him whipped and he knew it.

Sighing at the thought, Grimmjow turned his focus back to the stage, doing his best to ignore the cheering idiots standing behind him. Just as the song ended, cyan met with amber for a moment before the singer returned his attention to the audience, his voice echoing slightly in the large stadium.

"I'm glad you all could make it tonight," he said, his smile vibrant and on display on the numerous monitors behind him on the stage's backdrop. "I'm even more glad you all could wait and extra week for this." He received cheers of love and adoration as a response. Grasping the mic with both hands, he gazed at his feet intensely as he continued, his voice soft and airy. "Of course, I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for someone very important to me."

Grimmjow felt his cheeks heat up a bit at this. He knew the boy was referring to him, and although it elated him, he was uncomfortable knowing that he would be teased endlessly for this from those who knew.

Head snapping up to look at the crowd once more, Ichigo placed a hand over the left part of his chest, directly overtop where he'd been shot. "I owe my life to this person and in return, I wrote them a new song. You all will be the very first of my fans to hear it!" The crowd erupted into elated cheering.

An upbeat piano melody slowly drifted from the large speakers. Grimmjow could feel his face heat up even more, knowing that this new song was written entirely for him. "Like the bubbles of the sparkling lime soda is my bursting feelings. I want you to catch them." Ichigo moved slowly across the stage, the world's brightest smile on his face the entire time. "In the music room, is the melody of the canon. The reason it's painful enough to cry is because of you. Swaying in the wind, is the bud of a lily. A bit embarrassed, it seems to have awaken." Giving a quick twirl, the orange haired idol floated back toward the middle of the stage.

"Nice to meet you, please enjoy your time. I ask for your love. Throbbing, the throbbing developement, BOY MEETS GIRL!" He shot Grimmjow a quick wink as he continued his dance routine. "While changing colors, the flower opens up. One day I want to show you..." Extending his arm to the audience the idol sang, "Together, please make my heart-throbs bloom!"

Grimmjow pulled up a hand in order to cover his brightly blushing cheeks. The song was rather girly, even for Ichigo. But it still meant the world to him. After all it was written specifically for him. Just as he finally got his red cheeks to dim, he felt them flare up once again as something dawned on him.

"Did he just refer to me as a girl?"

Two bodies collapsed to the bed, hands wandering, as their lips swallowed any sounds that tried to escape. The concert had ended hours ago, however the two lovers had only just arrived at the idol's humble apartment. Why? Well there was the autograph session, followed by the party with the VIPs and a quick run down of his schedule for the following afternoon. Urahara was gracious enough to give the orangette the morning off.

...My heart continues to you...

Of course the first thing they wanted to do was burrow deep into the other's embrace and never let go. This time, there would be no interruptions. Grimmjow had made certain of that. If the locked front and back doors with chairs placed under the handles, as well as the batteries removed from the cell phones had any say.

...I want to meet you always, and feel your warmth...

Pulling back, the blue haired man stared lovingly into the twinkling eyes of his young beau. "You were wonderful Ichigo."

"I know," the orangette shot back with a smirk. "I'm always perfect on stage."

...The world is filled with light...

Grimmjow rewarded him with a light flick to the nose before capturing his lips passionately once more. When they broke for air, Grimmjow finally asked what had been bothering him. "If the song is dedicated to me, why is it boy meets girl? Wouldn't it be boy meets boy?"

Ichigo smiled softly. "It originally was. Urahara enforced the change though. He doesn't want any homophobes to tarnish my name. Personally, I don't care what anyone thinks."

...No matter where you are, I can feel your love...

"And neither do I." Lips smashed together as clothing began to slowly disappear. "Your fans will find out eventually."

"I know," he moaned as Grimmjow nipped at a particularly sensitive spot on his neck. "I'll probably even up with more rabid fangirls as a result."

...This is my love call...

The heat in the room increased as the two bodies danced to an unheard beat. Gracefully sliding and writhing to a song only they could hear. Even after their song had seemingly ended in an explosion of pure bliss, they continued to remain holding each other tightly, never letting go, forever bound to the other for all eternity.

...To you...

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