Her highness rises at dawn

While I rise with a sigh

The breath in, the breath out

Is the start of my lullaby

The frantic beating of my heart

The caress of your voice

The anger, the pain, the purity of love

The answer, a single choice

Look into the green of my eyes

And see the soul behind them

See the heart that beats, and bleeds

And beats again and again

The heart that beats

And refuses to fall

Walls kept up to protect it

One heart, not meant to bleed at all

See the pain of all the scars

And hear my silent cry

See the soul wounded, so badly

Yet refuses to die

Alone in the forgotten woods

Alone, encased in eternal ice

The sky turns blood red, a winter dawn

So clear, so concise

The eyes are a window

Well, mine are a door

Open it and find the girl

Longing for home in Evermore

The depth of winter sleep

So soft, the velvety night

Find the heart lost in darkness

Seeking the true light

A jumble of words, a pen

To strike at my reader's heart

The dreams inside of a young soul

Bringing her together, tearing her apart

From the beating of my aching heart

To the lone wolf's cry

The sound of silence after all is over

This is my lullaby.