An AU Klaroline story! Caroline is an angel and Klaus is a hybrid! Hope you all give it a chance and reviews are wonderful!

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

~ The Bible: Psalms 91:11

"Come on Elena, we're almost there!"

"Caroline, please! This is stupid! Do you know how much trouble we'll be in if Gabriel finds out?"

Caroline laughed, throwing her long blonde hair back and flying faster into the clouds.

"Take a chance, Elena! Besides, this asshole completely deserves it!"

Elena gasped at the foul language, but remained silent, flapping her wings harder to catch up to her friend.

"At least tell me what this guy did that has you all worked up…"

Caroline finally found her way into clear air, the bright sun and blue sky making her wings glow brighter. Being the Angel of Light, her wings already sparked and glowed, but with the sun it seemed as if she would turn into a star itself. She saw her destination and slowly began to descend to Earth.

"You know who I guard right?"

Elena nodded. "Yeah, Hannah Allen."

"Yupe…so just yesterday that boring excuse of a girl finally decided to go out and have some fun. And what would you know…her ex-boyfriend had to show up…"

Caroline landed on a wide open field, ruffling her feathers as she folded them back together. Elena landed behind her, a questioning look on her face.

"One second, we'll need to be seen for this," Caroline answered Elena's look, pulling out her necklace.

Elena shook her head. "Caroline, whatever we do, we do unseen. Remember what Gabriel said, we only show ourselves in aid of those we guard."

"I've known Gabriel since the beginning of humanity, I know what he's said," Caroline snapped. "He said we must not be seen by our human, he never mentioned other people. And I am aiding Hannah, her ex said some very nasty things to her…and because Hannah is too nice to defend herself, I'm doing it for her."

"So is that why we're here…seeking revenge?"

"You would be correct Miss Elena," she replied, bringing her wings out to a full stretch. The powerful wings on her body expanded twice as far as her arms did, exhibiting their full strength and glory. Elena squinted her eyes as her friend's wings glowed whiter in the sun. How funny that the Angel of Light should be so dark at times, and she, the Angel of Compassion, should be gifted with a pair of dusty white wings. Not at all as beautiful as Caroline's.

"What did he do?"

"He called Hannah a fucking bitch, a whore, and a slut, then proceeded to hit her….don't look so shocked Elena, I'm only telling what's true. Now are you going to join me?"

Elena looked to see Caroline holding tightly to the charm of her necklace, a pair of glittering wings.

"Caroline, we can't seek revenge on's not right. And just a month ago, you started a rain storm over a town's annual picnic out of boredom. Gabriel was too generous in letting you get out easy after that.

"Fine. Suit yourself, but I'm going to take care of Hannah and if revenge is the way to do it…then so be it."

She wrapped the wings around her body, entirely covering herself from view. A few murmurs and prayers were heard under the wings and in a flash, the wings had disappeared.

"That still freaks me out…how quickly that happens!" Caroline laughed, picking up a stray feather. Her reminder that she was entering the human world.

Elena shook her head silently. "I'm leaving. This isn't my thing. Will I see you at dinner tonight?"

Caroline pursed her lips and nodded. "Too bad. I would have liked to have had a partner in crime."

The other angel chuckled softly and unraveling her own wings, took flight.

Caroline watched until Elena disappeared into the clouds. Then, with a deep breath, walked her way towards the downtown.

She knew where he would be. She had been Hannah's guardian angel for 22 years now and she knew all about her ex …Billy…who she had dated for four of those years. Hannah had always been a quiet child and her parents were probably doing most of Caroline's job, protecting Hannah from even breathing the wrong air. So when Hannah went off to college and met the bad boy Billy, Caroline thought that finally she would have an actual job to do. She hadn't planned on him turning into an abusive guy. Billy, she knew at this time, would be at the bar.

Caroline got her out of the situation pretty quickly. But yesterday happened and Caroline finally called it quits. Billy needed to be taught a lesson.

Just how would she do it…?

She made sure to transform her clothing into the modern style, also shortening her hair so it didn't trail along the sidewalk. Her white dress was quickly replaced with a mini skirt and a light blue blouse. She smiled at her bare legs, thanking the generation she was now in. Unlike the other angels, she liked how the women of Earth had slowly gotten rid of corsets and ginormous dresses. They wanted to be free, to feel free. And they wanted to rebel. Just like Caroline.

It took her a few blocks, but she finally found the bar. It was a sketchy place, off in a secluded corner of the city, the sound of loud rap filling the air. None of that fazed her. The guardian angels were used to the evil and dark ways of humans. The desire humans had to stop fighting that demon inside of them and let it take over. And sometimes that demon was much stronger than any guardian angel could be.

She entered the car, getting a few heated looks from a few of the men at the pool table. The only man she had eyes for was Billy, off in the corner of the bar with some friends…but all for the wrong reasons. From the corner of her eye, she saw his friend nudge him and tilt his head towards her. She winked at Billy, before turning to the bartender.

"A Sex on the Beach please?" she simpered, reciting the only alcoholic drink she knew of. She would have to work on that.

She could hear the footsteps of Billy hesitantly heading over to her, clearly nervous. Smiling, she turned towards him, giving him her best angelic smile.

"I hope you coming over here isn't some bet you made with your friends?"

He stared dumbly at her for a moment. "Uhhhh…oh NO! I mean, that is, they pointed you out, but I came over here by my own choice."

Oh God, this was going to be too easy.

"How courageous. I like a man with a little bravery…"

His eyes lit up with her flirtation. She felt like vomiting when he licked his lips.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

The bartender chose this moment to deliver Caroline's drink. "Already got one," she laughed, taking a seductive sip from her drink. He followed her movements like one compelled.

"So, got a girlfriend?"

"Used to…but she was a bitch."

She almost threw the drink right in his face.

"Oh, how so?"

"God, you know…just needy, whiny…"

Lie and lie.

"That's too bad," Caroline pouted, batting her eyelashes and taking another sip. She was glad that the alcohol didn't affect her…this would run much more smoothly.

He took her hand suddenly, in an act of bravery. She looked up, feigning shock, but secretly applauding herself.

"What's your name?"

Giggling, she stood up from the table and started to walk towards the door. "Care to join me for a stroll?" she said loudly towards Billy, who happily followed her out.

In a dark corner of the bar, a girl with similar blonde hair rose from her seat and followed the two out.





She led him to an alley, knowing that here no one would see anything

He was pinned to a wall before he could speak. Caroline's face turned to a deathly calm.

"Now would you like to tell me the truth?"

Billy sputtered. "Wh…what?"

"Would you like to tell me the truth about your girlfriend…forgive me your ex-girlfriend Hannah? Knowing her, I wouldn't put her down as needy and whiny…"

"How…how do you know…"

He was cut off with a grunt when Caroline kneed him in the groin, his body sagging into the wall.

"Doesn't matter, I want you to tell me the truth about Hannah…why you abused her and weighed her down, like she was nothing. Why you find it necessary to harm innocent people?"

"She had it coming…" He grunted again as Caroline's foot met his stomach.

"Consider this a warning…if you so much as look at Hannah in the wrong way, so help me God, I will find a way for you and Lucifer to have a little chat about your future, is that clear?"


"The devil, you idiot! Now, do I have your word?"

He held his stomach in agony. "…bitch."

His body hit the other side of the alleyway. Caroline placed her heeled foot right on his chest. The anger was growing too strong. She could almost feel the light starting to erupt through her body.

"Do not…ever….call me that," she hissed. "Your word….Billy…"

His widened at hearing his name, but more so as he watched her hair suddenly start to glow a radiant white, almost blinding him. He nodded quickly, shutting his eyes in fear.

"Good. And if I ever find out that you told anyone about me, I promise you, I will find a way to get you a one way ticket to hell," and turning around, she left him lying on the floor.

Humming softly to herself, she found her way back to the field. A few murmurs later, her wings appeared and she ascended into heaven, quickly trying to reach the gate before the keeper, Archangel Raphael, closed them.

She cursed silently when she saw his regal figure floating right at the center of the gate, his stern blue eyes fixed on her. His wings were much bigger and grander than hers, symbolizing his superiority and wisdom over her.

"Caroline," he bowed to her. She bowed back, her wings quivering with foreboding.

"Raphael," she muttered back. She started to fly past, but Raphael was before her in an instant, looking down on her.

"You have done a great wrong today, Caroline. Gabriel is quite disappointed with you, not to mention your Lord."

She lowered her head. Of course she knew that her Lord saw all she did. Her Lord, however, never punished her. His love for her could never allow that. She feared Gabriel though. How many last chances would he give?

"He is waiting for you in The Hall," Raphael said in a dismissing voice. She glided past him quickly, silently praying that her explanation would suffice.





The blonde stayed hidden in the shadows next to the alley. She had seen everything. She had seen the other blonde hurt the full grown man, seen her hair glow in the darkness. It was…well…rather intriguing.

Picking up her phone, she dialed up her boyfriend's number.

"Hey Stef," she greeted him when he picked up. "You will not believe what I just saw…"

A quick beginning, but they'll get longer! "My Lord" is referring to God, just as a quick fyi!

Klaus comes in next chapter...this was just an opening ;)