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"God? God is love and I don't love you." ~ Lucifer (The Prophecy)

The one that God created as the being of the greatest light and brilliance was Lucifer. God favored Lucifer above all else because Lucifer searched for the other jewels of reality. God created all realities but wished for his angels to discover and manifest them. The angels became Gods instruments of Awareness, peering into the infinite possibilities and manifesting realities. Lucifer brought many beautiful realities before the throne of God. His awareness was sharp and keen and Lucifer found many infinite possibilities that God had set into motion. Lucifer soon discovered a reality almost more beautiful than Heaven itself. All of the angels loved the new reality, but none loved or desired it as much as Lucifer. God perceived Lucifer's desire. God had compassion and moved to grant it. God commanded Lucifer to rule the newly discovered world with the commandment to guide the life there to its ultimate potential. Lucifer felt power for the first time as he took possession and authority of the most beautiful reality he had found for God. He grew arrogant and proud of his high status, and secretly desired that God would give him a status that was equal to the power of God's. God knew Lucifer's heart, however, and was quick to put down Lucifer's hopes. Angered and feeling betrayed, Lucifer gathered the Archangels and his close followers together, in hopes of arousing their desire to take down God. The Archangels, appalled, refused instantly and were quick to tell God of their discovery. With a heavy and sad heart, God declared the one and only war of heaven, the War of the Angels.

Lucifer and his followers were strong, but they were no match for God. For their punishment, they were banished from heaven. No angel could forget watching Lucifer plummet from the sky, forbidden from ever entering heaven again. God, still gracious, gave Lucifer the one new reality that he had found before his betrayal. God had hoped Lucifer would make a beautiful world from it, but Lucifer was bitter and slowly began to destroy it. He and his followers began to rip apart the nature and life of the reality, the destruction so horrible, nothing could cure it. Against God's advice, the angels proclaimed a name for Lucifer's new reality. Hell, it shall be called, for it is separated from all that is God and from all that is good. And the God of Hell, no longer named Lucifer, but Satan, for he was the only one to oppose God and embrace sin.

Much later, once God created Earth and humans, Lucifer toyed with God by tormenting humans with his wicked schemes, forcing them to do evil deeds and go against God. In so doing, once those humans died, they descended into Hell, for their hearts had been too corrupted to join the joy of heaven.

Lucifer never touched the heart of an angel. If he did, God would surely find a way to diminish him. If an angel, however, were to ever show his true form to another being, Lucifer would have a chance to reach beyond his limits and grasp onto the angel through the mortal's exposure to the glory of God. It would be in that one instant when Lucifer would have his one chance to corrupt something of God's…and what better object than one of his precious angels?





"What are you doing, Gabriel?"

Gabriel walked beside Raphael in the Hall, their strides slow and thoughtful.

Gabriel shook his head in silence and sighed. What exactly was he doing?

"Every day she spends with him, he will only grow more attached to her, and she to him. Surely, you must know this."

Gabriel nodded again and Raphael stopped to face his friend.

"You remain very silent, Gabriel."

Gabriel paused and finally turned, looking tired and annoyed.

"I am trying all I can to handle this situation, Raphael. I put Elena, best friend of Caroline, as guardian to Elijah Mikaelson, the brother of Niklaus. I sent the guardians of all the Mikaelsons to warn them of their father, and I have her two friends watching over her."

"You are not doing enough."

Gabriel's wings began to tremble, his impatience and vexation with his friend getting the better of him.

"What are you saying, Raphael?"

"I'm saying that you need to take more action. You know exactly could possibly happen between them."

"I trust Caroline. She is smarter than she lets on sometimes. Behind all that blonde hair, the angel has a brain."

Raphael paused at the conviction in Gabriel's voice. "You really do trust her, even after all the problems she has caused you?"


"And you have had no word from our Lord? Not a sound?"

"The Lord would have come to me much earlier if anything I was doing was amiss and he has not. For now, it appears all is in order," Gabriel replied tensely, looking away from Raphael. He wished to end the conversation, as it seemed that the only continuation of it they would have would be in argument.

Raphael appeared to have sensed it as well. "I will leave you now. Please know I say all this to you as your friend, Gabriel," and he quickly left, leaving Gabriel to his thoughts.





Caroline woke up to the tickle of stubble on her stomach. She murmured in protest, still not quite aware of her surroundings.

"Wake up, Caroline…"

Grumbling, she covered her face with a pillow. She faintly heard a deep chuckle and suddenly she felt perfect lips kissing her stomach, slowly moving up her body.

"Klaus, I want to sleep more," she growled, trying to sound mad as she wiggled her body away from his. Her response triggered Klaus to thread his fingers through her hair and pull the pillow away from her head. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal Klaus lying beside her, so close she could taste his scent on her lips.

He had never looked so happy. And no, it wasn't the goofy kind of happy like a child exposed when he was handed cake at a birthday party, but a sort of content and pleased happy. With Klaus, it was all in his eyes. They seemed brighter than she had ever seen them, and he looked at her now with some sort of glow, as if all her angel radiance had transferred to him while they slept.

"I think sleep can wait for the time being, don't you agree?" Klaus smirked down at her and before she could protest, he was kissing her.

The kiss turned passionate in a matter of seconds and sleep was forgotten. Her breasts pressed against his naked chest and his free hand traveled up her thigh to her butt, caressing her and making her sigh in pleasure. She had become braver in a very short amount of time and with this bravery, she took control. In a flash, she turned them over so her hair was tumbling over his face. She frantically pressed her mouth to his, pushing her tongue into his mouth, aching to taste all of him. He was so beautiful to her. All of his soul and body.

She kissed her way down his chest and to his abs, tracing the muscles with her tongue and teeth. She hardly knew what she was doing, inexperienced as she was. All she knew was she wanted Klaus and to explore all of him while she had the chance. Klaus' hands threaded through her glowing blonde hair as she continued to pleasure him. She sighed at the feeling of his fingers rubbing her scalp and she looked up at him to send him a smile.

"Don't stop."

She winked at his command and continued her assault on his body. She remembered the overwhelming sensation of his mouth on her breast and curiosity overtook her. She kissed her way back up to his chest. If it felt good for her, why would it not feel good for him?

Her tongue swept over his right nipple, the bud stiffening the second she touched it. She heard him gasp and his hands tightened in her hair. So he would enjoy this.

She circled her tongue around it before nipping it gently, loving his gasps and sighs. She had always had power over him, but now she was controlling him in a different way. A way that was purely through touch and love.


She moved over to his left nipple, giving it the same attention. After a moment, however, Klaus seemed to be having enough of her control, suddenly lifting both of them up and wrapping her legs around his waist. He held her close as he kissed her and Caroline again thought of how utterly happy she felt.

"What did you mean, Caroline?"

"Hmmm?" She hummed, as his lips brushed her collarbone.

"That time when you said that he would see your wings, what did you mean?"

When she remained silent, he moved his lips closer to the sensitive skin of her breasts, sucking lightly.

"Now is not the time for such questions…" She attempted to say rationally, his kisses causing too much of a turmoil in her body.

"I think it is." His hand moved around her thigh, lightly pressing into her heat. "And I want to know exactly what is stopping you from taking me inside of you right now."

She had to appreciate his restraint. They could touch and kiss all they liked, but she could never give herself to him, which she knew was what he desired most. He was like any man, as supernatural as he was.

Hesitantly, she tried to pull herself away from him, nervous that he would continue his seductions to claim her. To her surprise, however, he pulled her closer and kissed her brow.

"No need to be frightened, Caroline. You know I wouldn't hurt you."

She shook her head. "No, it's not that. I just…it's very hard to control myself around you and I need to stay in control. If I don't, I could lose everything."

She could tell he appreciated her honesty, but her words reminded him of what he wished to understand.

"Will you tell me why?"





Against a part of her better judgment, she told him. The story of Lucifer and how he could gain access to heaven if an angel were to show an earthling their true form. Even if Gabriel would to forbid her to tell Klaus, Klaus knew too much already to not know the rules of heaven as well.

"I still don't understand," Klaus muttered, lying against the backboard of his bed. Caroline lay against him, snuggled deep into his side.

"What do you not understand?"

"Why does a mortal…or me in this case…have to see you in your true form for Lucifer to take hold of you? You have exposed your true form on Earth many times apparently, and nothing has happened. What is so important about me seeing you?"

She sighed and laced her fingers between his. "Because you are the closest contact Lucifer has to my Lord. If you ever saw me truly, wings and all, you will understand the glory of my Lord and in your amazement and defenselessness, Lucifer will see as well. I do not doubt that he would take action."

"What makes you think I do not understand?" He said after a moment, a little bitterly and Caroline looked up at him.

It suddenly dawned on her that he was feeling powerless. Powerless to stop her from soon returning to her maker, powerless to mark all he wanted as his own anymore, powerless to understand. He could not feel like the almighty hybrid he was when she was with him.

I make him weak, she thought sadly.

She rolled her body on top of his, cupping his face in her delicate hands.

"Klaus, you understand life much more than any other person I have met. I do not doubt that, but when people speak of my Lord and Lucifer…it is understandable to not understand. Even to me, my Lord will forever be some form of a mystery. People are not supposed to understand my Lord and his ways. That is why they pray and have faith, because they wish to understand. Or why people do not have faith…because they do not wish to pray to something they do not understand. Klaus, that is one truth that even you cannot change, that no one will ever truly understand."

Again, she tried to move away, but was caught by Klaus. He grasped her to him, not saying a word. After a few minutes, Caroline broke the silence.

"Perhaps I should not have told you all of that."

He lightly grasped her chin with his hand, forcing her to look up at him.

"Caroline, I needed to know and I thank you for the truth."

She felt his intention to say more, but his insecurity to continue.

"You're welcome. Now, how about we actually do something productive today? As much as I enjoy rolling around in the sheets with you, I prefer moving about in a more unlimited arena."

His body relaxed and he feigned a frown. "You are a very strange, but I enjoy you too much to care. I guess I will just have to seduce you some other way."

He picked her up suddenly, having her squeal in surprise as he carried her over to his closet. Giving her one more not-so-innocent kiss, he dropped her before all her clothes.

"Now, find something exquisite to wear today, angel. I have something planned that you might enjoy."





"Morning, Bekah," a deep voice rumbled behind her ear.

Smiling, Rebekah rolled over to face her lover. Stefan was propped on an elbow, gazing down at her. It ceased to amaze her how Stefan woke up before her every morning, just so he could have the pleasure of watching her sleep.

She took his free hand into hers and smiled sleepily. "Did you sleep well?"

He chuckled. "I believe so. That party was one hell of an energy killer."

Her thoughts immediately fled back to her dance with the handsome stranger, Matt. They had danced, talked, and laughed. And just as swiftly as he had come, he left, leaving behind a very strange letter tightly folded in her hand.

Mikael is coming. He is coming swiftly and surely and you must be ready. Be careful, Rebekah.

She hadn't mentioned a word of it to Stefan, fearful more of her own mind than his. How in hell did Matt know about Mikael?

The letter was now tucked under a book in her dresser, completely hidden. She did not want to worry about Matt, her father, or anyone. Not now. Not when her family was finally growing closer. Klaus had been hiding something from everyone, and now it was her turn to have a little secret of her own.

She did worry; however, when Stefan leaned down to kiss her, when she imagined Matt's face as he did so.





The night before

After the embarrassing check-in on Caroline, Elena followed Bonnie back up to the gates. With the night ahead of her, Elena was anxious to find something more engaging to do. It wasn't until they reached the gate that she decided that a visit to see Katherine had been overdue.

With a quick goodbye to Bonnie, she hurried towards the Hall, hoping to find Gabriel there. Often times, she had found him simply standing there, looking off in the distance in deep thought. This time, however, she found him just leaving, his hands clasped together and his head bowed.


He lifted his head and Elena was surprised to notice how sad he looked. His handsome face almost looked wrinkled with worry and fatigue. His brow drooped with burdensome thoughts, and Elena was quick to fly up beside him.

"Gabriel, what is wrong?"

He shook his head, as if trying to toss away his thoughts. "Nothing that you can fix, my little angel. Let us just say that for once, I do not know what to do and that greatly troubles me."

Hesitantly, she reached out and touched his hand. It felt so utterly perfect to her. The Arch Angels were the purest of them all, their glory overpowering every other angel in heaven. Elena nearly trembled.

"Please…is there anything I can do? I hate to see you hurt."

He smiled tiredly, but affectionately. "You have always been so kind, Angel of Compassion. No, not right now or at least not yet, but I thank you. I believe, however, that I can help you right now."

So he already knew.

"Yes. I wish to visit Katherine. I know it hasn't been very long, but I think she should be doing better now. She is an angel after all."

He chuckled and held out a hand. She grasped it and let her wings expand.

"I will give you just an hour. I do not like seeing my angels away from their own realm for too long."

She watched as he let his own wings expand. They were so large, she was certain he could move clouds with them if he wished. He began to mutter their ancient prayer, and she closed her eyes, feeling his power come over her.

It felt like a second or an instant, but she opened her eyes and she was no longer looking at Gabriel. Instead, she was standing in front of the Hall in Raquel's realm. Orienting herself, she quickly flew to find Katherine.

In only took her a few minutes to find her, sitting up in the same bed and brushing out her hair.

"Ah, you're back! I was wondering when you'd visit again!" Katherine explained a playful smirk on her face.

"Really?" Elena asked skeptically, taking a seat near the bed.

To her surprise, Katherine only shrugged. "It gets really boring here with no one to talk to. Here, take this and brush my hair," she commanded, holding out the brush to Elena.

Elena slowly took the brush, gazing curiously at her sister. What had sparked this unusual desire for sister bonding?

Katherine shifted so her back was to Elena, her long hair falling into Elena's lap. Taking a chunk, Elena carefully brought the brush through Katherine's hair, waiting for Katherine to chat again.

"So, Raquel says I can go back to work soon."

"That's nice," Elena replied, working out a small tangle, letting her mind wander away from Katherine.

After a minute or so, Katherine quickly pulled her out.

"Elena…did you hear me?"

"Hmmmm…sorry, what?" Elena snapped out of her day dreams, looking up to see Katherine turning to look at her.

"Raquel said…he said he wants me to be Elijah's guardian again."

Elena froze, looking at her sister. She couldn't…Raquel wouldn't let her go back to Elijah…not after what happened.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I am to be Elijah's guardian angel again. Raquel said Gabriel and he had discussed it and it would be only right that I go back to Elijah. I have been his angel for what feels like an eternity."

Elena nodded while trying hard not to tremble. Yes, it only made sense. She was only a replacement until Katherine had healed. Katherine knew Elijah and his ways, while she…she hardly had done anything for him. Why should she be offended by this?

Even as she tried to console herself, she couldn't stop her emotions. Putting down the brush, she quickly wrapped her arms around Katherine, hugging her from behind.

"I'm so happy you are well enough to go back to him," she whispered, trying so hard not to let her tears fall.

"Where are you going?" Katherine questioned, as Elena released her and began to float near the door.

"I have stayed too long. Dawn is soon and I need to get back to my realm now. I'll visit again soon."

And before Katherine could say a word, Elena was speeding away, finally letting the tears roll down her cheeks.





"This is incredible!" Caroline gazed in awe around the paintings.

Klaus had no idea what had come over him when he said he wished to take her out. Perhaps it was because he was running out of time with her and to avoid his male lust for all of her, he needed to get out.

Caroline did not seem to grasp it, but he was surprisingly alright with her "angel virginity" as he called it in his mind. After this morning, he could hardly believe that so much could happen if she was to make love to him, but so it was. Sure, the idea of never filling her completely while she grasped to him as hard as she could was aching, but he had learned in just a few short days that he desired Caroline in more ways than sex.

She was so much more than that in every way, and he was almost disgusted with himself that that was what he had wanted out of this pure angel in their first days together.

"Klaus, thank you for bringing me here!"

He blinked out of his thoughts and gazed down at Caroline. It was near the end of their time here and he could see how happy it had all made her. And all because of him. The thought made him smile.

"And we still have many more rooms to look through, sweetheart. Lead the way."

Caroline was about to turn, but paused. Her face took on a look of concern and she brought a hand up to his face.

"Klaus…have you fed at all recently?"

So she had noticed. With Caroline around, he had almost forgotten about food. Who would think of food when they had a beautiful angel as company in bed and out? He had drunk some blood from blood bags in the fridge while she was around, but the real deal was so much more fulfilling.

He chuckled. "I'm a little starved, but I'll be fine, Caroline. Do not worry about me now."

She suddenly grabbed his arm and began to pull him down a hallway. Brushing past tourists, she pulled him through all of them until she found a bathroom.

Raising his brow, she pulled him in and quickly made sure no one else in. Nodding her head, she went to the door and quickly locked it.

"Caroline, what are you up to?"

"I want to try something."

He smirked, am image of her naked in his bathtub coming to mind. "Do you remember what happened last time you suggested that?"

She rolled her eyes and began to pull her hair up into a ponytail, exposing her smooth neck.

"Klaus, I want to take care of you."

"Of course you do."

He watched in growing anticipation as she neared up. She hesitantly put a hand to her neck and it suddenly all dawned on him.

"You want me to feed from you."

She nodded slowly, bringing her hands to his face.


He couldn't deny that he had imagined it once or twice. Bringing his mouth to her neck, kissing and sucking until he couldn't control himself, and then he would drive his fangs into her skin, finally getting to taste that angelic blood.

In a swift motion, he had her back against the wall, his hands placed on either side of her, locking her in.

"Do you trust me?"


He could see her honesty and softly, he kissed her. He made his way across her cheek, down her jaw, and finally to her neck. Finding her sensitive spot rather quickly when she gasped for the first time, he grasped her tightly in his arms and began to suck and nip at it, preparing her in every way possible.

"You can stop me, Caroline. I can always…"

"No. I want to be the one to take care of you."

She pressed her body into his, almost as if in a demand to hurry him up. Without another moment of his hesitation, he finally brought out his fangs and broke her skin.

He heard her gasp of pain, but it was nothing to the sound and taste of her blood. He had imagined how it would taste. Foreign and beautiful. Ripe and delicious, but this…what he was tasting on his tongue right now, was unlike anything he could have imagined or described.

He grasped her even closer, if that was possible. He felt her hands in his hair, encouraging him. As if he needed it now.

She was pulling at his hair softly much too soon.

"Klaus, that's enough."

He didn't stop.


He pulled his fangs from her skin, but continued to suck from her wound, trying desperately to reach every drop he could.

"Klaus, stop!"

It was the pure desperation in her voice that made him fully aware of her then. He pushed himself off of her, putting as much space between them as possible.

She cradled her wound, wiping away at the extra blood. She swayed for a moment, and he was quick to steady her.

"Here, let me heal you," he said, bringing his wrist up.

"It's okay. Look," she pointed at the wound, now slowly patching itself back up. "All better."

They looked closely at each other, as if trying to see exactly what the other was thinking.

"I have never tasted blood like that before," was the only thing Klaus could say that was honest.

"I guessed."

"Caroline, I apologize for hurting you."

She startled him with a hug. This strange woman had the nerve to hug the monster who had just fed off of her.

"I wanted you too. Don't apologize for that."

He returned her hug, kissing away at the extra blood on her neck, before she pulled away and began to fix his hair.

"Now, let's fix you up and head back out into the city. I do only have one day left after today!"

And just like that, he felt his happiness begin to dwindle away.

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