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He was looking at her like she was a piece of meat, and she had to admit she loved it.


"Just us carnivores."

Jax began unbuttoning Tara's blouse. He had made sure they had ridden deep enough into the park for this exact reason.

"You are beautiful." Jax's lips trailed his hands every time he undid a button.

When Jax finished with her buttons, Tara lifted herself up to remove the shirt. She kissed Jax on the lips and pushed him backwards so that she could now straddle him.

"I believe I ordered a Porterhouse Mr. Teller."

Jax's breath caught in his throat when Tara began to undo his belt. Tara was so good at oral sex but she had to be in a specific mood for her to go down on him. Just the thought of her lips on him was making him extremely hard through his boxers and jeans.

Tara slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled both his jeans and boxers down, allowing him to kick them off the rest of the way. Tara took this time to pull off his shirt and marvel at the beautiful sight of Jax; naked beneath her.

She reached down and stroked him. He was so hard and big for her already. When she was in Chicago and went on a few random dates that turned into random sex, she found herself missing Jax's size immensely. No one filled her quite like Jax.

Jax closed his eyes when Tara's lips wrapped around him. "Mmm baby." He moaned. He reached a hand down so he could wrap his fingers in her long hair.

When Tara took him deeper in her mouth, Jax had to keep himself from pulling at her hair. "God Tara. You're too good at this." While Tara was away Jax had gotten his fair share of blowjobs but nothing compared to Tara.

Jax took a couple more minutes to enjoy the feel of Tara's mouth on him before pulling her off. "I wanna let go inside you baby."

He flipped them over so that his naked body rested on top of her. "You have far too much clothing on."

"We better remedy that situation." She reached behind her to remove her bra while Jax quickly made work of her jeans and thong.

When she was naked under him he couldn't help but stare at her. How he had gone without her for ten years he'll never know. "Beautiful" he whispered.

"Love me Jax."

"Forever." Jax ran his hands from her shoulders to her breasts. She moaned when he cupped them in his strong hands.

He kept his left hand at her breasts and trailed his right hand down her stomach and finally between her legs. "You're so wet baby." He took two of his fingers and entered her.

"Only for you." She rasped out.

"I love you Tara."

"I love you too." She grabbed his hair and brought his lips to hers. "Fuck me carnivore."

Jax smiled, "with pleasure."

He entered her slowly, both of them groaning at the feeling. Tara arched upwards and Jax took the opportunity to take one of her nipples in his mouth.

"Oh god Jax! Harder!" Tara would never tire of the feeling of Jax stretching her.

"You're so tight baby." Jax said, moving quickly within her.

"Mmm Jax. I'm so close."

Jax continued to thrust himself inside Tara. "Let go baby. I'm right behind you."

And let go she did. Jax loved how beautiful Tara was when she climaxed. The look on her face along sent him over the edge, releasing inside of her.

They stayed that was for a while longer, both enjoying the feeling of each other's bodies.


Tara looked around for the offending noise. "It's yours." She said, looking at the phone. "Porn hotline."