"I love you. I've always been in love with you. I will always be in love with you. Which is why you have to stay alive," He pleaded, holding her hand for dear life, as though if he let go, she'd slip away. "We-we can get married," He promised, "And you're going to become an amazing surgeon," He spoke, knowing it was the truth, she would be, because this wasn't happening, it couldn't be. "And we're going to have two or three kids," He struggled out, fighting tears as he watched her own struggles.

"S-So Sofia c-can have...s-siblings," Lexie slowly forced out.

"Yea," Mark smiled, nodding, "A sister and two brothers. We're gonna be incredible, Lex, you and me. We're gonna have the best life, and we're gonna be so happy," He promised her. "So you can't die, ok? You can't die, because we're supposed to end up 're meant to be," He said, knowing that, too, was the truth. They had always been meant to be, put on earth to find each other.

"Meant to be," She whispered, smiling, before she went still.

"Mark, I'm ok, wake up!"

He sobbed, reaching to her, his chest aching with pain as she slipped away, as he felt her hand go limp in his. "I love you, I love you," He cried.

"Mark, it's ok, come on, wake up!"

"I love you," He cried, refusing to let go, feeling as though his heart had been ripped out.


He woke with a start, eyes shooting open, heart beating rapidly, and with tears in his eyes. But, despite the nightmare, there she was. She was sitting on the edge of their bed beside him wrapped in a towel, her wet hair in a messy bun, and leaning over him, a concerned look upon her face as a gentle hand rested on his chest.

"Lexie," He whispered in relief, sitting up, his hands moving from her hands, to her face, to her waist, pulling her to him, his arms wrapping around her, holding her tight.

"I'm right here," She said gently, hugging him back, "It was just the dream. I'm fine."

"It always seems so real," He murmurs, inhaling her scent, the smell of the strawberry shampoo she used. "It could have been real, Lex."

"But it wasn't, it's not," She said, leaning back to look up at him. "The plane only landed on my leg, and it has long since healed."

"A few feet over, and there could have been a completely different outcome," He pointed out. "I could have lost you, before we got all of this." He said.

She smiled softly, "But you didn't. I'm not going anywhere, ever again. We're building a house together, for you and me, and Callie, Arizona, and Sofia. We're getting married in two months," She reminded him, holding up her left hand, which was home to the white gold, diamond engagement ring he'd given to her six months ago. It had been on the two month anniversary of the plane crash, when she'd gotten the cast off of her leg.

"I know, and I wouldn't change what we have now for anything." He said. "I just can't help thinking..."

"I know." She agreed. "Those two days were awful for all of us. You did almost die, Mark! I watched Meredith, Cristina and Derek operate on your heart using a spray pump, in the middle of a plane crash site! Arizona could have died and still has trouble walking sometimes, Derek is still months away from doing any brain surgery, Cristina's PTSD has only gotten worse, and Meredith battled that infection from the glass she pulled out of her leg, and wakes up screaming sometimes. We were all changed by the crash, but if it didn't happen, we might not be together," She pointed out. "It sucked, and we're all different, but we all made it through together. You and I made it through together, and we just have to remember that."

Slowly, he nodded, all while looking at her. "I know. I love you, Lex." He said softly. She smiled, leaning up to kiss him.

"I love you, too."


"Mark keeps having the dream." Lexie says that afternoon, sitting at a table with Meredith and Cristina in the cafeteria.

After the crash, Cristina and Meredith both decided to stay at Seattle Grace. Cristina because she needed the support of Owen, and Meredith because after what had happened, she couldn't bring herself to leave home, or to leave Lexie and Cristina. It was a small factor that because Derek was unable to do surgery for a while, Harvard didn't have a job for him. Cristina was now a cardiothoracic fellow, working under Teddy who had also decided to stay, and Meredith was an attending general surgeon, alongside Bailey and Webber.

It was part guilt, but mostly not wanting to leave the only family he had after almost losing them all that had made Alex chose to do his fellowship in peds at Seattle Grace, and so he was still there, too. Owen had had a change of heart and rehired April to repeat her last year of residency, and Jackson decided to stay wherever she was.

"What, the one where you die?" Cristina asks, while blankly staring off into space.

"Yea," Lexie said, "I feel awful."

"It's not your fault, Lexie," Meredith shrugs, "I'm sure it'll go away eventually. Don't feel bad, it's not in your control."

"It's not like you're actually leaving him." Cristina points out, "You're marrying the guy in eight weeks."

"Seven weeks and four days," Lexie says automatically, only to have Cristina give her a look. "What? I can be excited, I'm getting married!"

"She's the only one out of us to actually have a real wedding, you know," Meredith said randomly.

"I had a wedding!" Cristina says.

"I mean in a church with the white dress, the reception with the big cake and the whole shebang kind of wedding," Meredith says. "The kind of wedding most girls dream of, but made me cringe."

Cristina was about to open her mouth when all of their pagers suddenly went off simultaneously.

"Altman." Cristina said, standing, while the two sisters both said, "ER."

The three of them got up and hurried, Cristina heading in the opposite direction of the two sisters.

"Are you nervous?" Meredith asked as they walked together.

"Not really." Lexie said honestly. "I mean it'll be kinda weird walking down the aisle in front of all those people...but I'm not nervous for what it means, vowing to be with him forever. Because I know it's what's right. We're meant to be together." She says, smiling, "We've had a lot of bumps in the road, but I just know this is right." She said, sure of herself as they reached the ER.

"Good," Meredith smiled, glad that her sister was happy.

They separated, Meredith heading over to a intern that had paged her, and Lexie to the one that had paged her.

"Fourteen year old female, nasty wound to the head," the intern briefed her, "I wasn't sure if we should page Shepard, do a CT-"

"You just said the words nasty head wound to me, of course we should do a CT!" Lexie said exclaimed, taking the chart from him, sighing, pushing the curtain back.

The girl that sat on the examination table, gauze taped messily to her forehead, and a woman stood behind her to the side, looking incredibly nervous.

"Hi Alexa, I'm Doctor Grey," Lexie said, glancing down at the chart for her name.

"Ali," The teenager corrected softly, looking up to meet Lexie's eyes. "Call me Ali." She said.

Lexie smiled at her, "Ali, then," She said, filling with concern. The small smile that Ali gave her didn't reach her eyes, but not only that, anyone could see clear pain in her eyes, pain caused emotionally. It wasn't just the look in her eyes that got to Lexie though, it was her eyes themselves, they looked so familiar to her. "What happened, Ali?" Lexie asked, putting on gloves before reaching up and gently peeling the gauze off.

"She tripped," The woman with her said before she could say anything. "She's always been clumsy," she said, nervous.

"I'm a dancer." Ali said under her breath, "I'm not clumsy."

"And you are?" Lexie asked, glancing up at Ali briefly, as she inspected the wound.

"Claire Reynolds, her mother. And that cut on her face probably needs stitches, and I don't want any doctor doing it, I want a plastic surgeon to go it, I can't have her face scared." Ms. Reynolds insisted. "She's gorgeous, and it would ruin her to have a big, ugly scar," She shuddered.

Already annoyed by this woman, Lexie mumbled to the intern to page Mark. "Ok, Ali, I'm gunna clean this up for you, and our head of plastic surgery is going to come take a look at it, and then we're gunna do a CT scan, to make sure there's nothing wrong inside your head from the uh, fall." She said.

"Is there a bathroom here?" Claire asked suddenly.

"Yes, uh...Kevin," Lexie said, stopping another intern, "Show Ms Reynolds to the bathroom please."

Once she was gone, Lexie turned back to Ali, and began cleaning the wound.

"She's probably going to smoke." Ali said, knowing what Lexie would say, used to the questions. She'd been to a lot of hospitals, and had to avoid a lot of questions. "She smokes a lot."

"Hopefully she doesn't set off the fire alarms," Lexie commented, as she gently cleaned the wound on her head.

"She'll lean out the window." Ali shrugged.

"Well while she's doing that, do you maybe want to tell me how you really got hurt?" She asked gently, praying that this girl would tell her, so she could help her. It was so, so clear that she needed help, and Lexie felt some strange pull to her, a need to help her.

"I hate that question." Ali said, "I get it a lot. For a long time, I went along with her stories, her blatant lies. I was little. She was my mom." She told Lexie, voice quiet. She was silent for a period, before she spoke. "Her husband pushed me, and I hit my head on the corner of the doorway." Ali said quietly. "She doesn't want anyone finding out because she can only see me for six hours every week, and he isn't supposed to be there because there's an order of protection."

The anger that burned inside of Lexie every time she heard about child abusers intensified, and keeping her voice even, she asked, "You don't live with her?"

"I did, until three months ago. I live in foster care now, because she won't leave him." Ali said, voice bitter. "My social worker has to drop me off at a meeting spot for visits with my mom."

"Should I call your social worker?"

"There's no need, I'm here," A woman said, approaching. She looked frazzled, and stressed, but worried. "I'm Julie King, Ali's case worker." She said.

"Doctor Grey, I've been taking care of her." Lexie said, smiling at her.

"Ali, what happened this time, and where the hell is your mother?" Julie asked the teenager gently.

"Julie!" Claire said with fake happiness and clear nervousness, "I was just about to call you."

"Sure you were, Claire," Julie said, "What happened now? Why is it that most of the time I leave her with you, she comes back with more damages than before!"

"Doctor Grey," A familiar voice boomed from behind Lexie, silencing the arguing women, and she smiled, turning to face him. "Doctor Sloan, thank you for coming. This is Ali, fourteen. Her mother requested that the plastic surgeon take care of the wound on her forehead, before we send her to CT."

"I want another plastic surgeon." Claire said from behind Lexie, and she turned to see that Claire had stepped in front of Ali. "Now."

"Ms. Reynolds, Doctor Sloan is the head of our plastic surgery department, he's the best we have," Lexie assured her, confused at the women's sudden change in demeanor.

"So get me the second best." Claire snapped.

"Claire, you have no say in who gives Ali medical care, so move the hell out of the way so the man can give her stitches," Julie hissed, "We need to talk anyways."

"Claire," A stunned Mark said softly, shocked look on his face.

"You know her?" Lexie asked, confused, looking up at her fiance, before freezing in realization. Looking into Mark's eyes, she realized why Ali's eyes were so familiar, because she looked into them every day, because they were the same eyes as his.

"Claire, I don't care what past you have with the doctor, let him take care of your daughter," Julie ordered, pulling her out of the way.

Her view of Ali no longer blocked, Lexie looked from her to Mark, from Mark to her, and as she did, the similarities only became more prominent.

"I want him away from her," Claire demanded, "Now! I'll take her to another hospital, I just want him away from my daughter!"

"My daughter." Mark said, knowing by just looking at her, but also be the actions Claire was taking, the clear desire to get Ali ar away from him. "You want me away because you left fifteen years ago, and took my kid with you!"

So, this is my first attempt at a Grey's story. I hope there's interest in it! To clarify if there's some confusion for some reason: the events of the season 8 finale happened, just differently, of course. Lexie is alive and well (besides the shock xD) because, well, I still refuse to accept that she's dead. So she's alive, and all of our favorite doctors aren't going anywhere, no moving away! This story will be Slexie centered, but include everyone as characters! So I hope you liked this chapter, let me know if I should continue!