Felli walked into her brother's office. He was pacing back and forth. When she stepped foot in, he immediately went to hug her.

"Felli-Chan! Where were you? I was worried sick! I had to tell you something!" Kalian exclaimed.

"I was with Fon-Fon. We went to watch a movie together." Felli replied, looking annoyed.

"Were you two alone?" Kalian asked with wide eyes.

"Why do I have to tell you?" Felli said as coldly as possible.

"I knew it! You were alone! I told you not to go alone with that guy!" Kalian said as he hugged her even tighter.


Suddenly, Felli raised her foot and kicked him in the shins, causing Kalian to fall to the ground. He quickly stood up again, ignoring the pain that only his sister could bring upon him.

"Since when did any of the things I do matter to you?"

"Felli, you must know something! Men are animals! Animals I say! They all only want one thing, and that is to have your precious cuteness that belongs only to me!"

Felli rolled her eyes. "Stop kidding."

"I mean it! That boy's been staring at you like you're a Popsicle just waiting to be licked!"

"Cut it out Idiot! I don't have time for any of this!"

Felli quickly pushed her brother's arms away from her, heading towards the door. She grabbed hold of the handle, but her brother beat her to it.

"If you won't believe me… I guess I'll have to show you."

Kalian swiftly brushed Felli's hair away and slowly started to suck on her neck.

"Idiot… Stupid… What are you doing?" Felli cried out.

"I'm teaching you a lesson." Kalian said as he made his way down towards her chest. He unclothed Felli, and started to grope her breasts.

"Stop… Stop it…" Felli said with short breaths. She fell to the floor, too weak to do anything. Kalian pinned her down to the floor, and licked her nipples.

"Ah! Nh! You bastard! S-Stop it!" Felli screamed while trying to struggle away from her brother.

Kalian then reached down and pulled off her skirt and panties. She was already so wet from her nipples. He slowly put a finger in, then two.

"No more…!" Felli tried to hold back her moans.

"Don't hold back for me. Let it out."

Kalian moved her hand away from her mouth, and she let out a moan.

"More… Let me hear your sweet cries."

Kalian then stood up and took out his cock, then placed it above her vagina.

"E-Eh?" Felli exclaimed.

Unknowing to Kalian, by standing up, Felli's legs were free to kick to her pleasing. She picked up her right leg, and kicked with all of her might against Kalian's shin.

"Ahhh! It hurts! It hurts Felli-Chan!"

Felli quickly stood up and picked her uniform off the floor.

"You bastard!" Felli screamed as she ran out of the door.