A/N: Hey guys, this is just my version of how the poem Finnick did during his interview during Catching Fire went. Based mostly off of Ed Sheeran's The A Team. I own nothing. Please review :)

I look in the mirror. Here I was in the Capitol again, all dolled up and ready to jump through another ring. But this time I wasnt going to play the cocky and handsome Finnick Odair. Reading through my poem to Annie again, I noticed it wasn't all lovey-dovey. And I liked it that way as would she. Instead, I made it where only she and all the other victors could understand. A tribute, a statement of love, a good bye really.

I could see all of the tributes/victors. They ones with the already empty eyes and scars that replayed their creation every night in their heads. Here we were, a nightmare that not only came to life once, but twice. I watch as they all file through, subtly hinting at the want just to be left alone. We already had our hell, why not just let us go. None of us deserved this, even the most annoying of us Gloss and Cashmere still deserved to be drunk or lonely or druggies or whatever the hell made us not hate ourselves as much as we do. We all go on stage. One by one, little ants marching to the last ring. And before i can even deciede to maybe change my mind about the poem i am up.

The lights are just as blinding as i recall from my first close nick with death. Flickerman plays his jokes and before i know it I am interrupting him, telling him about my poem that I wish to share. It's for my one true love I share and about half of the female audience swoons.

White lips, pale face

lights gone, days end

struggling through the long nights

and they say she's stuck in her daydream

been this way since 18

but lately her face seems

slowly sinking, wasting

crumblining like pastries

and we scream that the worst things in life come free to us

cause we're just under the upperhand

went crazy for a chance to live

and she don't wanna go to sleep tonite

cause in a dream she flies to that night again

and it's much too cold outside

for my angel to fly

my angel won't fly tonight

ripped heart torn mind

tried to swim and stay afloat

full head empty eyes

weary cries all alone

my angel will die

covered in lies

hoping for a better life

this time we'll fade out right

wrapped up in each other's minds

The buzzer had rang somewhere in there but I didn't stop and no one stopped me. I see all the capitol freaks that had fainted down the aisle. They understood none of it but since i had said it was for my true love every member had to insist it was them. I shake Flickerman's cold capitol hand and head my way backstage. Looking at the victors I see the understanding in their eyes. They all know who I'm talking about. And hopefully she will watch this and know that no matter what happens, I will always love her.

A/N: Even though this wasn't exactly the most romantic of poems, i like it a lot. Please review :)