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"This is so boring."

Spain's cheek was lackadaisically propped up on the back side of his wrist. The party around him was lively, and everyone else was having a great time, but he and his table partner were focused on only two subjects.

After greeting America and Canada, Prussia and Hungary had been going around and socializing with the other countries at the party. Prussia had gotten a few drinks for her, and she'd gone to check her makeup once, and the rest had been 45 minutes of other forms of monotony.

"Ouí. But we made a pact to focus on them tonight." France's attention drifted to a waiter passing nearby with a bottle of wine. "Ahhh," he croaked in a heartbroken tone, "that's my favorite kind! And from such a good year! This is torture!"

Spain slapped a hand down on his shoulder to refocus his attention. "The pact, míja! The pact! Focus!"

Making a pact to not get drunk, not flirt with anyone, and focus solely on his friend and his friend's girl was much easier when wine of the perfect vintage was not being served, perfect pieces of human ass were not flouncing about, and their friends were not being a perfect snore-fest.

"It's far too… sober in here! Can't I just have one tiny glass of wine?"

"We promised," sighed Spain. "What happens if things go downhill and we're too drunk to help? Prussia's counting on us as a failsafe."

"I know, but America and Germany get their beer! Why don't they have to suffer with us? They're part of this, too!"

"They're not best friends with him. Germany didn't think this was necessary, and America probably isn't even aware that Prussia's not a country anymore."

"Prussia's not a country?" A confused voice came from behind in English.

Spain and France turned in their seats, with deadpanned expressions, to see America toting a glass of champagne. "No," Spain replied, switching over from speaking French, "He's not."

"Oh, bummer bro; since when?"

Neither really wanted to reply to the blatant stupidity. Perhaps they would have been eager to answer if they'd had any sort of home that America would see his own ignorance. But, they knew he wouldn't. "Since before World War Two," France answered.

"Ah yeah… that was a bad time for everyone. I still feel really crappy for what my boss did to Japan's house. I'm surprised we're so cool now."

'How'd the subject become about him?' Spain and France wondered, slightly amazed, but not at all surprised. Before either of the two could think of a way to respond, America realized he'd derailed the conversation, and pulled it back on topic. "But yeah, don't you think you guys should give them a little nudge or something?"

Spain looked at France, who looked back with the same questioning expression. Things weren't making much interesting headway. Maybe a little friendly interference would be fun.

"Okay," France hesitated. "Let's enact plan E."

America raised a confused eyebrow. "What about plans A through D?"

"Plan A was what's happening now," Spain explained. "Plan B was intervention if things were going south. Plan C was if she suddenly jumped on his-" there was a loud crash as Canada bumped into a waiter, and a few glasses on his tray shattered on the floor. "Plan D was in case of surprise velociraptor attack." That one had been America's idea. He beamed proudly.

This seemed to jog the proud country's memory. "And Plan E was what to do if everything was going okay but we were bored as shit, right?" he asked.

"Correct," France confirmed.

"Alright, well, you guys don't exactly look like you're enjoying yourselves just sitting here, so pump up the drama!" America raised a fist along with his command.

France and Spain exchanged grins. Drama pumping was their forte.