I'm a fairly short, round hedgehog maiden. I like jams and cheeses, and I like living a comfortable life. Redwall Abbey suits me perfectly. However, I didn't always live at Redwall. My father was born and raised in a cottage in North Mossflower. My mother grew up at Redwall, but when they were married she moved with my father back into the forest. I was born there, and knew of Redwall only in my mother's stories. The forest was not as dangerous as Redwallers think. Apart from the ever-present but vague threat of foxes or other vermin, I had a happy childhood.

Then, one day I went out in the forest to gather greens for supper. When I returned, I found Father lying dead on the floor. Mother lay behind the bed, clutching a stick. Her head was bloodied, and she was almost unconscious. "It…was…the foxes," she whispered to me, "the foxes. Your father…oh, Ditty, your father…Redwall." She barely managed to get the last word out before her head dropped and her breathing slowed. She wasn't dead, though, merely unconscious.

From what my mother had told me, I knew that Redwall was to the south of where we lived. I lashed together some reeds to make a sledge and lay Mother on it. Then I set out through the woods. Mother and I subsisted on such berries and nuts as I could find along our path. I used shepherd's purse to staunch her bleeding, but more I could not do. We had been travelling nearly a fortnight when we reached St. Ninian's Church. There, the kind beasts took over caring for Mother and transported us by cart to Redwall Abbey.

But even with the tender minstrations of the Sisters at Redwall, my mother's health did not improve. The encounter with the foxes coupled with the arduous journey through the woods had weakened her too much, and within a week of our arrival she died.

I was devastated by her death, but the quiet atmosphere at Redwall soothed me. Soon I was participating with pleasure in activities there. In age, I was little more than a Dibbun, but my life in the woods as well as the death of my parents made me feel much older than I was. I enjoyed helping with the garden, and of course working in the kitchen! The awful memory of my parents' death faded.

But every once and a while I feel the need to go off into the woods again. The first time I did this was two seasons after Mother's death. I wandered aimlessly for a while, when I came upon a den. Being a naturally curious maiden, I crawled inside. To my surprise, I found a sleeping fox! Instantly, it all came back – finding Father dead, the journey through the woods, Mother's subsequent death… And this was the same kind of vermin that had caused it all. I was filled with rage, so I crept back outside and found two large, round stones. Silently, I reentered the den and quickly smashed the rocks against the fox's head, killing it at once.

I returned to Redwall shaken, but proud. Even if that wasn't the fox that was responsible for my parents' deaths, it was no different. Ever since then I have gone out searching for a fox at least once a season for quite a while. I take my two stones, a bow and arrow that I taught myself to use, and enough provisions for a few days. I return as soon as I have made my kill. No-one at Redwall knows about my custom, they dismiss it as "simply one of Dittany's oddities." "Poor child," they think, "she probably just needs some time to herself." Little do they know my real mission – to rid the world of that evil vermin known as foxes.