Pokemon- Betrayal at the Worst

I do not own pokemon, only the ocs i choose to create.

I was betrayed by all those I loved, my mom, my freinds, even my Pokemon. It was only me and Pikacu left. My name. Ash Ketcham, once inspired to be a pokemon master, until that one day 10 years ago.


"Its been the match of the century between Ash Ketcham and Paul Shinji. Its now the final battle between Ash's Pikachu and Paul's Electivire. Lets see what shocking (pun intended) peformance can come from these two wonderful pokemon."

"Pikachu/Electivire thunder attack!"

The explosion from this attack made the whole stadium shake. when the smoke covering the scene lifted both pokemon were still standing, but just barely. After a few seconds the tough training Paul gave his pokemon showed when Electrivire still stood after Pikachu fell flat on his face.

The Commentator soon called out that Paul won. Ash, being hisself after losing barracaded himself in his room for several days. He finnaly decided to go home after about a week to not find his home. He did not find his mom, Prof. Oak, nor his pokemon at the professors lab as per usual after one of Ashs League battles. Ash decided that it would probably be better to just go home to see if they were waiting for him there. What he saw was much, much worse than what he expected.

Sitting in his back yard training Ashs pokemon was Paul! What was worse is that they were listening to him. Ash finally saw his mom and called out "Mom whats Paul doing at our house."

(GOING TO STEAL AN IDEA FROM A STORY I READ) "Ash, this is no longer our house, its Pauls, as are your old pokemon. Now Ash please hand over Pikachu so that Paul can have what he paid for."

"You know what bitch," said Ash,"fuck you to hell.I dont care about your reason for selling the house or my pokemon,you had no permission to sell MY pokemon, NOT YOURS, MINE."

Ash ran like his life depended on it, but knowing Paul, it probably did.