I'M back with a new story! part two of Loonattics Zuruzuru! YAY! I start college in less than a month! so i'll be writing longer chapters (try my best to). So without further adieu ^-^

"I will have my revenge, Loonatics," Alkyl said holding 8 small bottles glowing different colors, "And these will help."

"Tech-kun, do you know where Lexi-chan is?" Megan asked walking into Tech's lab.

"No, haven't seen her," he said not even looking up from the computer screen. 'I bet she's with Ace' she thought heading to the training room. Megan joined the team when she was seventeen and a half years old, which was about 6 months ago. She had a special plan for what she wanted to do for her 1st birthday in Acmetropolis. Megan found Lexi in the training room with Ace, of course. They were practicing combat moves.

"LEXI-CHAN!" Megan shouted running into Lexi, making her lose balance and Ace missed.

"Whoa Meg!" Ace said helping them both up, "What's up?"

"I need Lexi to come with me," she said pulling the confused bunny away. Moments later, the girls were downtown.

"So all you wanted to do was go shopping?" Lexi asked.

"Yes, for cosplaying. Guys are easy to outfit, but girls are different because of OPPAI!"

"Uh… yeah."

Then they heard kids crying and screaming. They rushed over to a nearby park, or what was left of it. Everything from trees to swings was destroyed.

"What happened?" Lexi asked a little boy crying.

"Th-the green and purple heroes… they broke everything," the boy cried.

"The green and purple?" she thought. "Tech and Slam?"

"But I just saw him in his computer lab, and Slam was with Duck," said Megan. Then suddenly, there was an explosion and people running in panic. The girls sprang into actions. When they got there, some guy was shooting lasers at building and cars. Lexi was about to call in the others when she froze.

"Masaka? !" Megan gasped. In front of them was no mad scientist or alien creature, but a male, anthropomorphic gray hare with glowing yellow eyes, wearing jeans, black shoes, and a yellow shirt instead of a black and yellow uniform.

"Ace! ?"

OH NO! Has Ace gone madly evil! (can you go madly evil?) PLease RxR this is my 3rd fanfic im so happy :3 next chapter soon~