Her finger tips brushed against his lips. Trembling at her touch The Doctor looked away, unable to look into her sad eyes. He knew that she didn't understand and he didn't want her to. That'd be too much to ask of her. " Doctor…." Her voice shook, she was frightened, her right hand clutching his knee. The TARDIS was doing her best to try and calm her friends. The Doctor looked back to his companion terrified of what she was thinking. He was afraid of what she was thinking of him. Her tears had since fallen down her rosy cheeks, her body shaking just enough for The Doctor to notice.

"…I am so sorry…" He cried out, his voice breaking in doing so. He fell into her, hoping that she won't cast him out. She doesn't. In fact she pulled him closer, gripping his clothes with both her hands, burying her face into his hair unwilling to release him. They sobbed together, aware of the chaos and blood shed outside the TARDIS doors. The Doctor and his companion; the companion he loved most. "Forgive me…" She begged, her voice being muffled by her tears and his hair. What were they to do? This moment in was fixed, he was unable to stop it, he was unable to help the cries of the victims that barricaded the doors; asking, no, begging to be saved. Begging to live another day, to breathe a little longer.

This was horrible. The loss of life of thousands of innocents rested on him. Their cries went unanswered by The Doctor and his companion. The bottom of the TARDIS began to sink…water leaking through the cracks. It was time to go. They had to leave now or they would perish along with the rest of the people in this tragedy. He pulled away to look in her clouded eyes. "We should get going…" He chocked out. His companion nodded and wiped away some remaining tears. Water began to pool around their knees. He stood, and then helped her up as well. He slowly walked to the console and flew them into the time vortex.

The cries of the fallen, still echoing through the TARDIS, bouncing off of the walls as it went. The companion looked down at the Newspaper they were given upon arrival. " 'April 14, 1912' " She spoke brokenly. The Doctor took her hand; "The sinking of the unsinkable…" He paused for a brief moment before mumbling the name 'TITANIC'. He looked over at her, "Donna…" She shook her head and flashed him her brilliant smile. "Onwards." She told him. He smiled and nodded. She may not understand, but she loved him and that was enough to conquer anything.

~In Honor of the Thousands aboard the Titanic Who Died~