Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The day stared out really shitty for Damion Baird. He had already gone three days without sleep and just after a few hours of sleep, a loud alarm woke him up.

"Damn it!" l

They sky was still dark, barely lit up from the small sliver moon that still hung in the air.

Other Gears groaned as they jumped from their bunks and quickly put on their armor. They had already had very little sleep and the constant fighting was wearing them down. They were getting to the point of almost collapsing where they stood.

"Fuck." another Gear muttered. "They just keep coming. When will all this shit end?"

Delta Squad was already fighting the Lambent several miles away, Baird had been left behind to do some repairs on Jack bot. Marcus had called CIC about getting some support as soon as possible.

All the Gears climbed into ravens and took to the sky.

Baird climbed into a raven that was alreay packed with Gears. He hung on the straps as it took to the sky. Bringing one had to his forehead he wiped the sweat from his brow.

He was feeling really warm and nausious, and sewat covered his entire body.

The Gears on the Raven spoke amongst themselves, not knowing of any approching dangers.

The first hit suprised everybody, knocking most of the Gears out of the large doorway. Baird held onto the straps for dear life as he felt his feet go out from under him.

He watched as good men and women fell to their deaths.

Another explosions sent the Raven spiraling down toward the thick forest below. He screamed as the Ravens hit the trees hard. Branches and leaves filled the raven completely.

Baird's head hit somehing hard and everything went black.

When Baird woke, he was hanging upside down in a tree and hurting all over. Dizzy from the blood collecting in his head, he struggled to right himself and struggled not to go unconcous again.

As he freed his legs from the braches, it caused him to fall several feet and hitting his head once more.

Again Baird woke to find himself now laying under the tree. His vision was so blurry that he could barly make out what was around him. Carefully he sat up and almost tipped over.


A wave of nausia washed over him and he fought to keep down what little food he had the night before.

After several minutes, he tried to stand, only to collapse once more. This time he got on his hands and knees to crawl, not even knowing where.

He heard movement off in the distance, but not sure what direction. He coughed and almost collapsed in pain. His guess was that he had several broken ribs.

Again he coughed, this time blood spilled over his lips and dripped onto his chest.

'Great.' He thought. 'This day just seems to be getting worse.'

He continued to crawl, struggling to take in air as his lungs burned. After only sevearl minutes, his wole body was just covered in sweat.

He coughed again, collapsed and took in a big breath of air as pain shot through his body. He was so dizzy, hurt all over and just wanted to go to sleep, for all this to be over.

Off in the distance, he could hear gunfire. The war would continue without him.

Finally he collapsed under another large tree, laying on his back, he could see a little bit of the blue sky though the thick branches. Through his blurred vision, he swore he saw some movement.

Finally everything went black and he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

When he woke, he foundhimself staring at an unfamilure celing. It still hurt every time he took a breath, and his whoe body still hurt.

The. . . . home he was in was very small, and looked as if it was made of wood. By the looks of it, the home was only a square with a blanket blocking the the bed from the rest of the house.

It was warm inside and smelt of good food. His guess was that somebdoy was making dinner.

The sound of footsteps comping his way caught his attention. He struggled to sit up, but it only caused pain to shoot throughout his whole body.

"You're awake."

Baird looked up to see a young stranded woman standing there staring at him. She wasn't super young or super beautiful but she still pretty in a way. She had aslim figure which wasn't super flattering by a long dirty brown dress.


He licked hisdry lips and winced in pain. His head hurt and his eyes felt heavy. It was obvious that he was fighting against going unconcous.

"Rest. You've been injured pretty badly. I'll have your dinner ready next time you're awake."

The sound of his soft snores told her that he was already asleep. She smiled and pulled the blanket further up to cover him from the chest down.

The front door opened, closed and the heavy fall of footsteps was heard in the make-shift kitchen. She brought a finger to her lips.

"You're too kind, Maria."

Maria smiled.

"How's the cog?"

"Not too good. He looks like his head injury might have affected his memory."

"Hm.." he sat down and took off his boots. He watched as Maria crossed the kitchen to the food that was sitting over the fire. "We can use this to our advantage."

"I don't know Rob. He's injured pretty badly. He's probably has friends who are pretty worried."

"Why should we help those good for nothing pigs."

"Shhh." She pushed Rob to the far side of the kitchen. "Rob I..."

"Don't feel bad for those bastards. They distroyed Sera, killing half the population and leaving us to be killed off by the damn Locusts."

Maria sighed and returned to cooking the food, thinking about the day the hammer of dawn distroyed sera. Rob was her older brother, and he had been taking care of her ever since their parents died.

"Mmmm it smells really good in here."

She smiled gently.

"It looked as if he might sleep through dinner. He looked extreamly pale and couldn't stay concous."


Carefully she put the soup into two bowls and handed one to Rob." He seems really nice."

"You can't trust COG... don't let your guard down around him, memory or no."

The rest of their dinner was eaten in silence. Maria didn't care what Rob said, she couldn't let anything happen to the injured soldier. She knew that Rob was just being overly protective.

After cleaning up the dishes, she returned to the room to check on the house guest.

Baird laid sprawled out in the bed, covered in sweat. He mumbled in his sleep as he begain to toss and turn. Maria felt so badly for him.

Filling up a bowl with cool water, she placed it by the table, got a rag wet and gently placed it on his forehead. She noticed him slowly begining to relax.

Maria knew most stranded despised the Gears, and for a good reason, but she could never hurt anybody who was already injured and unable to defend one self.

She made a silent promise to the injured soldier that she would do anything in her power to protect him from harm.

Grabbing the cloth, she dippped it back inot the water, wringing out the excess water and returned it to his forehead. She found herself sitting there for several minutse just staring at him,. At one point she was running her slinder fingers through his blond hair.

He had no idea that his life could end at any moment...


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