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Chapter 10

November 27, 2257, Unknown Space…

"Shipmaster, we intercepted a human transmission." A Elite in red armor said as he walked up the bridge to an elite in blue armor with a glowing symbol on it's head, which was observing a blue display. He turned around when the Elite approached him.

"What? Was it about Requiem?" the blueasked.

"No. It was a human distress call. We also intercepted human transmissions indicating that a human vessel is on the way to retrieve the ship. They also broadcast the identity of the distressed human." The red elite said.

"Who? What human could gain this much attention?" the blue elite asked with a hint of curiosity. The red elite paused before he answered.

"The demon." He said, causing much of the bridge personal to stare. The demon was whispered among the ranks, as the human who had destroyed the treacherous prophets, destroyed several of the sacred rings, and fought alongside the Arbiter on the Ark Installation. The human had apparently escaped with the Arbiter, but had vanished on the return to the human homeworld.

"What do we do?" the Elite asked. The blue elite pondered this for a second.

"Do you have the coordinates?" the blue eite asked.

"Of course." The red elite answered.

"Order the fleet to follow the signal! Requiem can wait! We must find the demon before the humans or the Arbiter do!" the elite snarled as he strode towards the panel and began imputing into it. The red elite bowered and left the room. The blue Elite snarled as he turned back towards the console, observing the Covanent Fleet outside changing direction.

Earth, Forbidden Forest, December 1995…

"This is silly, why are we following him?" Ron frowned as they walked behind Master Chief, who had a tight grip on his gun and was looking out in front of him.

"You ask him!" Hermioen glared at Ron, causing him to wimper.

"Geez, look at this trail! What made this?" one of the Ravenclaw Prefects frowned. Malfoy snorted.

"We're about ten feet away." Cortana said to Master Chief. He simply gave a small nod.

"Enough arguing. We're here." Master Chief said as the Dawn came into view, getting several surprised looks.

"Bloody hell!" Ron said with surprise at the ruined vessel.

"Our mission is simple. Unload the Dawn and move the inventory to the castle. Do not meddle with the weapons." Master Chief said as he waled to the ruined hatch. Seeing it incapable of opening, he plunged his fist through the metal and pulled the door out, throwing it on the ground.

"Bloody hell. Is that what we're all like in five hundred years?" Ron whispered to Hermione.

"You two, with me." Master Chief pointed at Ron and Hermione. He issued the rest directions, and led the two into the ship. He pulled Cortana out and put her into a port, causing her to appear in a screen. The lights dimmed on

"Amazing!" Hermione said with wide eyes.

"Whoa." Ron frowned

"Thank you, Hermione. You seem to be quite brilliant." Cortana smiled.

"You're hot." Ron said, causing Hermione to slap him upside the head. Cortana chuckled.

"I have a lot of questions! When did humans go into space? Is there life out there?" Hermione babbled.

"Life is out there. That's the problem." Master Chief said as he looked into a door. Then, he walked inside.

"Good one, John." Cortana chuckled as Master Chief came out with an armful of covanent weapons, including the plasma pistol, needler, plasma rifle, and fuel rod gun.

"Whoa!" Ron said with wide eyes.

"Those are weapons used by the Covanent, designed from Forerunner technology." Cortana said.

"Covanent? Forerunner?" Hermione frowned.

"Forerunner were a civilization of beings who lived over a hundred thousand years ago. They were wiped out when the Halos fired, to destroy the Flood." Cortana said.

"Flood?" Hermione asked.

"Later. Got something to put this in?" Master Chief asked. Hermione nodded as she pulled out a small bag, which Master Chief dropped everything into, without any question. He gestured down the hallway, and walked.

"Ummmm… are all humans like you in the future?" Hermione asked.

"You remind me of my creator. I think Dr. Halsey would like her, don't you think so?" Cortana asked Master Chief. He didn't respond.

"He's not really talkative, is he?" Hermione asked Cortana. She chuckled.

"He's always been like this, since I knew him. Trust me, if you've been through half what we've been through, you'd be like him." Cortana frowned. Then, she smiled.

"Imagine what Johnson would say if he was here." Cortana chuckled. Then, her image changed into a recording of Johnson.

"Get to it, Marines! The corp aint paying us by the hour!" he barked. Then, the image turned back into Cortana.

"He was a good man. A good marine." Master Chief said as he came out of the armory with a pile of UNSC weapons.

"Is that a gun?" Hermione squeaked.

"Yes. Don't touch." Master Chief said as he dropped the pile of weapons into the bag. The door opened in front of them to reveal the hanger, where McGonagall and Snape, and a few other students were looking at the UNSC vehicles, trying to figure out how to get them loose.

"Amazing! That looks similar to a muggle tank." Hermione said with surprise.

"It is a tank." Cortana's voice rang over the intercom..

"And those are Pelicans, and a Hornet. Flying vehicles. Hang on." Cortana answered. Then, the rusted hooks lowered the devices onto the ground. Master Chief pulled Cortana from the wall, and then walked into one of the Pelican.

"Cortana, can you program these Pelicans to fly to Hogwarts?" Master Chief asked.

"Of course, John. Simple programming. I take it that's our ride back?" Cortana said as the Pelicans attached the other vehicles to their bellys.

"All of these items appear to be weapons." Snape obersved as Master Chief walked next to him.

"Your point?" The Spartan asked. Cortana interrupted him.

"John, the distress signal is still going strong, but I can't tell if anyone's responded." Cortana said.

"Later, Cortana." Master Chief said as she appeared in holo form, causing several male students to stare at her. Pansy slapped Draco, causing him to blink out of his daze.

"We need to tell my father about this. He'll tell the minister." He snarled.

"Of course, Draky. Professor Dumbledore won't tell anyone. Besides, Professor Umbridge probably told the Minister already" Pansy frowned.

"We… do have a place to keep all this, right?" Cortana frowned.

"I believe Professor Dumbledore will tell you that when we arrive." McGonagall said.

"Sounds fair to me. We've gotten everything. Time to abandon ship. Again." Cortana smirked as she vanished.

"So… we just leave this here?" Ron frowned as he gestured at the Dawn.

"For now. Get in." Master Chief gestured at the pelicans. It was simple enough to explain. He got into the cockpit of one of the pelicans and activated it.

"You know how to use this, right?" Ron called out. Chief glared at him. Ron quickly shut up. Then, the Pelicans raised into the air.

"Now this is air travel!" Cortana joked as she appeared on the dashboard. Master Chief didn't answer her as they flew through the air.

"John, do you think all the Forerunner technology is still here, the materials that the Covanent dug up? You know, the Portal to the Ark?" Cortana asked.

"You want to go back?" Master Chief asked, remembering the events on Installation 00.

"Well… John, if we can't get back to our own time any other way, we might have to go there. Maybe the forerunners built a time machine." Cortana said.

"Maybe." Master Chief said as the courtyards came into view, and gently lowered the Pelican. He leaped out just as it settled.

"Inventory secure, sir." Master Chief saluted as Dumbledore walked out. He smiled.

"Well done, Spartan. I have the perfect place to store this. Might we talk in my office. There is something we need to discuss." Dumbledore said.

"Of course, sir." Master Chief said as he followed Dumbledore into the building.

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