"Go ahead, SealWhiskers, say hello!" Marak Horsehide gently pushed his young son into the center of the truce circle.

"You too, Adad, greet the prince!" Aganir Ellil said as the two princes met face to face for the first time.

Horsehide and Ellil were the first kings of the Goblins and Elves to become true friends and to continue the hospitable relations between the magical races. They agreed to bring their heirs together in hopes that they, too, would become fast friends.

The young princes eyed each other hesitantly. SealWhiskers was tall for his age with strong shoulders and quizzical brown eyes. His skin was bright white, matching his hair, which was kept short. He didn't have physical ears, but instead had two holes on either side of his head for hearing. SealWhisker's most striking feature was perhaps his brown eyes, which were large and pure brown, allowing no room for white surrounding the irises. With a twitch of his flat nose, he surveyed the young elf. Adad was beautiful. His black eyes were shaped like almonds and were surrounded by thick, dark lashes and his black hair cascaded down to his cheek bones in loose waves. SealWhiskers was tall, but Adad was only an inch or two shorter than he was.

The boys continued to stare at each other until their fathers prodded again, "Say hello!" and, "Smile!" Adad responded with a nervous but lovely smile while the goblin gave a formal bow.

"It's very nice to meet you," he said.

"Likewise," responded the elf, and the two shook hands.

Their fathers couldn't hide their smiles as they watched their sons interact. If this kept up, there would be no reason to have a formal agreement of peace between the two kingdoms and the creatures could live together in peace for at least another generation.

However, the unspoken tension had slowly started to creep into the air surrounding the boys. Would the kings have to find some sort of agreement when it came time for them to pick wives? Marak and the Aganir looked at each other apprehensively; they had become friends only after they both had wives; would their boys be able to find a peaceful solution when the time came? The kings shook their heads and smiled again. Friendship could overcome all trials and hardships, and the two lads were already on their way to becoming close companions.

"Why don't you come join our dancing tomorrow evening?"Adad asked his new acquaintance. SealWhiskers looked hesitant before agreeing.

"Alright," the young goblin said, "but I have two left feet."

Thirty years passed, and each became a king in his own right. their friendship grew as they learned from each other, and they gave little thought to whom they would marry-that is, until two unlikely candidates caught their eyes.