"Are you still mad at me?" Sean asked sadly, giving Emma those sad puppy dog eyes. His hair was cut short, they did that when you went into the army.

Emma missed his old dreamy dirty blonde locks.

Emma sat on her bed, watching Sean packing his stuff from her dresser into his duffle bag, packing up for military leave.

Emma looked away, smiling sadly, "No, maybe just because I'm more glad I'm not pregnant." She joked a bit.

He stopped packing, glanced at her, stared down his bag and sighed. He dropped his clothes and moved over to Emma, crawling onto the bed beside her, taking her chin as he did so and kissed her.

She smiled sadly during the kiss and he tried once more while laying over her, she couldn't get into it..too upset he was leaving, not mad at HIM anymore, just sad he was going. Yet his kisses still gave her sparks-

Emma yelped, he tickled her sides and she tried not to smile but she was grinning ear to ear. He smirked, kissing her once more but made her cry out again when he grabbed her once more and her laugh finally sung into his ears.

They laid on the bed now, side by side, he leaning over her just a bit, caressing her blonde hair. His blue eyes melted into hers and he finally spoke.

"I wouldn't say I was glad you weren't pregnant, Emma.. I hope one day we do have that." He admits, she looked at him curiously, he went on, "I was just hoping that would come after I did something like this."

"Running away from me?" Emma asked, raising an eyebrow, "I can't get pregnant when you're all the way in Iraq" she said playfully.

"Emma you know what I mean." Sean said, giving her that stern, no playing, look, "It's unbelievable how I could love your damn stubbornness." He teased and leaned over her, "Could be cause your cute."

Emma smiled, as he kissed around her neck.

"cute?" she taunted, snickering. Could do a lot better.

"Sexy." He muffled, burying his nose in her neck, "Beautiful..." he kissed her chest that raised up and down faster. He did that to her, heart going wild. Emma bit her lower lip and he slowly slid her strapless dress down.

God he was going to miss this body.

Emma's supple perfect handful breasts lifted gorgeously in her black lace bra. Sean groaned when she pushed his hands away then cuddled her pillow, leaning on the side so he couldn't do any more.

"Just cause your going away doesn't mean I'd do that just because." She gave him a look, raising that perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"I thought cause you loved me you'd do this." He said with a devilish smirk.

With all her might, Emma tried not to smile but he squinted his eyes at her, leaning closer and closer as she moved further back each time he did til she was on her back, his hands sliding up her arms and pinning it above her head.

5 years ago he was the 13 year old, crushing on this girl who was only 12 and had bad hair, it was said Manny was the cuter friend but Sean paid no attention to the brunette, it was the blonde who spoke out what she really thought, and it was the blonde who could actually make him laugh. She had personality, and cute tempers, cute giggles...

Then she got even more beautiful as they grew, and trust him, after their break up because of Jay, it was honestly the hardest thing to resist in his life because after her summer away, when she came back, she was double what she was and he didn't think that was possible.. until the next time he came back from Wasaga. She was drop dead gorgeous.

That's when he finally couldn't resist anymore, he had to make her his, and after much drama, her having a boyfriend and even almost killing a man..he finally got her. Didn't she see this army thing was for her? Not him?

"What are you thinking about?" Emma asked, still being pinned underneath him as he gave her that look. It was only for her, she didn't know what it meant but he never looked at other people or girls the way he looked at her like this.. which made her melt.

"When you use to have bad hair." He decided to joke again, he loved teasing her, she was so easy to play with, "Swear to god it was a beavers damn." He pinned Emma's wrists harder when she tried to hit him and he laughed, "I'm glad it's much better now." He leaned down,

"Shut up! I-" Emma was cut off when he shut her up with a kiss and she tried to fight it, struggled underneath him which just made him groan when she pressed her pelvis into his. She smirked at that and looked up at him innocently, biting her lower lip.

He looked down at her dangerously, it made her loose her breath, those smoldering eyes. His hands finally released her but she kept her arms up, hypnotized by his eyes as he continued to stare but let his hands roam down her sides, slowly pulling her panties down with and she raised her hips to let him slid it off.

He came back over her, tossing his shirt off swiftly and parted her thighs. Emma sucked in a breath, waiting for it, they've done it more than twice now but she couldn't get use to the thing. Manny would love that one if she ever admitted it.

Instead though, his fingers entered her, playing inside. Emma moaned and closed her eyes, wimpering at his talented fingers. She never wanted to know how he got so good, she was just glad he was hers only now, she'd kill any girl who got in between them. She was a very territorial girl if you haven't noticed, she wasn't scared to speak up to some skank if they tried to flirt with him.

Sometimes Emma had no idea why he wanted her. Forever.

"Sean!" Emma cried out as quietly as she could, for her parents just being upstairs. This is the reason he was never really allowed down in the basement! Come on ! This was NOT fair. Emma whimpered again and panted ever so sexually.

Sean watched her as he thrusted his fingers inside her, just loved listening to the sounds she made, loved knowing he was doing this to her, and no other guy could...they could try, Sean smirked, but they couldn't.

He leaned down and kissed her, she tried to kiss back but she was seeing stars, "In me, please.. oh!" she shut her eyes tight and finally brought up her hands to his shoulder and neck.

"Say pretty please." He teased, grinning like a foul with dimples showing off. God Emma loved those dimples. He was so damn sexy. Ugh! The little-

"please!" Emma called out, begging, voice so vunerable and innocent. It set him off right there, happily he took out his fingers and replaced with himself.

Emma's mouth dropped and she arched her back up, he hung his head on her chest, shutting his eyes and teeth tight. God she was amazing to be in. He could explode right there. The things she did to him.

He gripped her hips and raised his head when she did as well, leaning forehead to forehead as he started to thrust deeply in and out. Her breathing picked up again and his started to shake.

His fingers trembled a little as he brushed them against Emma's cheek, staring down at her helplessly, he was going to cum soon, and hard.

Emma was feeling so much pleasure, tears stung the corner of her eyes, she whispered his name with such passion and needing.

"Shh baby..I got you." Sean whispered to her, she bit that lip of hers and he leaned down, kissing her and then bit it for her before kissing her again and slipping his tounge in.

They collapsed breathlessly after their moment of bliss, Emma and him even moaned and cursed out when he slipped out of her sensitive walls. She sweat as badly as him and he smirked, seeing they did a real number.

"That should last me, I don't know.. a day?" he teased, grinning but still trying to catch his breath.

Emma's beautiful smile finally shined through at him, "Just don't go sleeping with the other army boys." She playfully shot back.

He chuckled along with her and slipped his hand into hers.

"Don't go sleeping with any." He said, turning serious, and meant it, but gazed into her eyes desperately, hoping she'd promise that she wouldn't.

It'd kill him this time.

"I won't.." Emma shook her head, giving him a crazy look and laid her head on his arm, going face to face, "..as long as you come back to me."

He let his fingers trail her jaw line gently, "I always come back to you Emma, you know that, look where we are after everything." He watched her close her eyes to his touch, "I love you."

"I love you." she whispered back, eyes still closed. He grinned softly, clearly he over worked her tonight.

"Don't give up on me, ever." He whispered, watching her sleep.

"Never." She insisted, falling into his arms, into sleep. He followed after, holding her as tight as he could.

And the next morning, he was gone to Iraq.

"Emma? Emma!" the blonde snapped out of it and saw Manny raise an eyebrow.

It's been 2 YEARS since that night. Sean came home once from war, a few months after that, and he was so..cold. They didn't even make love, he just held her, and he was only there for one night, and since then..nothing. Not even letters, or calls. She remembered waking up in the middle of the night, and he was taking shots of vodka on the side of her bed, where her desk sat, he didn't know she was awake but she saw something had ruined him. She never had the chance to ask what...and it killed her.

It nearly broke her, she was numb for about a year, getting constant interventions from her friends to go out, move on, it wasn't until her year of college she finally took a chance and went for Kelly when he asked her to go on a date. She tried not to compare him to Sean, like she did the other boys.. so far, it was okay.

She was really trying hard to move on. She didn't think Sean ever wanted to come home, hell she didn't even know if he was still alive out there anymore and that's what use to make her cry herself to sleep everynight.

She wouldn't tell Kelly, but she still had nightmares about him.

Emma followed Manny into their business class, they took their normal seats and Emma looked around.

Emma was the same girl from two years ago, same bright smile and shiny brown eyes, tall tanned body, only now her hair was as longer as her elbows, and she was so naturally pretty.

She wore light blue tight jeans, fashionable rips in the thighs and knees, with a tight beige strapless top, she didn't mean for it to pop out her cleavage, it just did, but in almost the most respectable way, she topped it with a long necklace to finish it off, a diamond rose on the end of it.

"Where's Lib?" Emma asked Manny. They sat down together. Kelly usually took the other side of Emma.

Manny shrugged and heard her phone beep. Text message. She checked it out, "oh." She said and looked to Emma, "She's sick."

Manny then looked around the class and shared a look with Emma.

Emma slightly smiled, "Almost everyone seems sick today." She admitted. Half their class wasn't even in the class, and today was a very important review on their midterms.

The teacher came in with a bandage around his hand, just as Emma's boyfriend Kelly came in.

Kelly smiled and kissed the top of Emma's head before he sat down next to her but she was too curious about Mr. Riley.

"Are you okay, Professor Riley?" asked Emma, the old man looked like KFC's cornal, she'd laugh with you about it but right now, he looked really flushed and in pain.

Manny and Kelly also took a look and curiously looked at him.

Mr. Riley waved it off, "I'm fine, some nut outside just got arrested, on PCP or something, just bit me and the Dean while we were having coffee." He told them.

Kelly nodded, accepting that. Manny must of also because she pulled her binder out.

Emma gave a strange look though. How random, on a day like today, everything seemed random she guessed. She wondered if there was a national student ditch day they didn't know about today because the halls were actually kind of empty as well.

"Get a paper out." Mr Riley said, but cringed, he tried to ignore it and put a sheet on his projector, "Your questions will be on the screen." He shut the lights off and their they appeared.

The class started to right it down.

Before Emma begun, she watched him sit down in his chair and lean back, closing his eyes.

She looked back down to her paper and sighed, beginning to write.

Manny bit the end of her pencil. She couldn't wait to be done with this, to see Jay, to do.. she smirked, what they did best. She glanced back at her phone vibrating like crazy, 2 missed calls: Jay. 100 texts that Manny just couldn't check right now, she was in class! What was his problem?

Manny then jumped, the whole class either gasped or turned toward the closed doors of their class.

Some people were screaming.

It stopped.

Emma froze, she almost went into shock when Manny grabbed her hand tight, "Em." She said, "It's okay. Probably just kids messing around." She told her, "There's cops all over this building remember?"

Emma tried to breath again and nodded, right. Guess you could say she still feared school shootings.

Kelly whispered to Emma, "You okay?" he asked, she told him little detail about her past with that but he understood it was hard.

He didn't understand the part where she left out Sean though, but Manny happily told him about that. He liked Manny but sometimes he swore she didn't like him by how much she brought that guy up.

Emma felt like she was going to be sick, having thought of the shooting from her past.

Sean and Emma stood in the hallway, Rick aiming at her, "Lets go." Sean said, horror written in his face, but not for himself, for Emma. He even stepped infront of her. He saved her life that day, even got shot in the arm for it.

Emma felt dizzy and stood up. Maybe it wasn't the reminder of the shooting but who was in the shooting with her that made her feel shaken up and upset.

"Mr. Riley I have to go." Emma said, holding her stomach and feeling sick. She looked up at but saw he looked worse.

Her, what Manny called 'Cameron anxiety', washed away when she saw the professor sweating awfully and breathing hard, the viens in his face going purple to blue, to black.

"Oh my god." Whispered Manny, covering her mouth.

Kelly stood up and held Emma back from going, she always had to be the curious one. He hated that! And how damn stubborn she could be.

" ? You okay?" he jogged down the many stairs towards the mans desk.

Mr Riley raised his head but his eyes stared down.

Kelly got closer, "Mr. Riley?"

Emma and Manny, close together, leaned in to see if everything was okay. Kelly curiously tilted his head, Mr Riley grabbed his shoulders and opened his jaw wide, ready to bite Kelly's neck, the girls screamed and Kelly quickly dove his knee into Mr.R's gut, then stumbled back, grabbed Emma's hand pushed Manny forward.

"Run!" he yelled.

Tons of students started screaming, seeing Mr. R attack another student and actually took off a chunk of the boy's throat.

When Manny went out the door first, she opened it to a path of even more of a death trap.

Tons of zombie looking freaks sitting or standing over dead bodies, eating their body parts, blood everywhere. The 3 looked in horror, that's what the screaming was about. Ironically, Emma saw a cops face being eaten and whimpered.

The monster on top of the cop heard that, and raised his head. "GO!" Kelly yelled, pushing both girls forward now, no time to hold hands.

One almost grabbed Manny's foot and she screamed, "Manny hurry!" Emma pleaded to her best friend, the girls ran out and toward their car, they didn't have a chance to look around but once inside, they locked their doors and took a look.

People running everywhere, most of them zombified. What the hell was going on? Tears slipped from Emma's cheeks and Manny tried to not panic in the back seat.

Kelly tightened his fists around his steering wheel. Little fires were started in places, cars were crashed into another. He'd have to be careful. It was chaos.

"We have to go!" Manny cried, hitting the back of Kelly's seat frantically, "We have to find Jay! Please let us find Jay!" she shook with fear, a lot of it.

Emma turned her head around to sadly look at Manny, she loved Jay, she didn't see why but the two had a beautiful relationship she had to admit, both promiscuous people finding another and being totally commited, love at first site.

Emma knew the feeling.. she spaced out, thinking.

"No! We have to go somewhere safe!" Kelly yelled.

Emma snapped her eyes at him, "Go to Jay's." She almost growled.

Kelly gave her an insane look but scoffed, turning the key forward.


The girls screamed when another monster dove onto their windshield.

"Hold on!" Kelly yelled and the girls buckled up, he dove the car backwards and the zombie flew off, when he drove forward, he drove over it and raced out of the schools lot.

Emma's heart was beating out of her chest.