"Are you still mad at me?" Sean asked sadly, giving Emma those sad puppy dog blue eyes. His hair was cut short, they did that when you went into the army. You know honestly, Emma was really getting use to his longer hair..kind of looked really hot on him. Unfortunately though he was going into the army and yes she was still mad at him.

Emma sat on her bed, watching Sean packing his stuff from her dresser into his duffel bag. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears and smiled sadly, "No, I'm not mad anymore.. maybe just because I'm more glad I'm not pregnant." She joked a bit.

He stopped packing, glanced at her, then stared down his bag and sighed. He dropped his clothes and moved over to Emma, sitting on the bed beside her, taking hold of her chin so he could turn her to face him and kissed her. Deeply.

She sighed sadly, but kissed him back and shut her eyes. She cupped his face as he leaned her back onto the bed, still kissing. His hands roamed up the dress she wore which was one of his favorites on her. Yellow, short, skinny strapped.


They laid on the bed now, side by side, Sean caressing Emma's blonde hair. His blue eyes melted into her hazel orbs and he finally spoke.

"I wouldn't say I was glad you weren't pregnant, Emma.. I hope one day we do have that." He admits, and she looked at him curiously. He went on, "I was just hoping that would come after I did something like this."

"Running away from me?" Emma asked, raising an eyebrow, "I can't get pregnant when you're all the way in Iraq" she said playfully.

"Emma you know what I mean." Sean said, giving her that stern. "When I get back, which I'm sure will be 3 years top-"

"Do you know how long that is-"

He spoke over her, "Then I wanna make a family. That is if your stubborn ass will still take me back."

"Your charm is too hard to resist." Emma said dryly but playfully, hiding her giggle at his smirk until something he said repeated in her head, "Are we breaking up?"she frowned deeply.

He looked away and swallowed hard, "I'd like for you to not date any other guys, Emma.. trust me, but I know it's not fair to you. If you meet a guy..I won't hold it against you.." he ran his finger down her cheek, "But I'll always love you."

Emma tried to fight her tears and couldn't look at him. He sighed unhappily and moved over to kiss her again, his hands running down her arms and she bit her lip, pulling slightly away from the kiss and he shut his eyes and clenched his teeth. He didn't know it was going to be this hard.

"The only reason I'm doing this," he whispered, tucking a fallen blonde piece behind her ear, "Is for you."

She nodded, leaning her forehead against his and he painfully clenched his jaw before kissing her again and kissed her passionately. A tear ran down her cheek but she kissed the man she fell in love with when she was just a girl, and he a boy.

Not many people had a love story like they did.

"I'll come back." he promised.

Emma sucked in a breath, feeling his hands slide under dresses' straps and pulled it down as they continued to kiss


Sean's hand rested on the side of her neck, his lips moving softly over hers, hers trying to keep up but moaning between the kiss and her mouth dropping in pleasure (It didn't stop him from kissing her harder as it did). His other hand tickled her clitoris in mind-erasing circles. And that was before he delved a finger into her sex. He gave no quarter as his mouth relentlessly roved over her breasts and his fingers plunged mercilessly into her.

They rolled around in Emma's bed, and Emma shot into the stars, her body trembling against his as she gasped his name. With a quick, sure move, she had his boxer briefs flying to the floor.

She kissed his chest, abs, trailing her lips down, and down more. He groaned and his hips bucked when her tongue licked up the side of his cock. Her hand wrapped tightly around the base as she took the head into her mouth.

"Ooh, my God."

At first, Sean wouldn't let them fool around this way for a bit.. it reminded him too much of what she did with his best friend. It took him a while to forgive her about that, about what she did with Jay but she REALLY made it up to Sean by kinda, well, showing how good she was at this and she focused a lot more on his than she ever did with Jay's.

Sean was more..*manlier* too if you got her drift.

And she was more than happy that she waited to lose her virginity to Sean Cameron. . he really knew how to please a girl especially the one he loved. ay didn't matter anymore, Peter didn't, Ellie didn't..nobody.

It wasn't long before Sean was groaning louder and breath unsteady. He wrapped Emma's hair in his hand like a ponytail and watched her go down on him until he tossed his head back and ran his hands down his face and she felt him jerk. He was going to come soon. If only anyone knew how fucking good Emma friggen Nelson was at this he'd sure it'd shock them too. God did he mention how fucking good she was at this? Her little soft hand barely fit around his size, yet she always made it work..

She released him from her mouth and climbed up his body. Her sex rubbed over his cock, and she positioned him and slowly eased down when he eagerly grabbd her hips and looked up at her hungrily.

Nobody had, or would ever, replace Emma.

He popped inside, and a moan left her lips.

"You feel so good, Em." he panted as she rolled her hips, feeling him twitch deep inside her.

She planted her palms on his chest and began to roll her hips as his bucked beneath her. Their gasping breaths and mingled moans echoed around the room until her moans got louder.

"Shh," he teased against her lips when she tried to kiss again but she shut her eyes tight. She could feel her body trembling and climaxing too, "SNakes gonna hear us from upstairs."

"Please, please, please." She chanted, head thrown back and lips parted. Every bounce she made, made her glorious round breasts jump and Sean gripped them with a cringe of deep pleasure. She was so fucking beautiful. How could he leave this body behind?

With a brutal groan, Sean's cock pulsed inside of her as she orgasmed too and rocked herself on his hips, biting her lower lip and crying out. He smashed her hips back down onto his until she felt him explode in her

Thank god she was on the pill.

He was breathing heavily while nuzzeling her neck and she ran her fingers through his hair, they had both come hard and tried to calm down by the aftershocks of a climax like that.

(((**))"What am I suppose to do without you?" He swallowed hard, "You'll be alright." "..ya." cause remembering what she did when Sean left the last time went well. Not.

He held her in his arms, a blanket covering their naked bodies. Her slim one against his muscular body and his strong toned arms wrapped around her waist. "I always come back to you Emma, you know that, look where we are after everything." He watched her close her eyes to his touch when he smoothed his hand up and down her back, "I love you."

"I love you." she whispered back, eyes still closed. He grinned softly, clearly he over worked her tonight. She was about to pass out.

"Don't give up on me, ever." He whispered, watching her sleep.

"Never." She insisted, falling into sleep. He followed after, holding her as tight as he could.

And the next morning, he was gone to Iraq. He told her again to be 'alright', to try to take her mind off of this as much as she could. As if she could get him off her mind. .

[Tove lo- Out of mind)Are you kidding me?

You're out of your mind
To think that I could keep you
Out of mind.

How can you say I'll be alright?
What makes you think that I'll be fine?
Baby you have to be completely out of your mind,
To think that I could keep you out of mind.

You're out of your mind
To think that I could keep you out of mind.


"Emma? Emma!" the blonde snapped out of it and saw Manny raise an eyebrow.

It's been 2 YEARS since that night.

Sean came home once from war, a few months after that, and he was so..cold. They didn't even make love, he just held her. He couldn't even kiss her without her pulling away to see him looking like he was in pain or something. It hurt to think that maybe he just wasn't in love with her anymore.

He was only there for the weekend, and since then..nothing. Not even letters, or calls. She remembered waking up in the middle of the night, and he was taking shots of vodka on the side of her bed. He didn't know she was awake but she saw something had ruined him. Whatever he saw while at war, was eating him alive.

...how ironic that would be once she realized what it was.

It nearly broke her, she was numb for about a year, getting constant interventions from her friends to go out, move on, it wasn't until her year of college she finally took a chance and went for Kelly when he asked her to go on a date. She tried not to compare him to Sean, like she did the other boys.. so far, it was okay. What other choice did she have? Sean wasn't even answering his emails anymore. It was like he was just gone.

She was really trying hard to move on. She didn't think Sean ever wanted to come home, hell she didn't even know if he was still alive out there anymore and that's what use to make her cry herself to sleep every night.

She wouldn't tell Kelly, but she still had nightmares about him.


Emma followed Manny into their business class, they took their normal seats and Emma looked around.

Emma was the same girl from two years ago, same tall hour glass body, just low lights in her blonde hair but still rocking that Emma Nelson attitude but less..passionate. I don't know it just seemed some fire burned out when he left.

She wore light blue hip hugging jeans and a white tank top that swelled around her womanly breasts. She was still a 10. Manny sat next to her, a 10 as always too, her hair longer with bangs across her forehead and the same sexy raspy voice and dimply grin on her face. The petite girl wore a 'sexy' sweater and mini skirt with knee high leather boots. Manny was now dating Jay and the two were actually really cute together and by cute, we mean Manny totally had the bad boy in the palm of his hand

He was in love.

"Where's Lib?" Emma asked Manny. They sat down together. Kelly usually took the other side of Emma but he was missing.

Manny shrugged and heard her phone beep. Text message. She checked it out, "oh." She said and looked to Emma, "She's sick."

Manny then looked around the class and shared a look with Emma.

Emma slightly smiled, "Almost everyone seems sick today." She admitted with an odd look. Half their classmates weren't even in class, the desks seemed really empty. This was strange, since today was a very important review on their midterms.

The teacher came in with a bandage around his hand, just as Emma's boyfriend Kelly came in.

Kelly smiled and kissed the top of Emma's head before he sat down next to her but she was too curious about Mr. Riley.

"Are you okay, Professor Riley?" asked Manny and Emma nodded in agreement.

The old man looked like the monopoly man, twirly mustache and everything. He was smiley ever day but today looked really flushed and in pain.

"You don't look so good." Emma admitted and Kelly eyed him too. He had to agree as well.

Mr. Riley waved it off, "I'm fine, some nut outside just got arrested, on PCP or something! You kids think college is the time to experiment the drugs or something. Well I just got bit!" He told them, pointing to his hand.

Emma and Manny hid their small smiles, glancing at another. Kelly just nodded, accepting that. Manny must of also because she pulled her binder out.

"Get a paper out." Mr Riley said, but cringed, he tried to ignore it and put a sheet on his projector,"Your questions will be on the screen." He shut the lights off and their they appeared.

The class started to right it down. The class maybe had only 8 people out of 40 in it. Something was for sure up, Emma just couldn't put her finger on it.

Before Emma begun to write down her notes, she tilted her head and watched Mr Riley sit down in his chair and lean back, closing his eyes.

She looked back down to her paper and sighed, beginning to write.

Manny bit the end of her pencil. She couldn't wait to be done with this, to see Jay, to do- she smirked- what they did best. She glanced back at her phone vibrating like crazy, 2 missed calls from Jay and 100 texts that Manny just couldn't check right now, she was in class! What was his problem? He was never the phone type.

Must of been important.

Manny then jumped, the whole class either gasped or also turned to look at their classrooms door that was shut. Behind those doors, in the halls, there was sounds of screaming. Students screaming.

Then it stopped.

Emma froze, she almost went into shock when Manny grabbed her hand tight, "Em." She said, "It's okay. Probably just kids messing around." She told her, with a small chuckle "There's security all over this building remember?"

Emma tried to breath again and nodded, right. Guess you could say she still feared school shootings.

Kelly whispered to Emma, "You okay?" he asked. She told him little detail about her past with that but he understood it was hard.

He didn't understand the part where she left out Sean though, but Manny happily told him about him.. He liked Manny but sometimes he swore she didn't like him by how much she brought that guy up. Her boyfriend Jay did too, Kelly guessed they were best friends cause Jay would make comments at Kelly when he did something 'Un-Sean-ly', whatever the hell that means.

Meanwhile, Emma felt like she was going to be sick, having thought of the shooting from her past.


Sean and Emma stood in the hallway, Rick aiming at her. "Lets go." Sean said, horror written in his face, but not for himself, for Emma. He even stepped in front of her when Rick raised that gun at her. Sean saved her life that day.


Emma felt dizzy and stood up. Maybe it wasn't the reminder of the shooting but who was in the shooting with her that made her feel suddenly shaken up and upset.

"Mr. Riley I have to go." Emma said, running shakey fingers through her hair. She looked over at him but saw he looked much worse.

Her, what Manny called 'Cameron anxiety', washed away when she saw the professor sweating awfully and breathing hard, the veins in his face going purple to blue, to black.

"Oh my god." Whispered Manny, covering her mouth.

Kelly stood up quick and held Emma back from going. She always had to be the curious one. He hated that! And how damn stubborn she could be.

"Mr Riley? You okay?" he jogged down the many stairs towards the mans desk.

Mr Riley raised his head but his eyes stared down. The lights were still off.

Kelly got closer, "Mr. Riley?"

Emma and Manny, close together, walked down behind him as the other students tried to look closer.

Was he even breathing?

Kelly curiously tilted his head, and Mr Riley grabbed his shoulders and opened his jaw wide, ready to bite Kelly's neck. The girls screamed and Kelly quickly dove back from Mr Riley, then grabbed Emma's hand and pushed Manny forward.

"Run!" he yelled.

Tons of students started screaming, seeing Mr. R grab another student from the front and dug his teeth into the boys neck, and ripped out a chunk of flesh.

When Manny went out the door first, she opened it to a hallway covered in blood and her and Emma screamed.

Tons of zombie looking freaks sat or stood over dead bodies, eating their body parts, blood everywhere. The 3 looked in horror, that's what the screaming was about.

One zombies head raised and their eyes widened when it locked it's eyes on them, blood pouring out his mouth.

"GO!" Kelly yelled, pushing both girls forward now.

One almost grabbed Manny's foot and she screamed, "Manny hurry!" Emma pleaded to her best friend, the girls ran out the exit door and toward their car, they didn't have a chance to look around but once inside, they locked their doors and took a look.

People were running everywhere and ran for their lives. Zombies were everywhere. What the hell was going on? Tears slipped from Emma's cheeks and Manny tried to not panic in the back seat as Kelly started up his car.

Kelly tightened his fists around his steering wheel. The cars around them were mostly smashed or on fire but luckily not his.

"We have to go!" Manny cried, hitting the back of Kelly's seat frantically, "We have to find Jay! Please go find Jay!" she sobbed and covered her mouth.

Kelly began to drive, rather fast, and Emma looked from him to Manny and plead with Manny. "He's probably okay, Manny. We should go to the police station o-or.." she looked off, her eyes bewidlered and not knowing where to go.

Where do you go when zombies attacked?!Manny begged her, "Emma, please!"

"No! We have to go somewhere safe!" Kelly yelled.

Emma snapped her eyes at him, "Go to Jay's." She ignored his look of shock. She just, understood Manny. She was worried, and scared, and only Jay would make her feel better.


The girls screamed when another monster dove onto their windshield.

"Hold on!" Kelly yelled and the girls buckled up, he dove the car backwards and the zombie flew off, then he drove forward and over it.

Emma's heart was beating out of her chest.


"wait, wait!" yelled Kelly, grabbing Manny from running to the front of Jay's apartments building, "You don't just go the obvious way! You want to attract those freaks or what?"

Manny looked around frantically as Emma looked more paranoid. What if one of those things snuck up behind them? For such a nice sunny day, blood seemed to be all over the city and even over Jay's apartment buildings steps and door.

"Fine, we'll take the side doors! I have his keys." Manny said and led the way.

Kelly looked around madly then, "Emma" he sighed and grabbed the girl who stared down at the ground numbly. "Come on!"


Manny busted into Jay's apartment and ran in as the other two slowly stepped inside.

"Jay!" Manny repeated her call at least 100 times, running in each room.

"I don't think he's here..." Kelly drifts as Emma walked around too.

Emma walked to Jay's TV room, a bunch of pictures on his side table against the wall, one of Manny and him, some old man who dressed as a soilder, one of Jay's civic, Emma snickered..ofcourse. She then stopped.

One of Sean, Spinner and Jay.


He looked around 18, must of been when he first came back from Wasaga. He, Jay and Spinner were at one of those old street races they use to go to.

Emma's heart began to hurt, badly, squeezing tightly inside her chest.

She gasped when Kelly came around her, "You okay?" he kissed her cheek and she ran a shakey hand through her hair.

"Yeah, lets go." She left him there and called for Manny. They had to get out of this building, this was just asking for a death wish.

Kelly looked at what she was looking at, pictures, his eyes then fell on the picture of the boys.. He reconzied Jay and Spinner, but not the other, and he hasn't seen him around ever either so he took a wild guess that this was Sean. He had the 'biceps' Manny had mentioned a few times before too.

He frowned and scoffed, turning back to follow the girls out.


"Where can we go thats safe?" Emma asked them, sitting up front of the car again.

Kelly and Manny thought.

Emma gasped, "The Dot? There's got to be people there! Maybe Spinner?" She insisted.

"As if Spinner could do a thing right now for us, he can barely make French fries." Groaned Manny, pulling her cellphone out again to call Jay.

"We could always-" Kelly was cut off by Manny's loud gasp.

"Baby!" she yelled into a phone, "Oh my god! Where the hell are you!?" she sounded angry but happy tears shimmered into her eyes. Emma smiled sadly, happy for her.

Emma could hear Jay on the other end, "I called you 100 times Manny! I checked your dorm, your dads house, Emma's, your school, where are YOU? Are you okay?"

They could all hear the frantic worry in his voice for Manny.

Manny sniffed and nodded, "I'm okay, I'm with Emma and Kelly..where should we meet you?"

"We went to the Dot, not safe at all, almost half the people we know are all fucking zombies now." Jay snickered.

"Zombies?" Kelly asked, overhearing and snickered to Emma.

Emma's mouth dropped. Oh my god. She couldn't believe this. They were REALLY zombies? Talk about a live horror flick.

"Those aren't zombies! Their just..sick." snickered Kelly

Manny leaned forward from the back seat, covering her phone, "There are people eating other people out there, Kelly! What do you think it is that they're sick with!?"she yelled at him, "The cannibal flu!?"

He shut up and cursed, "Shit.."


They decided to go meet Jay and whoever he was with at the parking lot of a police station, from there, they would decide where to go.

There was some cop cars in the station, like actually driven into the building. There was a fire truck left alone but sirens still going off, nobody in the car.

The orange civic met with Kelly's black car. They all got out and Manny ran into Jay's arms, everyone else put their hands on their ears to try to block out the loud siren.

"You okay?" Jay asked Manny, cupping her face and looking her over as she nodded.

"Why hasn't anyone turned that off?" yelled Jane, walking over to them with her boyfriend Spinner, her brother Lucas following from behind.

Spinner looked around, "I don't think there is anyone.." he drifts and then saw some movement from a far.

"Oh..shit" Jay muttered, seeing it too.

They all turned and stood with another, seeing a crowd of those monsters, those...those ZOMBIES coming over to them. Must of been the siren, worse place to be.

"RUN INSIDE!" Kelly yelled, grabbing Emma.

"That's an even worse idea! If no ones coming out, they're probably all dead inside!" Manny yelled, throwing her hands in the air.

They were getting closer.

Emma heard a trigger and saw Lucas with a gun, her eyes widened in horror.

"Ofcourse you would have a gun!" Jane yelled at her brother who rolled his eyes.

He yelled back at her, "Stop riding on me! Least for today! Look what's right infront of us!" he pointed madly at the zombies now just 20 feet away.

"Their getting closer! Come on!" Emma even yelled, sick of this, why didn't anyone know how to handle this!?

Was this really happening or a nightmare?!

Jay looked around and pointed, "Cop cars, go to the cop cars!" they ran as he yelled more, "Try to find more weapons!"

Spinner pulled a shot gun from the fire trunk, "Cool.." he drifts until he had a hand on his shoulder, "No Jane you can't have it. I'm the man in this relation-AHH!" he screamed when he turned, a few zombies right infront of him, he shot ack as fast as he could.

Lucas had shot another cop cars trunk open and lifted it, letting Emma and Kelly dig in for weapons. Emma didn't move though and Lucas taunted, "You wanna be eaten alive or what, Blondie?"

Emma swallowed hard and grabbed one until she heard screaming.

"EMMA!" Manny screamed, being pulled into the cop car by Jay when zombies ran around them.

"MANNY!" she went to after but Kelly and Lucas both held her back.

"GET IN THE CARS!" Jane screamed, jumping into the back of Jay's cop car with Spinner who shot a zombie in his way on the way over.

Emma, Kelly and Lucas ran to Kelly's car and Kelly had trouble opening his door.

Emma panicked, they were closing in on them, growling, drooling, blood falling from their lips.

"DO SOMETHING!" Emma cried at Kelly madly. Was he an idiot!?

"UNLOCK THE DOORS!" Lucas shouted.

Kelly tried to pull the handle harder, kicking the door.

"FUCK!" yelled Lucas madly, running to a cop car beside and punched the window, glass falling into bits.

He popped open the doors and Emma jumped into the back seat as Kelly ran around and just before he got in, a zombie pulled him back, bit his shoulder until Kelly shoved him off and got in.

"GO!" Emma plead Lucas and he thanked the God some poor bastard left the keys in the ignition.

The two cop cars Jay and Lucas drove followed another, they dove off the road and took the field, to cut onto the highway. They had to get far, maybe find a place the zombies haven't hit yet.

By the time they hit the next exit, there was too many empty cars and accidents to go around with the little gas both cars had.

"Oh my god." Whispered Manny in horror as Jay drove off the exit.

Lucas drove their car behind him and followed.

"Wait, wait I know a barn up here." Jane said, pointing to the left after they got off the highway.

Jay looked around and grabbed a radio, turning it on and hoping it went to Lucas' car.

Lucas drove as Kelly sat next to him, he covered the bite mark though, nobody knew yet he had been bitten. Suddenly their radio beeped loudly and Emma gasped, it scared the shit out of her.

"Guys?" Came Jay's voice, "You there?"

Emma leaned up between the seats and grabbed it as Lucas drove, "We're here." she panted.

Jay answered, "Good. Jane knows a barn up this street, just follow us, put your lights off so no one sees us and we don't attract light. It's getting dark."

Lucas did as told and the cop cars went to the barn house.


They all got out of the cars when they got there, and Manny ran to Emma, hugging her.

That scene back there.. all of this? It was too much! The girls had no idea how bad it was going to get.

"Why do you think this is a good place to go?" Kelly asked, walking up to them.

"We don't." Glared Jay, "But it's better than where we were."

Manny and Emma nodded, agreeing.

Kelly snickered, he was sweating a bit frantically too... was he okay? Was he just afraid?

"You know what, I think me and Emma can find our own help." He grabbed her hand, hard. Emma yanked her hand back with all her might and stumbled a bit, jesus, what was wrong with him?

She glared, "I'm staying here Kelly!"

"Your my girlfriend so you'll go where I say." He snapped.

Emma snickered like he was insane, "You think it's better to split up!?" she shook her head no at him like he was nuts.

"You okay man?" Spinner had to ask, Kelly was looking pretty pale. Jane too eyed him suspiciously.

Jane then huffed, "Look, we're all scared ok?" she said to everyone, trying to reason.

"Shh." Hissed Lucas at his sister.

"don't tell me to sh." She snapped madly, folding her arms and he glared right at her.

"Shut up! Someones here." He pointed to a big huge green truck pulling up into the houses driveway, 20 feet away, they stood at the barn behind the house.

"Get in the barn!" Jay whispered loudly.

They all ran in one by one and only Jay could look out the door.

"Let us see!" hissed Kelly.

Jay looked at the guy and walked over to him, grabbing his collar, "You want us to die or are you going to shut the fuck up?"

"Yea dude, chill." snapped Spinner.

Even Emma stood there, watching with everyone. What? Kelly was being crazy right now. She completely agreed

Jay then let his collar go and looked at his shirt, blood seeking through it, "What did you do?" he asked, looking at it.

Kellys mouth fell, glancing at it and tried to look inncocent, "I fell on it."

"You fell on your shoulder?" taunted Lucas, snickering and rolled his eyes.

Emma swallowed hard and took a step toward Kelly, Jay put his arm out and gave her a warning 'don't' look.

Suddenly they heard gun shots and gasped, all peeking out the barn door. Oh my god, oh my god they shot the entire family in the other house.

Emma shut her eyes tight, she wanted to go home, she wanted to be with- with anyone who made her feel safe. She did NOT feel safe right now.

Two other soilders were outside, guarding, taking watch on the backyard. That's when they shuffled their heads back in quickly.

"Wh-why-why would they shoot them!?" Manny cried.

"They must of been bit or something," Jane said, "Infected."

Emma's mouth dropped and she looked at Kelly, "Were you.. bit?"

He started to sweat rapidly again, glancing around nervously, "Y-yes but barely, I'm fine!"

Outside, they heard a bunch of soldiers piling back into that massive truck, and even a helicopter fly over.

"Check the other houses!" called one to the others.

Spinner spoke up first, glaring at Kelly. How could he put them in this positition?

"How could you do this to us?!" whispered Spinner, holding his shot gun tighter.

"I think I hear something in here!" they heard and they all gasped, and went to hiding in where the cows and horses used to be stored.

Two soldiers came in, wearing masks that looked like motorcycle helmets, carrying big guns, wearing black V neck shirts, and army pants. By the amont of muscel on both, you did not want to mess with them.

Emma did the favor of holding Manny's mouth closed, and they hid in a very dark corner by a wooden table.

Kelly had run into the same cow holding cell as Jay, and they leaned up against the wall whilehiding, hoping the soldiers wouldn't pass or see them.

"Clear." The one soilder said as the other one slowly walked deeper into the barn. There was a ladder that led up to an attic like part of the barn, that's where the others were. Spinner and Jane.

Emma's eyes widen, no no no!

The guy went to take a step up the ladder. Jane cried silently into Spinner's arms. They were going to die, weren't they? Final moments in a barn, shot down by zombie killing soldiers.

Jane swore the man saw her as he reached the top, and her eyes widened in hrror as Spinners head was down on her shoulder, trying to silently shush her and eyes shut tight.

"Lookie what I found." Came the other shoulders voice from down the ladder.

Jane gasped, it wasn't the one who was staring right at them who said it, # 2 said it. And #1 just paused, before slowly going back down. He wasn't going to tell the other one that they were up here?

Even Spinner raised his head and they shared a fearful yet thankful look.

Manny tried hard to stop shaking, Emma held her mouth as hard as she could, feeling Manny's tears fall upon her hand as Jay was pushed out of the cow holding cell with Kelly by soldier #2.

They were made to put their arms up as the #2 soldier raised his gun, pointing where they should stand. #1 soldier arrived and tilted his head at the two.

"Think this one was bitten." Number two said.

"No shooting unless you know for sure." Number one warned number two quite threateningly and then he stood infront of Jay. "Have you been bitten?" his voice was calmer.

Jay swallowed hard, arms lifted and hands on his head. He shook his head no slowly but looked at Kelly, motioning he was.

"He needs a hospital, or something." Jay told them, #2 laughed.

Kelly shut his eyes tight, as #2 raised the gun at the back of his head, #1 raising it infront of him.


Both Emma and Manny let little whimpers out, but when they opened their eyes, it was #1 who shot down # 2.

Kelly opened his eyes, breathing heavy, thanking god he was still alive.. He gave a bewildered look at number #1, why did he shoot his own man down?

Even Jay looked like he just shit his own pants, and this was Degrassi's bad ass.

The guy removed his mask and Jay didn't know if his eyes could of grown any larger.

Sean Cameron was soldier number 2. Hair grown back out, same jizzled jaw that clenched under pressure and icy blue eyes. He still looked charming as always with a little spice of bad boy, even in the middle of the end of the world.

It was Manny's turn to hold Emma's mouth, unsure if they should trust him yet.

Emma could hear her own heart pounding. Sean-Sean was here. In this very barn with them.

She thought he was dead.

Sean pointed his gun down and all he could say to Jay was.. "hey."