Err...I'm not too sure where this came from, but...Ah what the heck? Enjoy it!

The Simple Things

Should I be ashamed?

Did I do something wrong?

Is there something wrong with me? Should there be something wrong with me?

I mean...he's older than me. He's from another country. He has a simple, little job in a restaurant. He even has a daughter that's practically my age! So why do I keep blushing whenever I see him or when he talks to me?

Why does being near him make me feel so...happy?

I still remember Doug. I remember how giddy I felt inside every time we held hands. Oh, I was so certain that he was the one! Just so certain...!

But I expected too much. Just like Mommy did. A part of me had a...hunch, though.

A hunch that something was off...

Helga, you may not have noticed...but I had a feeling—a suspicion even— that Doug wasn't as perfect as he made himself out to be. It's like you've told me over and over: no one can be that perfect.

You're so much better at judging people's character than me, though, baby sister. You're smarter than me, too.

Not just academically...when it comes to understanding how people work, too...

To be honest, I only brushed my suspicions aside because I thought Mommy and Daddy would have been proud of me.

I guess should've taken Daddy's glares and Mommy's sighing as red flags, huh, Helga?

Oh well, it's okay, baby sister. I've learned my lesson.

Doug, for all his glamour was worth, was actually easier for me to forget than I had thought at first. Now that I think about it, he didn't really have much to offer aside from good looks and a bright smile. Like those cheap little "miracle diet" commercials Daddy's always watching...

He was a bit conceited, too. Heh, I know. I'm one to talk. least he acted like he cared when you confronted him...still doesn't change or justify what he did, though.

Doug was just another one of those...oh, what did you call them again, Helga?


Oh okay, thank you.

And thanks for also sticking up for me. I would have been so miserable if I had gone along with the marriage. I'm lucky to have someone like you for a sibling, Helga.

Anyway, I've gotten better since then. Or...maybe I've gotten worse.

I'm starting to fall for a man who's over two decades older than me. Yes, you're right, baby sister, it's...shocking, to say the least! that really so bad?

I mean he's also sweet.

He's caring...even to me and you.

He's a good cook.

He's wise from so many years of experience.

He's not looking to be some grand, world-renowned celebrity.

He's just fine with living life in that quaint, little boardinghouse.

He doesn't care if the world around him is chock full of icky, complex things like technology and drugs.

All he needs is a guitar, the clothes on his back, a roof over his head, and enough food to last him for the rest of his days.

It's so hard not to be jealous of him.

It's so hard not to wish you could have a piece of what he has.

It's so hard not dreaming about him whisking me away from all the stress of everyday life.

In a way, he's practically become my Prince Charming.

A tall, strong, sweet, humble, lovable, funny, glass-wearing, cute, wavy-haired...

Oh Helga, what should I do?