Name: Stay That Way

Word Count: 496

Song: Somebody That I Used To Know

"Too low."

"Too high."

This was getting frustrating. Viktor wasn't getting paid nearly enough to sit in Miss Pepper's summer room and help her choose outfits for the night. He had much more important things to do, like organize the booze that were going to go into the bar. As if they sold enough liquor to have a need to restock. Ivy chirped her little refusal to let him leave and promised the next one was the last possible dress she was thinking of wearing. At least, he had her bed to sit on, and enough room for his legs. This process seemed to be getting longer and longer though, Ivy trying on so many dresses that made her look dazzling and sexy.

And Ivy was much too young to be looking sexy.

Finally, the eighteen year old stepped out from behind a changing shade Atlas no doubt bought her from China, and Viktor stilled.

A silky dress that had a ribbon that accent where her growing hips were, and oddly tight around her young chest made Viktor unconsciously grip his knee a little too tightly. This… suddenly wasn't the little kid that he babysat and played house with. The small Ivy Pepper who wore cute little conservative dresses that back in his home country he would have envied for never having to work for the luxuries she had in life.

"Well what do you think?" Ivy asked, bright-eyed and twirled for him. He wished she hadn't done that. Why was she even asking him on what outfit to wear? Ivy constantly lectured him of wearing nicer clothing and stop dressing like such a slump.

It was sexy.

If any other boy or man had said such a thing about what Ivy was wearing he would have broken a limb or glared to death. But Viktor already had enough broken parts about him and he's glared at himself in the mirror before. He'd dwelled on it before. Why Viktor actually let her choice of clothing affect him so much. Why he was concerned over who looked at his responsibility and why.

Why he refused to retire and took a bullet in the knee for it.

"No, maybe black one looks better." He figured any opinion was better than letting her walk out in the silk dress she should probably be wearing on her wedding night that out to the speakeasy. Ivy looked down and thankfully seemed to be taking his words to heart and smiled.

"I think you're right, it's easier to dance in!" She went back and started changing into the suggested piece. Viktor let out a breath. He knew this was going to change eventually. They were going to find a new enforcer to take down potential looters, bootleg, and even look after the growing Ivy Pepper.

But for now, he was going to continue his days while he was still something to Ivy.

Even if it was just for a little bit longer.

All rights and characters belong to Tracy Butler!

I just love Lackadaisy and this pairing and pretty much all other fics out there with this pairing ROCK. So I was daunted in writing this. Like, I didn't want it to sound too similar to the others but still something as good as the others. Reviews are rewarded with love. 3