Name: Not Enough

Word Count: 314

Song: Not in Love

It was beginning to be too much. Every kiss, every admiring look, Viktor began to think he was merely playing the appeaser.

Ivy was too young, and she didn't know what she really wanted.

"But it's you, I want, Viktor, I know it is." Yet, when he was her age he was knew he was never going to become the old broken man he had become. But he did, just lie Ivy will soon realize she should travel the world, and marry a rich and handsome young man. Not be tied down to St. Louis with a broken bootlegger.

Ivy didn't know any better, she had no idea what she was capable of. She had no idea just how much she actually should get out into the world. But he couldn't deny her what she wanted, no matter how much more like shit it made him feel. She had to have felt it too, just how empty everything is. He wished he could love her back with as much force as she loved him, but he couldn't bring himself to do that. He couldn't do that to the lovely Ivy Pepper.

Zib knew it. That shaking of his head whenever Ivy kissed Viktor's cheek and skipped off.

Mitzi knew it. By the confused look whenever Ivy ran up to Viktor and gave him a loving hug, but Viktor could only half-heartedly hug back.

Everyone knew it. The last thing Viktor wanted to do was break Ivy's heart. The last thing he wanted Ivy to think was that it was something wrong with her. Which was absolutely stupid.

There was nothing wrong with Ivy Pepper.

But there was everything wrong with Viktor Vasko. And he hoped to God Ivy recognized that soon before she fell too deeply in love with him, because Ivy deserved much more.

Certainly much more than an old cripple named Viktor.

A stupid something. All characters belong to the wonderful T. Butler!

Song belongs to its' respective artists.