Name: Crossing Paths

Word Count: 634

Song: You Found Me

It was on the corner of some street in some town in some city that Ruby Pepper was passing by on his way to meet Atlas May. His daughter in hand he realized he was late, and his best friend hated other people making him wait.

"Come now darling, Uncle Atlas won't be very pleased with us being late." Ruby said, already out of breath. Ivy looked up at him, her wide eyes and braided pigtails waving a bit. She scrunched up her nose, and she didn't like the smell of fish very much, but with them being near the docks it couldn't be helped. Ruby said the docks were a dangerous place being full of seamen and immigrants who wouldn't think twice of harming a little girl like her.

Ruby tugged at her arm again as they crossed a street and Ivy stumbled, losing her grip of her small stuffed doll her father had customized just for her. She yelped in surprise and she let go of her father's hand and she turned around to retrieve her toy. After all it was her favourite, and she couldn't just leave it behind. The small girl bent down and a loud honking noise started her and she looked up just in time to see the front of one of those Ford cars. Ivy screamed in alarm and she could feel tears from pure fear enter her bright eyes.

She prepared for impact of cold metal hitting her, but as she gripped onto her now mud-covered doll she looked up to a big burly man in front of her. He looked back slightly, and his eyes pierced hers. He turned and she could see a big bruise growing on his arm and she realized he took the brunt of the impact for her. The man driving the Ford nearly fell out and started sputtering apologies and worried assurances he'd pay for damaged but the big burly man waved him off and bent down slightly to meet Ivy's eyelevel. His eyes grew softer somehow, and Ivy was able to take him in.

His clothes were dirty and didn't seem to fit him very well. His hair was mussed and he had a dirty beard.

"Are you alvight, dievka?" A wave of unusual shyness overcame Ivy and her father's cries of exasperation reached her ears. Before she could even look up to see him her father enveloped her into his arms and started telling her things like "don't do that again" and "what your mother and I would do" in a high-panicked voice. The big burly man stood up and stared at the two of them for a moment before Ruby realized he was there and quickly freed one of his hands to shake his.

"Thank you, thank you sir for saving my dear daughter. She's our one and only you see and we would be just so devastated if we lost her." He said hurriedly, pressing a couple of kisses to Ivy's forehead. The big burly man just looked at the two of them strangely.

"I'll owe you one if you ever get caught in a pickle!" Ruby said and turned around, speed walking to whatever restaurant Atlas and he were supposed to meet up at for some boring business discussion. Ivy waved weakly back at the big burly man who had just taken the impact of a Ford for her. He turned around and a couple other men (shorter than him but they had that foreign look to them as well) came rushing up to him and they went their separate ways.

Saving Ivy though is what led to Ruby's eager recommendation to bail Viktor out of the catacombs after losing his eye during a riot. And thus, Viktor and Ivy's long and very strange relationship.

A quick little deal and sorry for updating so late. I believe I had 2 reviews so this is the second story for that since I've been on break.