AN: Okay, so I'm totally and completely new to Spider-Man…and Marvel in general pretty much. My brother—and yes, I am a girl—got me into it. Now I'm like totally obsessed with all of that Captain America, X-Men, and Spider-Man stuff. I saw the movie The Amazing Spiderman and I just had to write this. I've read basically the entire Wikipedia page for this—and it was really, really long—but I might still miss things that are important because I haven't ever read the comic series. If I do, please help me out.

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Peter POV

I was sitting in the bleachers with Gwen at my side. "Are you still up for tomorrow night?"

She opened her mouth to answer when I shot my hand out, catching the football that had been hurtling towards us. I glared at Flash. "Really? Again?" I threw it back and he caught it, smirking before passing it across the field. We didn't really hate each other anymore, but I wouldn't exactly call us friends.

"How do you do that?" Gwen asked.

I glanced back her, choosing to ignore the idiots tossing the football until their arms became sore. It seemed like they did the same thing every day after school. Didn't they have lives? "Do what?"

"Know when something's coming at us. You always catch it," she told me.

I shrugged. "I don't know…I guess you could call it my spider-sense. I can feel it tingling."

She laughed out right, and I leaned forward and kissed her to make her stop, suddenly very glad that I had ignored the promise I had made to her father. I pulled away and scolded, "Don't you laugh at me, Gwen!"

She rolled her eyes, putting her hand on my face and pushing me away as I leaned forward again. She was still laughing, and I could feel myself chuckling slightly. I had never been happier before in my life than when I became Spider-Man. That was when I finally worked up the confidence to ask Gwen out. If I hadn't, then I don't what I would have been doing now.

I heard my phone ringing, and with a sigh I answered it. "Hello?"

"Peter?" Aunt May said from the other end.

"Yeah, it's me," I replied, sitting straighter. Why would she be calling me? Had I forgotten something?

"There's a robbery at Fifty-Fourth Street. I just thought I should warn you." She hung up before I could say anything. Ever since I had returned from fighting Dr. Connors she had been acting very strange. She told me about the recent news with the police, and she was constantly warning me about things like this. I was starting to believe that she had figured out my secret.

"I gotta go Gwen," I murmured, grabbing my backpack and standing up.

"Be careful," she replied. I could feel her eyes on me as I practically ran out of there.


"Is that it?" I mocked, launching into a back handspring to dodge the bullet they immediately fired.

This was just too easy. It wasn't anything like fighting the lizard version of Dr. Connors. Basically what I was doing was keeping the burglar busy until the police arrived. I figured it would be any moment now.

As soon as I heard the police sirens I smirked. "Well, it seems like I've gotta go now."

I was about to shoot a web and escape the scene when my spider-sense started tingling. I turned back around and watched in horror as he pointed his gun at a girl who had been hiding under a car and was just know trying to run away. She screamed and covered her face.

I didn't know what I was doing, but I threw myself in front of her. I was acting only on instinct, and she hit the ground when the gun went off. I felt the impact in my leg, and I let out a cry of pain.

And then I felt a strange sensation run throughout my body. Before I could even get up, the sensation spread to my face, actually stinging my eyes and making them water. I scrunched my nose in distaste, getting to my feet and glaring at the man. I had totally forgotten about my injured leg and hissed at the discomfort.

He stared with his mouth agape, his hands up. "Y-your eyes!"

I didn't respond to him, but I did grab the girl. It was then that I shot my web, pulling both her and me out of that place. We landed on the other side of the building, and I hid her behind a dumpster. "Wait until you hear the cars pull into the parking lot. Then run to the police."

I shot another web, again pulling myself away from the building. This time though I grabbed my leg. I realized it was the same one as the last time I was shot, but this time I could feel the bullet imbedded in skin. There was no way I could get it out by myself. I couldn't exactly go to the hospital either. Too many questions.

I knew where to go though, and within moments I changed direction, heading to a certain apartment.


"Peter!" Gwen exclaimed, opening her window. She immediately saw the blood and pulled me inside. "What happened?"

"Got shot," I gasped, trying to ignore the throbbing of the wound. The pain was getting worse.

"Oh no." She pressed her hand against it slightly as I removed my mask, making me wince. "Sorry." She grabbed a towel from her bed—which I presumed was from when she got out of the shower since her hair was still wet—and pressed it against the wound. "Did you get the bullet out?"

"No," I informed her. "That's why I came to you."

"Oh." She sighed and then looked up at me, appearing to be ready to say something negative about the situation. She stopped though, a gasp coming from her. "P-peter!"

"What is it?" I asked, taken aback by her reaction.

"Your eyes! They're red!"