This isn't so much a fic as a series of monologues, taking place at some point during the 4-5 years after Burning Bridges (my real fic) and before the game, narrated by Sydney and Hardin and mostly centering around their relationship. Usually Hardin talking about Sydney. And often in frustration. All too frequently I'll turn off the light to go to bed, and then the muses begin telling me the things they won't say in each other's presence, and this is where these come from.

Most of these are just Livejournal jottings, though the first two bits were intended as a point-counterpoint piece. They're mostly very short, perhaps a bit sloppy, and don't really carry from one "chapter" to the next, though I've done basic edits and arranged the ones I've written so far into a semi-coherent order. Any further installments may end up being even more disjointed, temporally speaking; aside from the first two segments, they're just a collection of observations, no more.

Naturally, if you've read the story these sprouted from, you already know the warnings involved here: massive male/male content, approaching yaoi but not quite, general unpleasantness. After all, this is Sydney and Hardin we're talking about, here. Names are seldom used, but it should be fairly obvious who's speaking anyway, I should hope. As far as copyrights go, of course I don't own Sydney and Hardin - they own me, apparently, or I wouldn't be getting out of bed to write these for them so often.