The Hunger Games

Chapter One

It was the day of the reaping in District 13 and as always I was scared out of my wits. Mom told me not to worry as we entered the town square but my heart still raced as Mayor Collins tapped on the microphone getting everyone's attention. He smiled at all of us and said, "Welcome citizens of District 13 and Happy Hunger Games!"

As always he told of how the Games were formed. He spoke of the rebellions of the thirteen districts and how the Capitol won against us. How the Hunger Games were formed to stop the rebellions and keep the districts at their knees by sending one male and female from each district to fight to the death in the Arena created by the Gamemakers. Then how twenty six tributes go into the Arena and only one comes out as a Victor.

He backed away from the microphone and sat on one of the three chairs on the stage. Then the escort for District 13 jumped out of her chair and walked to the microphone with a smile plastered on her face. She spoke with awfully cheery voice.