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I will never ever understand how stupid my "cousins" can be. They left behind the most beautiful, amazing, loving, and passionate girl in the whole entire universe. I would feel bad for my sorry excuse of a cousin Edward, but his ex-girlfriend turned out to be my mate so really I don't care for him or his feelings.

Wait, hold on a sec. I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me rewind back to where my story really begins to how I first entered my brunette beauties life.

This story for me begins like any other normal day in my painfully boring vampire existence. It sucked leading a vampire coven, yet I'm the only one without a mate. Little did I know thanks to one Alice Cullen that problem would be corrected later that day.

As usual my day started out with everybody was being lovey-dovey, and just down right sickening. I couldn't handle being around my coven mates for long periods of time while they are hanging all over their respective mates. So I spend most of my time in the woods. Contrary to what others may believe about me I am actually a virgin. It doesn't really surprise me not very many people want to have sex with a hermaphrodite , and a vampire no less.

Anyway back to the point of this story. I was taking a break from the long love fest just strolling through the woods. I was enjoying nature when suddenly my phone went off.

Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky Alice

"Hey Alice! What's up?" I ask as I answer the phone.

"No time for pleasantries I need you to get to Forks like yesterday!" She all but yells in my ear frantically.

"Why do I..." Alice so rudely cut me off before I could even finish my question.

"Because someone important is there and because I said so DAMMIT!" Okay that told me everything, yet nothing at the same time. "Tanya?"

"Yes Alice?"

"Why in the HOLY HELL don't i hear your feet moving and air swishing around you!" She shrieks in my ear.

"Okay, okay I'm going goddamn." Crazy ass pixie vampire and her mood swings always yelling about something. She's lucky she can't burst my eardrums, or I swear I would kick her ass into next century. "Wait! Alice where in Forks am I supposed to go?" I ask quickly

"Follow Edward's scent from our house. You should be able to find him easily from there." Alice said at vampire speed

"Alice what am...," Oh no she did NOT just hang up on me. I swear I'm gonna get her pixie ass back for that later.

I run as fast as I can to get to Forks cause god forbid I don't make it in time for whatever I'm supposed to do. It took me about 3 hours to get there, but that includes the time I took to hunt before I got there. First I run to the Cullen's mansion were I was able to obtain Edward's scent. I was able to track his scent to Forks High School where it then mixed with a feminine human scent. I don't know what it is about this scent but I could feel it calling out to me, and i was going to answer it. Instead of following Edwards disgusting scent I tracked the delicious feminine scent to a dreary two story house with a red Chevy truck out front. I close my eyes and take in the delicious scent that makes my mouth water, but while doing so I hear what sounds like a girl sobbing. I look around to see if the girl crying is in plain sight, but I then realize the crying is coming from behind the house.

I slowly make my way behind the house just in case Edward is still there. I can still smell him mixed with the delicious feminine scent that I feel like I must have, but I don't feel like i want to eat her I feel like I want to protect her...well that's weird. Anyway I continue to slowly make my way through the forest located behind the house of misery when I suddenly hear Edward yelling his lungs out, and a girl sobbing so hard it almost broke my dead heart in two.

I slowly get closer to get a look at the crying girl. What i saw shocking me there sitting on the cold wet earth was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen even with tears running down her pale cheeks, she looks absolutely gorgeous. I try to stay down wind so Edward doesn't smell me while I continue to stare at the brunette beauty.

"Bella my family and I have never loved you. You were just a fun human pet that helped us look more human at school, but that is all you were a good cover, and now you're no longer need. We are leaving you here to live your pathetic human life without us. Goodbye forever Bella try not to get yourself killed." Edward said strangely calm before he took off leaving Bella to sit in the dirt and cry her heart out.

I had to try with everything I had to hold in my growl. How dare he yell at her and say such cruel things her. She looks far too innocent to deceiver such treatment, and he just left her sitting there in the middle of the fucking woods. I swear next time I see him I'm going to kick his sorry ass into next year, but first i have to deal with Bella.

I slowly walk out into the clearing with her, and make as much noise as I can to insure that I don't scare her too much. I gently stop in front of her and wait for her to look at me. Slowly she looks into my eyes with tears still streaming down her face. God she looks beautiful.

"W-who are you?" She says sniffling looking as adorable as possible.

I kneel down in front of her, and make sure I keep eye contact so she knows there's no chance of me lying. God she has the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes I've ever seen in my life.

"I my dear angel am Tanya Denali."

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