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"Let's not think about it for right now. We can talk when you wake up ok, and I promise I'll be here when you do." I say as I gently start to rub her side to sooth her.

"Thank you Tanya." She whispers as she starts to drift off.

"Anytime my angel," I whisper as I close my eyes and pretend to sleep.

I've been lying here for almost an hour thinking about everything that's happened since I've arrived in Forks and honestly I'm not getting anywhere. I'm happy that I've finally found my mate, but I wish Edward hadn't had the chance to get his fangs into her. I don't know how I'm going to handle my talk with Bella later. The only things I'm sure of right now are that I really like her, I'm going to protect her with my life, and I'm going to kill Edward if he so much as thinks of coming with 1,000 feet of my angel. I'm pulled out of my thoughts by Bella moving around and mumbling something.

"Edward…Edward please don't leave me. I love you…" She mumbles still sleeping.

"You talk in your sleep? Seriously?! Oh I'm so saving this to use later." I say out loud as if she can actually hear me. As I'm talking her grip around me tighten and I unconsciously pull her closer to let her know that she's safe even if she does think I'm Edward right know.

"Don't you to just look so absolutely adorable taking a nap together, but you might want to tell her not to talk about Edward while she's in bed with somebody else." I look up to see my whole family standing around Bella's bed. I've got to be honest it's a little bit creepy how closely they're watching us.

"Kate? What are you all doing here?" I ask confused. I swear I didn't even hear them before they were already in the room.

"The family was wondering where you were. You left so suddenly that we started to get worried. So we tracked your scent here…and Alice might have called us and filled us in on where you were. Who's she?" Kate asked looking at my angel.

"This is Bella my…"

"Wait the same Bella Edward had a hard on for?" Irina asked in a-oh so subtle manner. I started to growl when she said that. I seriously do not need to think about the bastard having anything for my angel. "Oh calm down I was simply asking a question that you just answered. Technically you answered two of them at once."

"What are you talking about?"

"First that that is the same Bella, and second…" Before Kate can finish her sentence we noticed a change in Bella's breathing. She's starting to wake up I wonder how she'll react to my whole family being here.

"She's starting to wake up what would you like us to do dear?" Carmen asks in a loving mother tone of voice.

"Just move back to the window, but you all can stay. Just don't make any sudden movements Bella's had a hard day, and is a little on edge."

"I'm going to wait outside I'm the last person Bella wishes to see when she wakes up." Laurent says as he quickly slips out the window.

Quickly the rest of the family moves towards the window as Bella starts moving around as she wakes up. After a few minutes of moving around she finally settles down and looks at me with her beautiful chocolate brown eyes still full of sleep. "Hello my angel did you sleep well?" I ask smiling she looks adorable after she first wakes up.

"I guess. How long was I asleep?" She asks snuggling into me more as she tries to rubs the sleep out of her eyes.

"Only for about an hour it's only like 5. So quick question how would you feel if I told you there were 4 more vampires in your room than before?"

"I would wonder why and do they have golden eyes?"

"If I told you they were my family and yes they do would they be ok?"

"I don't see why not." Bella says starting to go back to sleep.

"Aww you two are just too damn adorable." Kate says. Bella shoots up out of my arms and looks at my family like a deer caught in head lights. I seriously would be laughing my ass off if I knew Bella wouldn't freak out.

She quickly looks at me a shouts, "You were being serious?!"

"Why would I joke about vampires being in your room? How many people do you know that would ask you that and not be serious?" I'm really hoping she just kidding, or I'm going to seriously worry about this girl.

"Why are there 4 other vampires in my room Tanya?!" She asks still shouting. Which I have to admit a furious Bella is pretty damn sexy, but right now is not the time for that. Maybe later though.

"Bella there are 4 vampires in your room other than me that know the answer to that question. My advice to you is to turn around, and ask one of them and stop shouting at me!" I shout back smiling so she knows I'm not actually mad at her. Actually I'm finding this pretty hilarious to be honest. After spending so much time with the Cullen's you would think we was use to vampires coming in her room unannounced.

"Bitch," Bella tries to mumble under her breath.

"I heard that you know?" I ask smiling knowing she's going to be a smart ass.

"Oh I know if I didn't want that to be heard in a room fully of vampires I would have thought it." Hmm I'm starting to think Bella is the type of person to be cranky when they first wake up, or it could be how she was woken up that could be bothering her. Either way I think she's sexy when she's like this.

"Tanya what in the hell is poking my leg right now?" Bella asks looking down at her leg. Quickly I sit up and cross my legs and lay my hands on top on my lap.

"Nothing!" I reply quickly as I hear my family cracking up in the background. I just glare at them and bare my teeth. Oh I am so going to get them later.

"Okay," Bella says looking at me as if she knows I'm hiding something. "Anyway why are all of you in my room if you don't mind me asking?" She asks them as nice as somebody can who was just woken up to find 6 vampires in her room. 5 of which weren't there when she went to sleep.

"We were just wondering where Tanya ran off too so quickly and she's been gone for most of the day so we decided to come looking for her. We just so happened to find her in your bed looking rather comfortable. So while we're on the topic of her being in your bed since I'm curious. Was sleeping the only thing you too did?"

"Shut up Kate!" I growl at her oh she is so getting it later. I look over at Bella and she's bright red. Aww she looks adorable when she blushes.

"Tanya dear stop starring at the poor girl you're just making it worse." Carmen said as she moved closer to Bella slowly as to not startle her.

"Does anybody else find Bella absolutely adorable right now?" Irina asked tried to make Bella blush harder if that's even possible.

"Irina, Kate you can both go wait outside unless you can somehow find a way to behave like adults." Carmen said as she gently placed her hand on Bella's shoulder trying to comfort her.

"You're no fun Carmen especially when you go into mother mode then you really can't take a joke." Kate said trying not to sound whiny.

"I'm fun when it is time, but right now isn't that time. Bella has had a rough day, and the last thing she needs is for you to make fun of her." Carmen says as she gave Kate a sharp look then turns to look back at me. "Tanya don't you think you should go hunt. How long has it been?" God I don't know what I would do without Carmen.

"I'm a little overdue, but I promised Bella I wouldn't leave." If we play this just right I can get out of here before Bella notices anything.

"I'll stay with Bella if that's ok with her." We both turned to look at Bella at that time.

"Will you be back?" Is all Bella asks as she looks at me with sad eyes.

"I'll only be gone for maybe 2 hours tops. Then we can sleep together again." I say hoping to get her to smile before I leave. I can't leave Bella sad now can I?

"Leave Tanya," She says with a smile as she starts to blush if she ever stopped with Bella you never know when one begins or ends.

"So I noticed how that wasn't a no to sleeping together."

"Goodbye Tanya!" Bella says as she hides her face in her pillow.

"I'll take that as a yes!" I say as I quickly jump out of her window and run into the forest. I can hear my family minus Carmen following me.

I continue to run for a good 20 minutes more than enough time for my hard on to go away. When I finally stop and sit down on a tree that had long since died and fallen over and wait for the questions to begin. Once they had all caught up they just stood there and stared at me as if they're waiting for me to say something first.

"Okay since nobody's going to say anything I'll start. Alice called me and told me to get my ass to here ASAP. When I got here I tracker Edward's scent to Fork's High were it mixed with a scent I just couldn't resist. I tracker both of their scents to the woods behind Bella's house where I found Edward yelling at Bella. I don't exactly know how they got there, but I knew whatever Edward was saying was hurting Bella and it pissed me off to no end. Once he left I went to go comfort Bella because she was crying, but she wasn't breaking down like I was expecting. All I know about her is that she's in pain right now, and that she's my mate so I'm going to stand by her through all of this whether she wants me there or not."

"I totally called you! I expect my cash when we get back to the house bitches!" Kate yells while jumping up and down like an idiot.

"I would slap you right now Kate, but I would expect nothing lease of you honestly. The same goes for the rest of you, but Elezar I did expect more from you for crying out loud come on!"

"I'm sorry Tanya, but how often is Kate right honestly?" I sit there and think about it for a second and realize he's right.


"Hey! That's so rude you make it sound like I'm never right!" Kate yelled sounding offended.

"Kate when we first you swear up and down I was gay." Elezar said as he crossed his arms and turned to look at Kate.

"Your accent throw my gay-dar off!"

"Carmen was standing next to me and we told you we were mated!"

"For all we knew she could have been your cover." Kate says tried to defend herself. I can't take it anymore if I let them keep going we could be here for hours.

"Kate you were wrong it wasn't the only time now let's move on please. I need to be back in about an hour."

"I never thought I would live to see the day that the great Tanya Denali was whipped by a human. How does it feel?"

"It'll take some getting used to, but I like it. Anyway Laurent why did you leave the room earlier? What did you mean when you said you were the late person Bella wanted to see?"

"I never told you about my life before I joined the family. All you knew was that I use to feed off of humans, but I never told you what really motivated me to become a vegetarian."

"I don't understand what that has to do with Bella." Kate said interrupting Laurent.

"I'm going to tell you know be quiet will you. Before I became a Denali I use to travel with 2 nomads named Victoria and James. One day we were on our way through Forks when we heard a baseball game being played, but the played were hitting too hard to be human so we decide to go check it out and see if we could join. Once we arrived they all stopped playing and were shielding someone who we later found out to be Bella. At first we didn't know she was human until the wind blow in our direction, and James picked up her scent. At first he thought she was their snack until Carlisle said she was family. After that James turned her into his newest game, and James' games always end with his new obsession dead. James and Victoria took off and I went to warn the Cullen's. I warned them of what James was like and what he was planning, and they told me to find you if I wanted to try the vegetarian lifestyle. They must have killed James since Bella is still alive, but I don't know about Victoria." Laurent finished refusing to like at me which he should be.

I take a couple of deep breaths before I start. "Did you even try and stop James?" I ask trying to stay calm about the fact that my mate was being hunted by two crazy vampires one of which could still be alive.

"I tried, but James wouldn't listen to me. That's why I ran to warn the Cullen's of what he was planning."

"Okay then I guess for now we're good. I should start heading back I don't want to be late. I would hate to be kicked out of bed already." I say smiling as I take off back towards Bella's house.

"Tanya wait!" Kate yells and I stop quickly to listen.

"What is it Kate?" I ask

"What are we going to do with Bella? Is she going to stay here or is she coming back to Denali with us? Kate asks being serious for once in her life.

"That's not for me to decide Kate we'll have to ask Bella what she wishes to do. I would love nothing more than for her to come back to Denali with us, but it's not my decision to make. Now let's go unlike you all I just found my mate and I would like to spend more time with her." I say as I take off towards Bella's house again thinking about Kate's questions the whole way there.

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