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White, nothing but white snow everywhere. From his perch he it was all he could see. The mountain was blanketed in snow and the high altitude only made the freezing temperatures worse. But he didn't care. He had already gotten used to it after years of training here. His old hat was heavy covered in snow and his brown eyes stared lazily into the emptiness that is the world.


Red turned to his right and grinned as Pikachu faced him. The little mouse Pokemon had stayed with him all these years, through the worse that the Johto and Kanto regions could offer and is still beside him. Pikachu had always been his favorite, ever since Oak brought the two together. Friendship and partnership between Pokemon is an essential part in any trainer's life and the bond between the silent teen and his little mouse was unbreakable. Countless battles and miles on the road later, Red saw a part of himself in Pikachu; stubbornness and persistence were key points that they shared and Red had always regretted trying to shove that Thunderstone into Pikachu's face.

Looking past his starter; he spotted his Charizard diligently guarding their rear. Years of training and battling had hardened creature, its bright and hot blue flamed tail was a testament to that fact. But despite its ferocious appearance, it was the most loyal and caring Pokemon Red had ever known, next to Pikachu that is. Red sometimes remembered the small and cheerful Charmander that he found near Bill's house, his pride swelling as that visage transformed into the serious beast that now protects him.

Not far from Charizard was Blastoise who was hidden within his shell, most likely sleeping. The turtle Pokemon should've by all accounts died in the frigid temperatures but despite Red's most caring glares, Blastoise trudged on with his trainer, never leaving his side since he first met him as a Squirtle. Its practically unlimited water supply was a godsend for the group's years of living in the mountains and every time Blastoise finished training or filling up water for the team Red was always give a kind grin.

Sleeping next Blastoise was his Snorlax. The beast had once blocked the route from Celadon to Cycling Road until Red came by with his Poke Flute. Took hours for Red to finally catch the fat normal type and the experience was proof enough that Snorlax had to be apart of his team. In the years he's been traveling with Red he had actually grown past his lax nature and actually looked forward to battling and training, even if at first Red had to persuade him with barrels of Poke Food. Sleeping and eating was still hallmarks of his daily life but unlike other Snorlaxs that would hardly bat an eye at their trainers, Red's Snorlax was always at the ready to battle.

His last Pokemon was down in the relative safety of the cavern. Blastoise had made an artificial lake and Venusaur was probably bathing in it and drinking. He took living up in Mount Silver the hardest as the climate and geography was extremely dangerous for him but like all ailments he had grown used to it. Venusaur had come a long way from being a grumpy Bulbasaur. He was loud and troublesome, stubborn and hardy, traits that Red knew would make a good Pokemon on the field though training him at first was a tiring experience. But as he evolved and battled alongside his trainer Venusaur learned to appreciate the silence Red emanated. He wasn't young and spry really anymore and sometimes after long hours of training he would sit on top of the summit, building up its resistant to the cold with his trainer sitting across from it. Both would stare at each other in silent understanding and sometimes look up at the stars, basking in the timelessness of each other's company.

Last Pokemon… Red frowned at the thought. Pikachu immediately picked up on his trainer's mood and moved his small paws to pat his back. He knew what Red was thinking about, the late Espeon. Eevee was a gift from Green back in the days when Red still traveled Kanto. It was a rambunctious Pokemon and Red grew to care for it like the rest of his team. It had evolved into an Espeon the day before he made the trek onto Mount Silver. But it never reached the top. The wild Pokemon was relentless in attacking the unwanted outsider and Red's team did their best to fight back the onslaught of powerful Onixs, Gravelers, Golems, and Golbats. But in the midst of their crazed climb Espeon had taken the brunt of the attacks and Red was too deep into the mountain to either dig out or use an Escape Rope to find a Poke Center. His pack was devoid of any medicine since he had long dispelled the notion of using them on his powerful Pokemon. And in his arrogance he had caused one of his Pokemon to…

Red narrowed his glare at the snow, his Pikachu trying its best to comfort him. He was so mad, so angry at himself at how plain stupid he was. Espeon died in his arms as he raced to the top of the mountain. In the large opening to the mountain's snowy peak was where the wild Pokemon relented and dug back into Mount Silver's depths and where Red finally buckled down. His team was near broken, his body fatigued and bruised, his clothes mangled and torn, and his Espeon dead, bundled next to him. Blastoise dug his grave on the summit and Red marked it with large stalactite pointed upright in the snow. His Pokemon in their grieving looked to their master for strength and for while Red could hold the pain inside.

It took only a week of grueling training for Red to break down. After Pikachu successfully used Thunderbolt to defeat a swarm of Golbats was when the flashbacks started: Espeon using Psybeam, Psychic, and Confusion to turn the tide back but ultimately becoming swarmed by Golbats, biting and tearing into Espeon's flesh and fur until it was covered in blood and could only squeak to talk. Red ran to the summit despite the odd stares by his Pokemon and kneeled down into a heap of tears and snow in front of the grave. His team stood behind him, their tears and roars matching their master's. It was the first time in a long time since Red had cried and he cried his heart out.

In the four years that followed Red had trained his team fiercely and tactfully. He had come up to Mount Silver after defeating the Johto Elite Four to finally find a true challenge. Lance gave his team a fair run but no Dragonite could withstand Pikachu's speed and Thunders. Green was an even stronger trainer and as his tired Venusaur stood strong while Green's Alakazam fainted, Red gave his longtime rival a respectful nod before disappearing into Mount Silver. He really had no idea how the world had changed around him as he threw away his phone and radio before his trek but he resolutely trained endlessly. Blood and sweat were shed each day on top of the mountain and each day he was proud of his team for sticking with him despite the dangers and…memories.

Memories, blood, Red. Red. Mom. It had been so long since he had seen her, around five to six years to be precise. The last time he had seen her was after beating the Johto Elite Four and it was only a quick visit. In fact he hadn't seen any other human since the years he had been up here. No doubt any lesser souls that dared to scale this place died or became lost down in the caverns of the Mount Silver, no one that could pose a challenge for him in any event. In fact, not even the wild Pokemon here could pose a challenge any more.

Red's mind was swimming in these revelations. There was no point in staying up here any longer if the training only gave meager results. No one strong enough had come up here and challenge him and he guessed that it'd be a really long time for that miracle to ever happen. And finally, four years of isolation meant that the world could've really changed. Stronger trainers, a new Elite Four maybe, and more experienced Gym Leaders.

He stood up, slowly as to not jolt Pikachu and motioned for his team to follow. Charizard perked up at the sound of crunching snow and roared to wake up Blastoise and Snorlax who stood at attention. Venusaur hobbled out of the cavern and shivered a bit before following Red to the top of the mountain.

There the grave still stood and Red lowered his hat as the memories flooded his heart and mind. He knelt down, careful to not crush the beautiful white snow any more than was needed. Looking back, he motioned for Charizard to come up and he placed his finger on the stalactite. Charizard looked on carefully, memorizing the lines and curves Red's finger made on the hard stone. When his master finished, Charizard drug his sharp claw across, mimicking Red's motions. Once done, Charizard backpedaled besides his teammates, as Red stood alone by the grave. Minutes gone by as Red stared at the stone and sometimes down at the ground where Espeon laid. The snow didn't bother him, the cold chills that shook him weren't noticed, all the mattered right now was the pain he felt.

The pain of letting go.

It was hard, as hard as losing, but he needed to let go. He had to leave this place. And never look back.

A violent gust of wind blew past him and he immediately grabbed his red cap, making it sure it didn't fly off. As he did, he felt its material, wasting away and falling apart. He slowly took it off, confused of how it now felt off to him. He always wore it and hardly took it off in the daytime and always cherished the last gift his mom gave him. But now, the hat was broken and scarred and when he tried to put it on again it just didn't feel right.

Taking the cap off he looked back at the grave and slowly stabbed it on top of the stalactite. It fit perfectly there; its marred red color and small holes matched the broken look of the rock. Red ruffled his hair and felt the cold wet breeze of the mountain wind through it. It felt…good, just good.

He let out a silent sigh as he finally started to move. He went back into the cavern that was his makeshift home for four years and grabbed his pack. It too was worn down over years of use but it didn't matter. Red figured he would get a new one anyway once he was down. Grabbing his Pokeballs from his belt he recalled Snorlax, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Charizard growled in confusion. Red had a planned schedule of training and Charizard wasn't to train until later. Red turned to the fire breather and walked outside again. By now even Pikachu was surprised at Red's actions and gave a questioned, "Pika Pi?"

Red as usual said nothing but walked to the edge of the summit, Charizard right behind him and Pikachu still firmly planted on his shoulder. He reached into his pack to find his old Town Map. Luckily it had survived mostly intact though some rips eventually made its way on it. He motioned for Charizard to look the map and when he felt his heated breath by his ear he pointed to Pallet Town.

Charizard growled in excitement and in his joy spewed a large torrent of bright blue fire from the depths of his stomach up into the air. Red grinned as the old fun Charmander side of Charizard surfaced again as melted snow rained down on them. Charizard bent down and Red jumped on his back with Pikachu smiling on his back. And like a jet, Charizard dove downwards towards the top of Victory Road.

It was just after noon that Charizard found Pallet Town and descended. In Red's absence it had hardly changed, though he noticed there were a lot more houses around. Despite the newcomers Pallet was still a quiet town that silently boasted that the youngest Champsion in history started there. Red steadied himself as Charizard landed and returned him as he set foot on the green grass. He looked around and found that Charizard had dropped him off by Professor Oak's lab. Six years or so had passed since he first set foot here in anticipation of his starting Pokemon. Well, to be correct he would've stood here if he didn't wander into the grassy fields first. Oak caught Pikachu for him not too far from here and he hadn't looked back since. But now he wasn't a young kid anymore, he was…sixteen? Seventeen? Eighteen? Time had all but disappeared during those years on Mount Silver, but he knew his childhood had been over. Looking down at his body, he could tell his old clothes were probably a size too small now and that the muscles he had worked out in the years were barely restrained underneath his white T-shirt and marred red jacket. His hair was still fine as he just used a Razor Leaf and the water's reflection to cut his own hair. Nothing fancy, just to make sure he didn't look like he had a Tangela on his head.

Pikachu looked awfully energized as he jumped off and scurried over to the lab. Red studiously walked over, noticing that the lab had grown larger from remodels and added funds over the years. No doubt the old man would have a staff by now, he always was a reputable and respected man in the world. He walked in the large white swinging doors and sure enough there were a few scientists working inside. Pokeballs and monitors and large machinery dotted the large lab floor and everyone looked busy diligently working to notice Red standing there.

"Why hello there young man."

Red turned to his right and saw a lady in a typical white scientist garb walking towards him. Looking down he saw Pikachu in her hands waving at him and cooing as she petted his fur. The lady herself seemed normal, long black hair, glasses, good complexion, a simply average scientist.

"Can I help you?"

Red looked around to find the good professor but to no avail. Instead he pointed to a small frame of the professor and some young trainers that seemed to have just gotten starters from him.

The lady looked puzzled at the boy's silence. If he had a condition or didn't want to talk, well she didn't want to pry at it. "You're looking for Professor Oak? Well he's around back tending to some baby Pokemon, the type we give to up and coming trainers. I can bring you to him if you want." Red nodded and followed her through several halls and doors until they reached the little ranch in the back of the lab.

The ranch housed a multitude of Pokemon from Tauros to little Caterpies. The little bugs reminded Red of his time in Viridian Forest and what a pain their counterpart Weedles were. The lady continued walking to a far corner of the ranch were a small pond was located and several baby Pokemon too. Squirtles, Bulbasaurs, and Charmanders were all playing in or by the pond where Oak was supervising.

Red didn't even need to blink to know that was Professor Oak. Time was lenient on him, as he had hardly changed from the days Red first met him. His white hair and clothes remained the same though some more wrinkles marred his face. His posture was still good and he walked and laughed as though he was still young.

"Professor?" Oak turned from the Pokemon to face the lady. Red carefully stayed behind the lady, not wanting to shock the old man so suddenly with his appearance.

"Yes Susan? What is it dear? And I've told you before to call me Oak, no need for formalities here." Susan giggled before letting Pikachu go. The little mouse raced towards the baby Pokemon and quickly made friends with them as the starters had never seen one before. "Where did you get the Pikachu? They haven't shown up around Pallet in ages." Oak wondered.

"Oh that Pikachu belongs to this young man here who wanted to meet you." Susan introduced before getting a bit closer and whispering, "He's a bit quiet and sort of looks emotionless, so be careful."

Oak chuckled, "Don't worry Susan I've dealt with worse." He walked around Susan to greet his guest. "Now who so I have the pleasure of… Oh. My." Oak stopped and looked on at the boy. No, his days as a boy were long gone. In front of him was a young man, a young man whose seen enough battles and evil and pain to last a lifetime. "Red?" he whispered. "Is that you?"

Susan immediately froze and stared at Red in disbelief. This boy, this guy was the youngest Champion in the history of Kanto and Johto and she didn't even recognize him. Hell who would? His clothes were tattered and his signature hat was gone. "I,I should probably…"

"Yes," Oak answered. "Please Susan. Thank you and tell the others to leave us along for a while. We…" He looked back at Red whose face still looked as expressionless as ever. "We need some time."

"Yes, of course." Just as Susan was about to leave she heard Oak say, "And Susan, don't tell anyone about what happened here." She nodded impatiently and practically ran back into the lab.

Once she was gone Oak slowly made his way up to Red while Red did the same to him. As Oak walked he remembered all the stories and T.V reels about Red when he could still be traced. Team Rocket, the Indigo Plateau, both Elite Fours, the ultimate showdown between him and his grandson. And then he just disappeared without a trace. He knew Red's mom was the last person to see him but even she didn't know where he was headed. After a while Oak just gave up on hoping Red would pop up again.

"Four years Red. Four years you were off the grid and map. And now you come back, here first of all places." Oak summarized. Red nodded and looked off to the distance into the field of houses. Oak didn't even need to look to know that Red was staring at his old home. "Why?"

Red suddenly felt a shiver of shame and looked down at the ground. But seeing as how lying won't do anyone any good, he pointed at Oak.

Oak looked astonished at Red's silent statement. "Because of me? No. Not because of me. Green. My grandson." Red nodded and then pointed at the direction from which he flew. Oak looked out and sudden realization hit him. "Green told me that he battled you one last time a few days after you beat the Johto Elite Four. He told me that he nearly defeated you and that after you won you gave him a small nod and left. I'm assuming after that you left us." Oak gave another look out to the sky. "You left for Mount Silver huh?" Red nodded again.

Oak sighed and rubbed his temples. "I would scold you about how dangerous and suicidal it would've been to scale that mountain. But," Oak tried to make eye contact with Red, who quickly moved away to look at Pikachu who was still happily playing with the baby starters. "You already know what happens there and it scarred you."

Red clenched his fists in anguish but he remembered what he did earlier at the summit and let go. He nodded solemnly, this time looking Oak in the eyes. Oak stared back into the fiery amber eyes of the kid that defied all expectations and won the Kanto Championship and went down in the history; the kid that stood silent despite the protests and insults by others who only talked during battle; the kid who saved Kanto from Team Rocket at Saffron City and Celadon City and defeated Giovanni; the kid who even defeated the Johto Gym Leaders and Elite Four. He had seen so much and walked so many routes, yet here he was, at the town where it all began.

"So why did you come back? I understand why Pallet of all places but what made you come back?" Oak asked. Red shifted his gaze towards another patch of houses and Oak figured that Route 1 lay beyond it. "You came back to start again. To find more challenges?"

Red nodded and made his way to Pikachu and the starters. Pikachu was happily splashing in the pond and talking with all of them. Red grinned; it was nice to see Pikachu so happy and enjoying himself. Eyeing the starters that were eyeing him, he detached his Pokeballs and sent out his Pokemon. Oak and the other starters were dumbstruck by the sight of such large and imposing Pokemon. Being the renowned professor that he was, Oak saw that Red's Pokemon were trained beyond nearly any other Pokemon he had ever encountered.

Venusaur's green-blue skin looked leathery and hard, a sign of age, however the slight burn and freeze marks on it told the story of how he faced fire and ice everyday to toughen it up. The leaves were bright green and the large flower had grown considerably large to the point where it mimicked a tower. Even from a distance Oak could smell the strong, intoxicating aroma it produced and apparently every Pokemon on the ranch picked up on it too, though they were less inclined to approach him. But as the Venusaur noticed the young Bulbasaurs he smiled and plopped next to them, chatting with them and using its vines to interact with them.

Red's Blastoise's shell was covered in scratches and dinks, from what Pokemon Oak couldn't possibly tell. His twin cannons shined in the sunlight though after he noticed it wasn't time to train he retracted them. His underbelly seemed fine but his head looked bruised and scarred, training Oak supposed. He too started to chat with the Squirtles but opted to lie on his shell and prompted the little turtles to jump on top of him.

When Oak turned to Charizard, he couldn't believe it was actually still a Charizard. Not that it was deformed or heavily scarred, but its tail burned a bright blue hue with white outlines around it.

"Red," Said trainer looked up from Pikachu to Oak. "Your Charizard, how hard did you train him?" Red shrugged and held up four fingers. Oak shook his head. Never in four years could he imagine a Charizard to develop blue flames within its body. That degree of flame is unnatural in Pokemon yet here it was right in front of him. He should've been excited at the discovery but his energy was already spent on earlier shocks.

The Charizard looked quizzically at the scared Charmander. He wasn't used to seeing his kind often since he met Red. But seeing as they're young and frightened of him, he relaxed and smiled at them. He laid his wings down and lay next to the young ones, growling playfully at the now chatting Charmanders jumping around and on top of him.

Pikachu seeing no one to talk to anymore jumped back to Red's shoulder. Oak took a better look at the mouse and saw that he looked the same as he did when the Johto Championship was on live. His fur never lost its sheen and his eyes never lost its determination. His cheeks were still rosy red but Oak was sure underneath the cuteness was a Pokemon that could easily be known as the most powerful electric type in the world. How many Pokemon this Pikachu has defeated Oak haven't the slightest clue but seeing Red's perfect track record, he could guess into the hundreds, maybe thousands range.

"Red, perhaps we should pay your mother a visit." The legendary trainer tensed as the words sunk in. His mouth quivered for a moment, as if he was about to speak, a rare occurrence. But Oak knew his question and answered. "Yes, she's still there. In fact we all get together here in my lab to celebrate your victories sometimes on their anniversaries." Oak smiled as the memories flooded back but it quickly left. "She misses you terribly, she hardly leaves the house these days."

Red clenched his fists hard at that. How could he be so ignorant and stupid that he forgot his mom was still waiting for him? That afternoon when he met her the last time, she was so happy to have him back. She wanted to hear about all his travels and adventures and such, but he just left the next day. No note, no good-bye, just upped and flew off to Mount Silver. To think she would even call him her son…after all of that.

"Red," Oak's voice jolted him out of his thoughts. "Return your Pokemon and let's go." He looked up at the descending sun, guessing that it was around three or so. "After we're done talking, we can have some dinner there."

Red nodded and did what he was told and the two walked off to the last place where Red dared showed his face.

"Hello? Julie are you there?" Oak called out as he knocked on the hardwood door. Red stood silently behind the elderly man, staring his childhood house. Everything was the same as he remembered: the red roof, the small yard to the side, the mailbox, the house number, even the windows.

"Oh I'll be right there professor!" Red visibly froze behind Oak. Pikachu nearly cried out in joy as he heard the familiar voice. As the door swung open there stood Red's mom. Red could barely see her from behind Oak and yet he found her to have never changed. Her long black hair, the white apron, the gentle look on her face, it was all the same. Time hadn't even touched her it seemed.

"Please Julie, it's Oak to you. It's always been Oak." Oak smiled. Julie apologized and looked confused.

"Why are you here? Is it something important?"

"I have someone here to meet you Julie." Oak announced though Julie looked far less enthusiastic.

"If it's another one of Red's fans or wannabes tell them to leave me alone. I don't have merchandise or his extra Pokemon. And I'm not giving away his old clothes because that's just insane and creepy." Julie huffed. Oak wasn't phased and instead stepped to the side, revealing the very subject of Julie's anguish.

The two stood there staring at each other in what seemed like years to them. Red could hardly keep eye contact as he watched his mother's eyes water and quiver. The years of pain, loneliness, and angst were all but apparent in her eyes. And as she stared into his amber ones she could see all her pain was reflected within his experiences at Arceus knows where. Looking down for a moment she noticed his ripped clothes and his grown body, his dirty bruised hands and broken shoes, and most of all when she looked up again, his red cap was gone, the one that she gave him on his day off.

"Red, Red is that you?" Julie whispered softly as if expecting this to be some cruel joke. Red could hardly hear her but silence and soft words were traits in this household. He kept staring at her but his answer was stuck in his throat.

"…!" Red was nearly talked to the ground as his mom hugged him fiercely.

"Red! Oh my poor boy!" Julie cried out as her tears rolled down her face. Four years. It had been so long since she saw her son. That morning when she found out he was missing had nearly killed her, but she knew he had his own silent agenda. After all he barely spoke to her, a privilege that hardly anyone else had gotten from him. So she carefully watched the news to see where he had gone, but it appeared that he had dropped from the face of the Earth. She'd gone hysterical if Oak and the other neighbors didn't comfort her. Some told her to keep praying, others told her to move on, but she didn't give up hope. She always believed he would come back and now this man in ruined clothes was her son.

After a while the tears had stopped and Julie reluctantly pulled away. Looking at her son again she found a few stray tears had rolled down his eyes as well and Oak nearby struggled with his own emotions. Julie turned and made her way inside before calling the men to come in and sit down while she made dinner. Red did a quick turnaround to release his Pokemon and Pikachu out to the yard so as to give them some more fresh air and time off.

"Red before you leave you must know what's gone on since you left four years ago." Oak stated as the two took a seat in the dining room while Julie was working in the kitchen. "For one thing the Leagues around the world have changed their rules about Gyms. Each Gym leader has different teams now for how many badges the opposing trainer has. No badge means weak teams while say seven badges means they battle against the strongest team the leaders can muster." Red raised an eyebrow as Oak finished, but he figured it wasn't because of the new Gym rules. "In your absence Kanto has linked with regions all around the world. You've been to Johto since it's nearby but now new regions, well new to you that is, such as Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova are now all available to travel to from Kanto. Strong trainers, new Leagues, and new Pokemon are in each region so I'm guessing you will no doubt travel there."

Red nodded in understanding. This was exactly why he chose to fly down from the mountain. New discoveries and achievements must've occurred while he was gone and the idea of new regions tickled his mind.

Oak smiled as he saw the determination and adventure fill Red's eyes once again. But he wasn't finished yet. "Also if you want to start finding challenges at the Elite Four, you'll be disappointed." Red again raised a brow. "The League instated new badges as they updated their systems and Elite Four championships. Collecting badges is still the same as before, but instead of just having the Victory Road as the only obstacle to stop you from battling the Elite Four, the coordinators changed the rules. You see strong and hardy trainers have emerged at quite an astonishing rate and many of them can actually reach the Elite Four despite the Victory Road, causing a huge saturation of trainers waiting to be the new Champion. To combat that the League and Elite Four coordinators set up a tournament every half year to see which one can go on to face the Elite Four."

Now Red was really interested. He had to best Gym Leaders and new powerful trainers that could give his past self a run for his Pokedollars? How invigorating.

"Don't tell me you're going to run off again Red." Julie cried out from the kitchen. "I just got you back and I'll be damned if you disappear again and give me more heart attacks."

Red immediately looked at Oak with a hateful glare. Oak put his hands up in defense. "Julie! Don't exaggerate like that! He's about to kill me here."

"Oh I didn't mean that Red! I was just…oh I just don't want to lose you again." Julie apologized as she exited the kitchen with a pot of stew. A few trips back and forth and the table became covered in amazing foods from Red's past: Tauros stew, steamed rice, pickled vegetables, and sautéed Shelder. They ate in silence with little conversation. Afterwards Oak made a quick trip back to the lab with Red to grab a large bag of Pokemon food and let Red's team eat heartily.

"So how did you survive up there with no food?" Oak asked out of curiosity. Red quickly turned and saw his team savoring the taste of the food; it had been years since they ate such quality food. Turning back to Oak he turned his gaze down and silently wished he had a hat to cover his eyes.

"I see." Oak said as realization struck him. "I'm surprised you didn't get sick from eating them. But don't worry, I won't tell your mom." Red sighed in relief and the two made their way back into the house.

After they got comfortable in the living room, Red's mom broke the ice. "So do you really want to start off again Red?" Red nodded without hesitation, his mom returning it. She sighed. Figures he would want to have another adventure. He always wanted more challenges, wanted to battle more. Pokemon battling was his life and staying in one spot didn't fuel that fire he had.


Red finally cracked a warm smile while Oak nodded in understanding. At least they would separate on good terms this time.

"But be careful and I want phone calls and T.V reels about you every week okay?" Red's mom cried. Red was about to protest the T.V part but stopped as he realized she wasn't done talking. "And no more getting entangled with evil organizations and leaving us without any way to find you…"


"You smell atrocious! When was the last time you took a decent, soapy bath? And goodness look at your clothes! We need to get you more new clothes, luckily the stores here still sell your old clothes and they have larger sizes…"


"And find someone to settle down with when you decide you're done with all the battling and traveling. I don't want to die without grandchildren!"



Julie stopped her ranting and found herself exhausted and breathing heavily. She turned to a concerned Oak and her wide-eyed son staring at her in shock. "I'm sorry, it's just been a while since I yelled at Red." She giggled despite Red's eyes growing wider. "It felt good. Haha."

"Well then," Oak cleared his throat. "It's getting late and I'm betting the lab is missing me right about now. So goodnight you two. I'll be at the lab tomorrow if you need me and Red," Red turned to the professor. "When you leave, which I know can be anytime, let me know." The young man nodded and the professor quickly left the house.

"So Red," Red's mom started. "Get upstairs, wash up, and get some rest. I want you gone by tomorrow afternoon and on the ten o'clock evening newsreel and we have a busy morning tomorrow too. So sleep tight." She joked as Red's smiled, his eyes full of mirth.

Red nodded and first ran outside to return his Pokemon with the exception of Pikachu of course. As he came back inside Pikachu jumped into his mom's waiting arms and snuggled into her. Red smiled at the sight and quickly ran upstairs to bathe.

An hour later and Red never felt better. Fishing out an old pair of boxers that thankfully still fit him he went downstairs to get a quick drink before sleeping. There he saw his mom still cuddling with Pikachu say sweet nothings to him. Pikachu perked up at the sight of Red and jumped to his shoulder. Red patted his head and motioned for him to get upstairs which he did.

As Red's mom walked up to her son she noticed the cuts and scars that dotted his torso. The muscles that he showed off intrigued her even more and she never felt prouder to have such a handsome son.

"My little red Charmander." She teased as she hugged Red. He hugged back immediately and patted her back. "All grown up and going on his second adventure. Just as finicky to handle as his dad." Red tensed a bit, not wanting to think about his dad. His mom rubbed his back and calmed him down instantly. "Now go to bed before I ground you and chain you to this house."

Never had Red slept so fast or so peacefully in all his life. Pikachu on top of his covers softly moaned in his sleep and both dreamt of the adventure to come.

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