Before I begin, let me first say sorry to those who had hoped for a new chapter. This is an update, but it will outline the probably of a new chapter.

And secondly, wow. Just wow. Honestly, I'm surprised people are still digging this story up from its years old grave. Don't take that the wrong way though, I'm happy newcomers are enjoying themselves and I welcome anyone's attention.

So, here's the rundown of how I plan on going forward, as if this update isn't terribly late already.

The fire that drove me to write this story in the first place is still there, though it is and has been stifled by various things:

Over the years since I first started, I've gone through phases of interests, from Pokemon to RWBY, and now Fallout, though I'm probably not going to write a Fallout story anytime soon. Nevertheless Pokemon is still a favorite of mine, which will never change. But now, the Pokemon phase has resurfaced, though tempered.

I have graduate school applications arriving soon which will take up time from now to January 2017 most likely. And back in college, well, you can't juggle everything.

I haven't played Pokemon in a long, long time. That's not to say I've forgotten everything about it, rather my knowledge of the games stopped by Black and White 2. I've followed the big changes since, including Mega Evolutions, which I'll probably implement in the story, the new regions, etc. However any new Pokemon, outside of the hugely marketed ones, I do not know terribly well. And with Sun and Moon coming out soon, that's another, huge region to study.

New games, new interests, and new problems arising every other week for the past few years.

My main point is this: I know there is demand for this to continue, an obscene amount of it given the fact that it's still read a lot daily compared to my other stories. And I know people are asking for it constantly, everyone hoping for the next chapter (Sorry about the cliffhanger).

So, instead of staying silent as usual, I'll give myself this ultimatum.

If I can muster the time and energy to properly write the next chapter by New Years, this story will continue with monthly chapters, starting from January 2017. However with that said, I cannot promise to include regions, people, Pokemon, items, and other new ideas beyond Mega Evolutions that have been introduced to Pokemon since Black and White 2, mainly because the bulk of the planned narrative will be destroyed if I do. I'm sure many of you are okay with that, but I'm just putting that note out there.

I've already outlined the next chapter, which will see Red travel from Vermillion to Saffron before taking on Sabrina. All that's left is to flesh out the details and dialogue, which will take a while.


Were this any other battle, she would've stood tall and unmoved, calmly scanning her challenger for weaknesses and exploits. Few would anger her, fewer could confuse her, and hardly anyone could frighten her. But against him, she could feel the cracks in her hardened will more than ever. To have his piercing eyes flare against hers brought a twinge of anxiety through her core.

This shouldn't happen to her, not to a psychic who could predict, nay, know the near future. Years ago she foresaw her defeat by his hands, but she saw only her giving him the badge in her vision. She could never have conceived of the devastation he wrought down upon her gym that afternoon. Even though she knew her fate that day, the sight of his one sided destruction of her strongest had brought a cold sweat down her neck. Never had she seen such an imposing force from such an unassuming trainer. After he had left, she was lost in her thoughts, about both him and herself before feeling something she never felt before.

It was a mixture of emotions, an even stranger experience for her back then. It was guilt mixed with despair.

She felt the despair of losing so easily. And she felt guilty that she couldn't stop his rampage.

Rampage. Perhaps there was no better world to describe the path Red walked she surmised. Even now she could feel the rage and anger beneath his skin. It is stronger than before, that much she knew for sure. His emotions back then were but Caterpies compared to the Beedrill's nest of rage she felt now.

His head rose by the slimmest of margins with it his eyes narrowed as well. She felt his anger spike even higher. It felt, deadly.

Sabrina sighed silently. This was not the man she'd wished to meet today. She wanted to meet a matured young man who had walked the world before coming back to reacquaint himself. She'd learned a lot from watching him years ago, but to see him so bitter was depressing.

"…start…" Red growled as he reached for his Pokeball.

"Very well," Sabrina replied. With a simple wave of her arm her own choice flew before her before floating by her chest, enveloped by an aura of blue energy.

Jaime raised her flags before reciting the rules. Both trainers tuned it out; it was elementary jargon to them by now.

She sighed again and looked away from his eyes. She couldn't stand to see them, it pained her even.


Her morning meditation had projected her fate today. It was nothing short of obvious.


She knew facing his monsters was to battle fear incarnate. Still, she must fulfill her duty as a Gym Leader, even if it frightened her.


Perhaps afterwards, she could help him face his own monsters. It was the least she could do after he helped her with her's.

I hope that clears the air a bit concerning this story. Let me know if this will suffice, it's the best I can do right now.

And before I go, I'd like to answer the question of why so many people are scared of Red. Well, if you lived in a world where magical monsters and amalgamations existed, each capable of annihilating your fragile human body, and you suddenly met one of the few people who was able to tame and train a team of six of said monsters to an extent where nothing short of his equal, which you are likely not if you were a character in this story so far, or several platoons of average monsters could stop him from say oh, massacring everything in his path simply because he felt like it one day, then you'd probably be scared of him.