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I was in love. With Sasuke. Who loved Madara. Who loved Izuna. Who loved Madara back.

I was also in love with Madara. Seemed like everyone was. Who wouldn't be? He was a god, sex in tight leather pants. His dark smouldering eyes, raven black hair, gorgeous body. Sure, he was also cruel, manipulative and violent, but nobody seemed to care about that. You didn't care if you got used if you get with him. Even for one night.

That's how I ended up handcuffed to his headboard, being harshly slammed into the bed again and again.

But my story doesn't start here. Actually, that is more the end. My story truly starts one morning when Sasuke wasn't home yet. I wasn't too worried; I knew he'd gone to a party the night before at the Hyuuga complex. But if I had known where he really was...

I woke up to the sunlight streaming through my windows. I winced as the harsh light invaded my sensitive eyes. I rolled over, falling ungracefully from my bed in a tangle of limbs and sheets.

"Goddamn it..." I muttered as I got to my feet. "Why didn't Sasuke wake me?"

I walked quietly to my younger brother's room, slowly opening his door to peer inside. An empty, silent room was all I saw.

"Oh, that's right... The party." I smiled to myself. "I almost wish I'd gone..."

I closed the door and went to the kitchen, making a quick breakfast. Nothing special, just some toast. I checked my phone as I ate. A few texts. I went through them slowly. Most were from Sasuke. Just telling me he was crashing at Neji's house. I got to the last message and froze. The phone slipped through my fingers and skidded across the tile floor.

"Goddamn it... You jerk..." I growled softly. "I bet Madara took your phone... No way would you have sent that..."

The thing that had caused such a reaction was a picture. Of my brother. He was kneeling, stark naked, hands tied behind his back, blindfolded. But the worst part? My little brother's face was smeared with what I knew was Madara's 'essence'.

The text itself read 'Your brother is such an obedient slut. -M.'

"Sasuke..." I whispered. "I hope you didn't give in too easily."

I wasn't angry, or upset. Actually, I was jealous. Jealous out of my mind. I was an Uchiha, I had my pride. But one part of me craved the harsh treatment that Madara gives. To be treated like nothing, to be screwed with no consideration for my body, to be hurt, to become Madara's willing whore. Scratch that, I don't have my pride...

I was a little surprised Sasuke had gotten with Madara. I'd been sure he was in love with Naruto. But then again, you didn't resist Madara.

It worried me a little; it was a well known fact that Madara got bored after one night with someone. And Sasuke and I were pretty similar...

My thoughts were interrupted by my front door opening and slamming against the wall.

I walked out of the kitchen to see who it was, even though I already half knew.

I noticed Sasuke walking, limping, inside. He seemed extremely happy with himself but I could see it hurt when he moved. Oh, I wonder why...

"Hello, brother." I greeted him, and then paused. "I see you had a good night? Shouldn't let Madara take pictures."

"Shut it, Itachi." He grinned. "You're just sore because I beat you to him."

I smirked. "Looks like you're the sore one."

A light pink blush tinged his cheeks as he grimaced. He limped past me, headed for his room.

"Oh good grief..." I muttered. Sasuke wasn't going to move from bed all day, I was sure of it.

I heard my phone go off and I went to grab it from the floor.

'Itachi, I'm coming over so you better be ready for me. Sasuke just wasn't good enough.


I sighed as I read it. I guess I was happy to be considered 'worthy of the great Madara' but I was annoyed with him for just dropping my brother like that. Say what you will, I really cared about Sasuke.

An evil smirk swept across my face as a plan entered my mind.

I, Uchiha Itachi, would make Madara my uke.

I was on the couch watching TV when Madara let himself in. Let himself into my house! Geez...

Anyway... I was on the couch, watching the TV. Well, I wasn't watching it, I was pretending to.

"Itachi-kun." Came his smooth sexy voice. "I'm here to play, my little kitty."

Little kitty... What had I done to deserve that nickname?

"Ita-kitty, where are you?" He called, coming into the room.

I ignored him, not showing any reaction. I kept my eyes on the TV, relaxing back into the chair.

"Hmm... This is boring... What else is on?" I muttered to myself, starting to flip through the channels.

I heard footsteps and suddenly Madara's hot breath on my ear. "Beautiful kitty, why won't you acknowledge me?"

I put my finger to my lips, feigning thought. "I bet Sasuke is hungry... Hmm, I'll make him something nice in a second."

"Do you always talk to yourself? It amuses me." He purred, licking the shell of my ear. "You think you can ignore me for long? And why is this?"

I leisurely rose from my chair, walking past Madara to the kitchen. I started gathering the ingredients to make Sasuke a nice soup. Tomato soup, I knew he liked it.

Out if the corner of my eye I saw Madara leaning against the doorframe, frowning in confusion.

I internally smirked. At least I was messing with his head in some way. But he wouldn't give up too quickly, I knew that. He'd probably try to force himself on me, which was what I was counting on. I leant against the bench while I was waiting for the soup to cook. I was growing a little nervous. Madara hadn't moved, so he was planning something... I hear he would pick out someone's 'weak spot' pretty quickly. But even if he did, I'd show no reaction.

It was a fun game, one that he would lose. He'd actually get interested in me, I would keep refusing. And after a while, he would beg. And I'd say something along the lines of 'I'm nobody's uke.' and he'd give up his position as seme. Okay... This was going to take some work...

"Itachi, why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?" He asked. "I assure you, Sasuke was fine with me sending you that picture."

Yeah... I bet he was...

"Or maybe you're mentally disturbed...?" He smirked.

One part of me thought I was. The whoreish part that wanted nothing more than to give my body up to this magnificent god. But luckily, it was only a small part of me.

We both remained silent until the soup was done. I poured some into a bowl and started to Sasuke's room. But as I past him, Madara grabbed my shoulder, causing me to spill the soup everywhere. I was lucky I'd waited for it to cool down.

A small smirk crossed Madara's face as he leant forward and licked some of the liquid off my cheek. And my plan was lost as I blushed.

"Fuck..." I mumbled under my breath.

I turned to kiss him hungrily, throwing my arms around his neck.

Madara-1 Itachi-0

Short chapter, just an intro. It gets better, trust me!

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