"Itachi, you need to cheer up." Obito poked my cheek, then waved his hand in front of my face.
"Yeah 'Tach." Shisui nodded. "Just get over Madara. He's a jerk, we all know that."
I didn't reply. I never did. Every lunchtime they would annoy me, trying to make me give up my goal. They were the only ones who knew, besides Madara and Izuna. Obito and Shisui. My best friends. But sometimes they got hard to deal with.
"Itachi..." The youngest of our trio, Obito, whined. "You promised you'd throw a party."
I think my face had that 'rabbit caught in headlight' expression. But I quickly smoothed it out, replacing it with the trademark Uchiha smirk.
"Good idea." I laughed suddenly.
"Oh no..." Shisui's face dropped. "You're planning something..."
"Indeed I am."
"Don't do anything rash."
"I won't."
"Don't get hurt."
"I won't."
"For God's sake Shisui! He'll be fine!" Obito interrupted us. "Let's change the subject. I wanna change my name."
"What, to Hatake Obito?" I snickered, welcoming the new subject.
"No... Maybe." Obito chuckled. "But I meant my first name."
"What to?" Shisui asked.
"I dunno." Obito said. "Something similar to my name..."
"Tobi. It's like, if you got rid of your last letter and rearranged the rest of the letters."
We spent the rest of lunch jokingly discussing Obito's new name, but underneath it all, I was creating my new plan.

I was leaning against the wall at the party, just relaxing and watching. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, besides the fights that seemed to keep breaking out.
I'd invited my friends and Sasuke had asked his. In turn, those people had brought others and so on. I guess it was a good thing Sasuke and I owned a mansion.
I had been planning to get Madara drunk enough to top him. But that didn't seem to be happening. Madara could either hold his drink pretty well or he'd caught on to what I was doing.
So I was waiting until he got more tipsy, more like the others. The ones who were completely drunk off their ass.
A blond man stumbled towards me, his visible blue eyes looking a little glazed. He tripped as he walked and ended up in my arms. He glanced up at me with a drunken blush and an idiotic expression.
"Do you need something, Dei?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.
Deidara pulled himself up, smirking. "It's not need, but want, yeah. I want you, Itachi." He slurred.
I was about to turn him away when I noticed Madara watching us with an annoyed expression.
Oh that's right. Madara has a real liking for Deidara./I I thought then guess he won't be to happy if I take him.
The blond leaned forward, closed eyes, lips puckered. I pecked his lips quickly, winking at Madara over Deidara's shoulder.
His expression went from annoyed to angry, his mouth mashing into a hard line. He knew I was only doing this to spite him.
Wow, with this reaction, I wonder what will happen when I bed him? I chuckled mentally.
"Come on Deidara." I cooed, putting an arm around his shoulder.
I steered the drunken man over to Madara, smirking.
"Oi Madara! I'm taking Dei upstairs, so can you look after the party for a while?" I asked innocently. "And tell anybody who needs us that we're busy."
His brow twitched and his hands clenched into fists but he kept his voice emotionless as he replied. "Of course. Have fun Deidara, Itachi."
I laughed softly, to mock him. "We shall."
I lead Deidara to my room, my smirk not fading. Everything was going as plan.

I left Deidara asleep on my bed, he deserved the rest. He was snoring softly, sweat sticking the blond strands to his neck and forehead.
I have to admit, he's pretty cute and he's a damn good fuck.
I went back downstairs after getting cleaned up and changed. The first thing I saw was a fist. It was also the last thing I saw for a few moments. I hit the ground, pretty dazed. I looked up at my attacker, expecting it to be Madara. But it wasn't. It was a young looking redhead.
"Where the fuck is Deidara?" He demanded in a soft, deadly voice.
"Who are you and why do you care?" I shot back, standing up, holding my nose.
"I'm Sasori, that brat's boyfriend! Tell me where he is!"
At the point, I was a little surprised. Not that Deidara wasn't single, well, that too but mainly that hardly anybody even acknowledged what was going on. My brother, though, had. So had his friend Sakura. The pink haired girl walked over to us and put herself between Sasori and I.
"I really don't think it's fair to strike down the host of the party." She said.
"Get lost bitch, Itachi just fucked my boyfriend." Sasori snapped.
"Shouldn't you be upset with your boyfriend then?"
Sasori scowled at her. "I'm upset with them both."
I sighed and pushed Sakura to the side. "Deidara is upstairs, asleep. He'll have a killer headache when he wakes up. I'd rather you let him sleep for a while, I'll send him home when he wakes up. I apologize for both of us, he was very drunk and I had no idea he had a boyfriend."
Sasori raised an eyebrow at me. "Get him to call me when he's awake."
"Of course. Uh, just one question. How'd you know?"
"Oh that? Madara told me."

The next day, I was in a really bad mood. And when I was angry, I cleaned. And there was a whole lot to clean. Including a few people passed out around the place. I noticed Sasuke wasn't home. This worried me, until I got a text from him.
'With Madara, hell of a night, be home soon.'
This angered me even more. I guess I may have deserved it, but I didn't like it.
The only thing to do?
Go after Izuna.

Itachi-0 Madara-2