Once they realised that they were all making video diaries for their children, it was agreed amongst themselves that they would start to show their children after their 9th birthdays - they'd be old enough to cope with some of the worry their parents expressed, but not so old to not enjoy the wonderful and increasingly embellished stories of daring do each parent recounted with great relish.

Lester absolutely insisted that a copy of his single entry be shown first "By way of introduction, as head of the ARC, and your boss." The gently implied threat sealed the deal (as did the great affection they all had for Lester).

And as Lester had hoped, they were all still there, happy and healthy, to watch over their children's shoulders and giggle at youthful hair and fashion choices.


Lester swirled the whisky in the glass, watching it coat the side. He sat back in his soon to be vacated chair and let out a sigh. In a few moments he would walk out of his office door and down the stairs for the last time. A chauffeur was waiting to drive him to The Dorchester where his wife, children and grand-children awaited him.

There were also eleven former Ministers and five former Prime Ministers, various representatives of ARCs around the world and dignitaries from the various organisations, museums and universities that worked closely with the ARC.

But most importantly they were all there - his true family - ALL of them. There to congratulate him on his retirement.

Yes, Sir James Lester, Knights Commander of the Order of the Bath, was stepping down after so many wonderful years. When he first started at the ARC he thought it was one of his usual blood and guts jobs - go in, fix it, get out. But this had proved so different - it was the one he couldn't walk away from, and he was so very glad.

As he watched the film of whisky slowly dissipate he thought back. Would posterity record the ARC project as a success or failure? Sir James Lester knew absolutely that the ARC had been a huge success.

As a final gesture, he raised his glass in salute "To you Cutter, this is all your fault. Thank you." Draining his glass, he stood up, straightened his tie, smoothed what remained of his hair, walked through the office door and down the stairs.

He wandered over and patted the ADD and then turned slowly and headed for the door as the assembled day staff stood and applauded. His final act was to shake hands with his replacement - a very capable women he had carefully selected and trained himself - he was not going to hand his legacy over to just anyone! And then he passed through the doors for the last time.

He was going to miss this place!

A/N – I hope you liked. And now, just to round things off, a little bit of silliness to explain the children's names. I hope you approve :)


Gideon John Anderson – Grandfathers Gideon Anderson (born 2089) and John Bradley (born 1795)

Elizabeth Julia Anderson – Grandmothers Elizabeth Bradley (born 1812) and Julia Anderson (born 2093)

Diana Lesley Becker – Grandmothers Diana Parker and Lesley Becker

Abigail Emily Becker - Abigail Maitland-Temple and Emily Bradley-Anderson (well, who else would it be?)

Alexander Hilary Becker – Alexander the Great and 5 previous generations of Becker men including his Grandfather Major-General Arthur Hilary Becker

Nicholas Stephen Temple – Professor Nicholas Cutter and Stephen Hart (obviously)

Thomas Daniel Temple – Connor's best mate Tom Curran (also Captain Ryan) and Danny Quinn who was missing at the time

David James Temple - Connor's father David Temple and James Lester

Leia Sarah Temple – Princess Leia Organa (Abby gave into Connor on this one, and Leia was a really strong woman, so Abby approved) and Dr Sarah Page (also Abby's middle name after her maternal Grandmother)

Nina Ella Miller – Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald

Robert Dylan Miller – OK, it's Bob Dylan

That's it – what do you think? I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.