Cassardis. Such a beautiful village with the aroma of the sea. The fine village of where it all started. Where the dragon took and claimed my heart his own, the dreadful memory only bringing a frown to my lips as I run along the beach. The feeling of sand underneath my feet bringing nostalgic memories to heart. The memory of fishing with Chief Adaro, the memory of swimming and basking in the open ocean, the memories I've shared with Selene, all gone.

"Is this your home, Arisen?" I look at my pawn as he questions. When did I arrive to such place? Had my feet continued on their own accord? Have I been away for so long that every inch of my body urges and walks on only memories?

Walking past the tattered curtain I look at my room, the nights spent in front of the fireplace during cold nights. Everything felt like it was just yesterday that I had departed.

Everything was now complicated. I had pawns; my main pawn was bound to me. It dawned me that a pawn is meant for an Arisen in every way. They contained no hearts, no ambitions only the goal to serve and be loyal to their master. Tanis was my pawn and I am his master.

Walking up the stairs to Chief Adaro's abode I stopped and stared at the vast ocean. Cassardis was my only place of tranquility, away from tasks and missions of sort. Away from the chatter of the "Arisen" here and there. Away from that damn coot that announced everything that had to do with my being by the weaponry shop, an annoying lot he is. Asalam and Maxillian the only people in Gran Soren that were kind and promising.

Cassardis was my hometown always and never shall I accustom myself to the way of the capital. As tall and lean and taut as I am, everyone in Cassardis still smiled and patted me as theirs.

Damn that dragon. I will not stop till I sever the head of the godforsaken dragon.

Maybe then I shall be at peace and return to where I belonged.

"Quite the view, eh?" Tanis said bringing me from the depths of my thoughts. A look at him and I wonder what sort of insight or experience had he had if he grew in Cassardis instead of becoming a mere pawn. Maybe his way of speaking wouldn't be so robotic and maybe he'd stop aiding me in everything anything and become his own.

'Quite the view…' Of course. Cassardis always had a grand view despite the tattered curtains in the houses, that's why I vow to return. I will return and when I do, maybe, just maybe, I'll bring my pawn and change his lifestyle. Make him a Cassardi and not a simple pawn from beyond the rift.

I vow to it.