Lann was no stranger to strange things. He's seen enough things, from sultry Succubus's to giant skeletons in robes, to make even Morrighan question reality (he silently asked for forgiveness immediately after making that joke). But when a battle torn Karok bursts into the outpost, panting like he just ran a marathon around the whole country, armor ripped from head to toe at every possible angle, even he couldn't help but wonder what on Erinn just happened. I thought he and Evie went to Brynns Laboratory, he thought.

"How goes it, comrade?" The giant breathed, slumping into his custom made seat, rubbing his battle worn hands together. Their red color stood out terribly from his dark brown body. Every word he spoke sounded like it took effort.

"Marrec told me you trained all day at the training site. How'd that go?"

By Morrighan, he sounds as if he could pass out right on the table!

Then his face light up the moment he understood what Karok said.

"Oh yeah! I beat my record at the mercenary training site. 100 woodmen in…" He leaned back "19 and a half seconds. That's, what, 5 woodmen a second?"

He grinned triumphantly at his comrade, 19 seconds was, as far as the score board was concerned, an inhumane feat. Even Karok himself never finished anywhere near 40!

Grinning at is victory, he turned his head back to his heaving partner, who was still panting like a mad dog.

"What, er… did you do?"

Karok, managing a smile beneath his exhausted breaths.

"Evie helped me work the History of the Gods book, and we recreated our battle with Singlit. I tell, those illusions feel pretty damn real!"

Lanns eyes widened at this.

"Wait, so you—!"

"Yep. We fought Singlit — kinda— " And with that, he heaved one more deep breath before calming his heart, and finally looked back at his comrade, grinning like a madman. "—and I proved to her that I REALLY could wrestle it to the ground, hehe…"

The swordsmen's jaw dropped. Karok smiled one last time before adding—

"So… 19 seconds, huh? Pretty good…" and with that, he patted Lann on the shoulder and left the mercenary outpost. Lann didn't move an inch, his mouth still open.

"…I hate giants…"