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Her eyes fluttered open as she felt the gentle waves hit her face. It took her a few moments to focus and realise where she was.
Blinking, she looked at her surroundings in awe before lowering her gaze and smiling triumphantly. Wiggling her toes, she smiled. It had worked.

Booth was out for a morning walk on the beach. He enjoyed the tangy smell of the ocean and the soft breeze which caressed his body tenderly, waking him up fully.
The sun hadn't been up for very long, but yet, the day seemed promising already. When he heard soft sound from behind one of the dunes, he stopped and called out, "Somebody there?"

Slowly she crawled upright, stopping when she noticed her state of undress. Normally she didn t mind at all but she had no idea how humans would react to it.
Covering herself as modestly as she could in her long hair she walked towards the noise on her wobbly legs.

Booths breath was caught in his throat as he saw a young, naked woman emerging from behind the dune.
Realizing exactly how wrong it was to stare, he quickly shrugged off his coat and handed it to her. He turned around respectfully and waited for a few moments.
"Are you all right, miss?" he called out over his shoulder.

Wrapping herself in the warm coat she was handed, Temperance turned back around, wanting to reply but knowing she couldn't.
Worried that something might indeed be wrong, he spoke up again. "I'm going to turn around again, okay?"
When she once again didn't respond, he turned around and walked over to her. "My name is Seeley. What's yours?"

Opening her mouth she closed it abruptly, bummed about her voice.
Looking around she spotted a branch and after having retrieved it, she crouched down, writing her name in the sand for him to see.

When she crouched down and wrote her name in the sand, he crouched next to her. "Are you all right, Temperance?"
Standing upright, she nodded, smiling thankfully.

"I, uhm, I'll take it you can't speak?" he asked her quietly, indicating her name in the sand.
A little crestfallen, Brennan shook her head. Her voice had been the price to pay and although it seemed a small price at the time she now understood its value.
"I'm sorry," he apologized for clearly having upset her. Suddenly the realization hit that they were still outside and that she wasn't wearing anything except his coat.

"Come on," he urged her. "You have to get inside, you'll get sick if you don't."

Following him until they reached his house, she halted, taking in the large building.
He frowned when she stopped, but didn't continue moving.
"If you'd rather not stay here, I can just tell one of my staff to get you some clothes. I don't want to force you or anything. You're welcome to stay though. As you can see, my house is big enough."

She knew she had no place to stay and was thankful he had offered her one. Shaking her head she followed him inside.

He showed her around the house, before they walked up the stairs together. "My chambers are to your left," he walked to his right and opened the second door.
"This will be your room, for as long as you'd wish to stay here."
Nodding to show she understood, she walked into the room looking around and taking in her surroundings before being pulled back to reality by her grumbling stomach.

Sheepishly she smiled at him.
"I'll let you get dressed. I'll be downstairs in the kitchen, so we can have breakfast," he winked at her and left.
Looking around for the clothes she noticed another door in her chamber and when she walked in she realised is was a bathroom.
She spotted her clothing folded neatly on a chair and a small tub on a dresser filled with water.
Quickly refreshing herself and getting rid of the salty smell of her skin, she slipped into the clothes and walked out of her room, in search for the kitchen.

He smiled at her when she walked into the kitchen. She looked refreshed.
"I, I hope you like eggs. I just boiled them, since I'm normally not in charge of breakfast. I hope it s okay for you?"
Since she had no idea what he was talking about she just nodded, smiling at him.
Carefully Temperance took place behind the table, eyeing all the food on the table, reaching for a slice of bread, mirroring him.

They ate breakfast and he noticed that she seemed somewhat out of it. She stared at her boiled egg as if she had no idea what to do with it.
"Here," he told her as he reached for her egg, "I'll show you."

Attentively she watched as he took off the peel for her and placed it in an eggcup, handing it to her along with the saltshaker.
Accepting both items she shook a generously amount of salt over it, making a face when she took her first bite and immediately realising her mistake.

Booth winced sympathetically and switched her egg for his, lightly sprinkling it with salt. "Here, try again."
Cautiously she tried again and this time it did taste better. Taking another bite, her mind registered what she tasted, surprised at the new taste.
"Like it?" he asked her as he wiped most of the salt off of her egg, before he finished it. "Do you want coffee or orange juice?" he asked her as he poured himself a cup of coffee.
Recognizing what he was asking but not the things he was referring to she simply pointed to the coffeepot when he seemed finished.
The steaming black liquid was poured into her cup and carefully she took a sip, finding that though it was still too hot it tasted rather pleasant.

"Careful! It's still warm!" he cautioned her as she took a sip. When she seemed okay, he sat back and enjoyed the rest of his breakfast.
Studying the rest of the contents on the table in search for something a little more familiar, her eyes landed on the shiny cutlery. She d seen that before she recalled.
Slowly she picked it up and studied it, noticing after a few second he was looking at her and carefully she lowered it to stab something on her fork.
He was fascinated by her. It seemed as if she was seeing everything for the first time.

Resting down onto the soft mattress of her bed, she flipped through the pages of the book she d found in the small library of the house.
She studied the pictures thoroughly, curiously taking in the information she learned about the humans. Booth left his own room with a smile.

They'd had a fun day at the beach. He liked her. She was obviously a kind, gentle woman. She'd seemed much more open and relaxed at the beach as well.
Booth raised his hand and knocked on the door. He'd dressed up to have dinner, not wanting this day to end.

Placing the book back on her bedside table, she went and opened the door, smiling as she saw him standing before her.
"Hi," he returned her smile, "Dinner's ready. Would you like to join me?" he asked her as he held out his arm.
Taking a hold of the arm he offered her, she followed him into the dining room.

They sat down together. Booth poured both of them a glass of wine and he held his glass up, so they could clink.
Watching how he held his glass awfully far away from his mouth, she stared at him, taking a few gulps of her wine like she had seen him do earlier with what she'd learned was orange juice.

Her eyes widened as she put her glass down afterwards, laughing as whatever was in the juice went straight to her head, making her dizzy for a moment.

Booth chuckled as he put his glass back down, "You okay? This must be the first time you've had wine. Small sips," he advised her with a smile as Dean, a member of his staff brought them their first course, a fresh salad. Digging in, they ate in silence, finishing her plate not much after him.
"Did you like it?" he asked her as their plates were cleared.

Looking at him she nodded in confirmation. Although she had never had much of the stuff he was eating before, she had to admit it almost always tasted good.
"Glad to hear it. I think you'll enjoy the main course, if the way you love the ocean is any indication. We're having grilled fish. It's been grilled as a whole though, so you have to be careful you don't choke on any small bones," he told her as their plates were put down on the table.

As soon as her plate was put in front of her she stumbled backwards, out of her chair. Looking revolted at the animal on her plate. Dead. They ate that here?
She wondered as she glanced at him for a moment, tears filling her eyes before she lowered her gaze and walked back up to her room.
Whoaw, that was certainly not the reaction he'd been going for when he'd asked the cook to prepare fish for dinner. He got up and ran after her.
"Temperance, wait!"

Ignoring him, she strode back up the stairs, slamming the door of her room once she was inside. Unbelievable, the others had been right all along. They were barbarians.

"Temperance," he knocked on the door, "please open the door. Let me explain! If I would've known you're a vegetarian, I wouldn't have asked the cook to make this!"
Slowly she got up from her bed, opening the door slightly, staring at him.

"Can I please come in?" he asked quietly.
Moving to the left she opened the door for him, closing it behind her once he d entered her room.
"Look, I'm really sorry," he apologized as he looked at her.
"You just seemed to have so much fun at the beach today, that I just figured you might like this. Obviously you don't however, so I'll ask the cook to make something else."

She smiled slightly at him in thanks.
He walked over to her and gently rubbed her back, wanting to offer some comfort. "Or we could just have different desserts until we're full," he smiled at her.
"I'll bet you like those."

Seeing how he smiled at what he had just suggested, she nodded. Surely it couldn t be as bad as the fish.

"Okay, will you come downstairs with me?" His eyes lit up, "Actually, I have a better idea. I'll ask Dean to bring us the desserts outside, on the patio."
Booth turned around and grabbed a blanket. "Just in case. It might be chilly outside."

Following him outside, they sat down outside on the bench and only minutes later a colourful display of deserts and fruit was put in front of them.
Taking a strawberry she bit down on it, marvelling at the sweet taste. Taking another, she also offered him one.
"Thanks," he said, before he bit into the soft, juicy fruit.

After what seemed like hours, she finally pushed her plate away from her. Full from everything they had served her and the new things she'd tasted.
"I take it you liked this a lot better?" he smiled at her, feeling full himself.
Nodding, she shot him a grateful smile. With a sigh she leaned back. She could get used to this.

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