Ana thought the interview had gone…alright. She'd tried to ask Kate's questions about Christian Grey's daughter, as little was really known about her other than her apparent aptitude as an artist. Kate wasn't even fully sure how old she was, only one or two pictures of her were online, her impressive artwork taking up 90% of the Google image results for 'Jade Grey'. Christian had clearly not wanted to talk about Jade at all, muttering that she was 19 and then steering the conversation swiftly away from her. She wasn't sure why but he had made it more than clear that his daughter was an off-topic and she had dropped it swiftly. From then on it had been a bit of a whirlwind, and she had finally graduated and gone out to celebrate. The last thing she remembered was Kate buying her another Tequila shot, then there was a vague memory of vomit and ringing Christian but that was about it. Now it was morning and she was alone in a huge bed in what appeared to be a Hotel room. Fuck. Had Christian just left her here?

Ana was trying her best to sneak around the hotel suite, no idea where the hell any of her clothes were. She was pretty sure she'd been sick last night but didn't really remember anything. She inwardly groaned, why had she got so drunk last night? And why the hell had she called Christian Grey? It was as her thoughts ran away with her that she crept into the living room area of the suite, wearing only her underwear from last night and one of Christian's shirts which she had found on the floor. She immediately came face to face with a woman standing on the other side of the room.

She was tall, slender, lightly tanned, full red lips, high cheekbones and her hair was wet, as was the rest of her. She'd clearly just come out of the shower, wrapped in a fairly short towel and looking somewhat shocked to see Ana. They looked at each other for a few seconds before the girl laughed. 'Well this is awkward...I assume you're Ana'? She nodded vacantly. Who the hell was this girl? 'I'm Jade...Jade Grey'. Ana's eyes widened in obvious shock and she felt stupid for not having realised it before, she had the same eyes as her father. 'You're Christian's daughter?' She nodded, smiling. 'That'd be me'. She glanced up and down quickly over Ana then at herself. 'Uh, I'm naked under this and your only wearing one of my dad's you want to talk when we're not so...naked?' Ana frowned and Jade answered the question before she asked it. 'From what I could hear when you called you were vomiting all over the place last night, Dad will have sent your stuff to laundry'. 'Oh...' Jade laughed. 'You can borrow something of mine, I'm not gonna make you sit in that all day, come on, I've got a room down here'. Ana followed her down the corridor in the suite and into an opulent room much like the one she had woken up in. There was one small case and Jade crouched down and pulled out a pair of drainpipe jeans and a plain black jumper. 'Thanks'. Jade waved her away. 'You're the first person my dad's shown an interest in since...well forever- so you can borrow any of the shit you want'. Ana smiled and walked back into the room she'd woken up in, showering quickly and changing.

Christian came back as she had been changing, and the conversation had been somewhat awkward. Ana had apologised repeatedly for the night before and Christian had batted away her apologies, telling her it was fine. Not long after he had forced her into joining them for breakfast, reminding her that she had thrown up copiously the night before. She was surprised how much the loaned outfit actually suited her as she followed Christian out to the sitting room area. Jade was standing by a counter top, talking quickly on the phone in a foreign language and Ana looked over her. Her hair was dry now and was in long loose curls, a brown- copper colour but much darker than Christian's, long and down to her chest. She was wearing leather leggings, a dark blue silk shirt, finished off with a black blazer with 3/4 length sleeves and black heels. Ana saw Christian narrow his eyes at his daughter as she finished her conversation. 'I didn't know what you both wanted so I just ordered a load of stuff'. They look at the table which is full of juice, tea, coffee, pancakes, eggs and bacon. She nodded at Ana as she sat down opposite them. 'Especially seeing as how trashed you were last night'. She turned to her Dad. 'I called Elliot, he's meeting me in half an hour'. Christian still had narrowed eyes. 'What? Who were you talking to?' 'Just a friend in Israel, calm it down dad'. She rolled her eyes and started piling her plate with pancakes. Jade smiled at Ana. 'Sow what did you take?' 'English Literature'. 'And what do you want to do?' 'One day- an Editor'. Jade nods, looking impressed 'That's pretty cool, I've got some friends who do covers for books'. 'Artists?' She nods 'I got asked to do one but it's not really my thing'. 'I saw your paintings online, quite impressive' she blushes slightly 'thanks, I'm looking for a bit of a new direction though, not really sure where to go next'. Ana shrugs, forking some pancakes 'My friend is a photographer, I can get him to contact you if you want? Give you some ideas?'. She smiles 'that'd be awesome, thanks. Dad can give you my details, anyway I've got to go and meet Elliot'. Her phone is buzzing and she rolls her eyes. 'The one time in his life that Elliot is on time and he has a go at me, Jesus'.

Jade quickly says her goodbyes and leaves the suite, meeting Elliot downstairs in the lobby. 'Well someone's looking good today', she mock curtsied and looked over her Uncle. 'Can we go? Dad's got a little friend upstairs and I want to go before we hear the bed rocking'. Elliot laughed loudly 'Ana? He's with Ana? Jesus, I didn't think he had it in him'. Jade narrowed her eyes at Elliot, 'He's not a total square Elliot, he had me'. Her Uncle gave her a look 'Yeah, nearly twenty years ago'. She shrugged and they both left the lobby, Elliot had business in town and Jade wanted to take pictures for inspiration.