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Jade opened her eyes dazedly, trying to take in her surroundings but the pain in her head was making it hard to focus.

Her eyes wouldn't open far and everything was still blurry, all she could take in was the greyness of concrete before passing out again.

The next time she woke up, Jade took a little longer to focus her brain and her eyes. The only thing that she really noticed was the feel of someone gently stroking her hair, and singing softly to her.

Jade tried to turn herself over towards the voice but she was stopped by a gentle 'shush' and a familiar voice speaking to her calmly.

'Rest, Jade. You need to rest'.

As surprised as she was to hear her mothers voice, Jade simply slipped back into sleep.

It was another few hours before she woke up again, this time feeling more alert and aware of her surroundings. Her head was throbbing lightly still and she was slowly adjusting back to normality.

Moving slightly, Jade became aware that she was lying in Elena's lap, her mother slowly stroking her hair. She was still wearing the expensive black lace dress from the Charity event, though it was torn, tattered and dirty, and her skin was scratched and bruised.

Elena had a black eye and several cuts on her body, though she was looking with evident concern at Jade. 'You've been sleeping for hours, I thought you had concussion'.

Jade sat up slowly and cricked her neck from left to right, looking exhausted.

'No, I don't think I've got concussion...the last thing I remember is Jack Hyde about to shoot me in an alleyway...he hit me with the gun?'.

Elena nodded 'he told me all the details, seemed very smug. He also said you weren't afraid of dying, it clearly confused him'.

Jade nodded vaguely 'so...what the hell are we doing here?'. Elena was about to speak when Jack Hyde appeared.

It was only at that point that Jade really noticed they were in a partially completed multi-storey car park, which was completely empty save for them.

Hyde had a smug look on his face as he came over, followed by one of the men from the Charity gala that had followed her into the alleyway. Both of them were smirking and at a nod from Hyde, the other man swiftly moved forward.

Jade was quickly pulled up into her knees roughly, the expensive lace dress ripping even more beneath her.

Elena made a move to say something but Jade was suddenly released.

Jack dumped a pair of jeans and a black top on the floor beside her 'change, I'll be back in five minutes'.

Both men promptly left and Jade attempted to reach around undo her zip but she winced slightly, her muscles taught and painful.

Without a word, Elena moved forward and slowly unzipped the dress, letting Jade step out of it and quickly pull on the jeans and baggy top.

Jade turned to Elena 'do you know what they've got planned?'. She shook her head, looking grim 'no, but I can't imagine it's anything good'. Jade swallowed and sighed, sitting back down with her back against the wall.

'Is it just us? Have you seen anyone else?'. Elena shook her head 'no, it's just us...you think they're trying to get back at Christian?'.

Jade nodded slowly 'yeah...that seems likely...You think they'll try and take Ana?'. Elena paled slightly 'Shit, I hope not'.

She was surprised by the concern in her mothers voice 'Since when did you like Ana?'.

Elena bit her lip slightly 'you didn't know did you? Ana's pregnant'.

Jade was about to say something, looking completely shocked. She was interrupted by Jack Hyde coming back into the area, a smug look on his face, sliding an iPhone on the floor over towards Jade.

'Well, well, well it looks like your family and friends didn't appreciate how you ran off to Israel again'.

Jade's blood ran cold. As much as she was now getting in with her family once again, the last few weeks had been so tumultuous that they would probably believe it. Even if they didn't...how would they ever find her and Elena anyway?

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