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Jade was still feeling a little woozy and glanced over at Ana from the other side of the huge, empty concrete room. She was sat on the floor with her back on the cold stone, eventually looking up after what felt like hours of angry silence.

' did they take you?'. The brunette looked up at the surprising break in the silence

'Jack Hyde rang me...said he had Mia, he called off her cell phone so I believed him. He told me to take money out as ransom, of course the bank rang Christian...I knew he would come after me do I...I told him I was leaving...he believed me...He was so angry...told me to take everything...then they took me from the bank, and they smashed my I couldn't be traced…'.

Jade swallowed, shaking her head slowly and muttering to herself 'we're fucked'. Looking up she met Ana's eyes 'he actually believed you?'.

She shrugged 'I think so...he's still in pieces about you disappearing...'

Jade sighed deeply, looking around her intently. Ana and Elena were sat right next to each other, their fear over taking their hatred for each other 'Jade, come sit over here with us?'. Her grey eyes flashed up at the pair of them 'I'm trying to work out how we can get the fuck out of here;.

Elena blinked 'Jade, how the hell are we going to get out of here? I don't even think we can…'. She rolled her eyes 'Maybe if you'd spent more time in the Army than fucking my dad- you'd have some of your own ideas'.

In Escala, Christian was pacing wildly in the great room. Luke was sitting next to Faith's swing seat, staring vacantly ahead, hand resting on his chin.

'Christian if you don't stop pacing I think I'll hit you'. Christian glanced over at his son in law, who looked like he'd aged infinitely in the last two days.

'Right...we need to work out where the hell they could be'. Daniel and Ari were in the doorway, the younger man narrowing his eyes 'what the fuck do you think we've been doing Grey?'.

Christian opened his mouth to say something snidely back but Ari cut them all off before world war three started 'this isn't going to help, fighting amongst each other is not going to do anything, if anything we just play right into their hands'.

Luke's voice was cracked but clear 'I'm not letting another member of this family grow up without a mother'.

He stood up and muttered something about finding Taylor before leaving the room. Christian was surprised by his words, knowing that he had a point. If they lost Jade then Faith would be the third member of the Grey's not to be raised by their mother.

He wanted to save his daughter, but seeing the defenceless little girl in the swinging seat in the other side of the room made his heart swell.

Ari had sent Daniel off to take an important call he didn't want to have himself and he was wandering into the empty dining room when Luke walked in slowly behind him. He closed the door and leant against it, head back and his voice hoarse.

'You slept with my wife didn't you?'. Daniel glanced up in evident surprise and Luke continued 'You've slept with her haven't you? Why else would you care so much about her?'

Daniel looked pissed off 'Why does it matter?'. Luke blinked 'because she's my wife'. Daniel rolled his eyes 'Luke, she didn't even know you then, alright? She'd barely even met you once, did she even know your name Luke. It happened twice, that's it'.

Luke hardly looked appeased, his jaw as tightly clenched as his balled fists.

'You- had- sex- with- my-wife'. Daniel exhaled deeply, looking pissed off

'Look, Luke, listen to me. Yeah, I had sex with Jade once a long, long time ago- she'd finished her training with me and was moving on to train with someone else, it was early on when she was in Israel. After that it didn't happen again, we both understood it was a mistake and moved on. I think of her as a sister, it was a momentary indiscretion-'

'-which happened twice'. Daniel rolled his eyes 'Yes, it happened twice, but that is all over now, and it's been that way for years. I'm waiting for a call from the Director; neither Ari, Ben, myself or Asher even told the Director where we were going. We got on the first plane available and came here because Jade and Elena mean something to all of us- clearly more than our jobs'.

There was a long pause before Luke nodded, looking over Daniel with dark eyes 'if you go near her again, I'll kill you, okay?'.

Daniel nodded 'you don't have to worry about that. I'm not going to go there again and Jade is in love with you, Luke. Don't forget that. Luke left the room as Daniel's mobile began to ring, the Israeli letting out a deep sigh before he answered the call from the angry Director.

Miles away across the City, the three women were starting to feel the night chill creeping in through the abandoned building site.

Jade was trying to think of plans of how to escape in her head, but the issue was she had no real idea how many people were involved in the operation, what weapons they might have, and even where they were.

Her main priority was to get Elena and Ana out first, and then she could look after herself- she hoped.

It was as Jade was deep in thought that the heavy door opened and all three of them looked up sharply.

Elena went pale, Jade looked stunned and Ana simply looked confused by their reactions.

It was Lincoln James. Jade gasped 'you sneaky bastard!'. He grinned with hooded eyes 'you shouldn't' be so trusting to strangers Mrs Sawyer'.

Ana looked at Elena next to her in confusion 'what…who is this?'. The blonde swallowed in fear, voice quiet 'that's my ex-husband'. Ana looked over at the man quickly, she'd heard the stories about what he'd done to Elena after finding out about her and Christian's affair.

He'd beaten her black and blue before leaving her with nothing.

Lincoln smirked as two men came in behind him, and Jade recognized them as the two thugs that had followed her from the City Gala event. Lincoln was holding a gun and pointed it towards Ana and Elena, who flinched slightly.

'Walker, Baxter, get the two of them'.

The two tall men were quick to tie the two women's hands together in front of them, and gag their mouths with thick strips of coarse material.

Lincoln looked at Jade then nodded at Walker and Baxter, who moved off back towards the door. Lincoln motioned to Elena and Ana, not taking his eyes off Jade.

'Jade, you now have to make a Sophie's choice'. Elena and Ana paled but Jade looked blank. 'A what?'

Lincoln narrowed his eyes 'you never read the book Sophie's choice?'. She shook her head blankly. 'I know there was a film...'

He sneered slightly, leaning against one of the tall pillars with a self-righteous look on his face as he began to explain.

'In the story, Sophie turns up at Auschwitz with her two children and is told one must die, and one will live. She has to decide which child will die. And you choose which one of them dies'.

He motioned to the terrified Ana and Elena. Jade simply laughed, though it was cold and hollow 'well seeing as I'm Jewish I wouldn't have been given the choice-'.

She was rewarded with a hard, vicious slap across her face. 'Decide'. There was a short pause.

'One is my mother, and one is the woman who's finally made my father happy, so in this situation I am the child…So I choose me'.

Ana and Elena both struggled noisy against their gags and bindings but Jade looked calm. Lincoln looked unimpressed 'You weren't given that choice'

'I know. But Dad would pay anything to get Ana back, and Elena has some serious cash in the salon business. I have pretty much nothing to my name at the moment, I split up from my husband and brought a house in the suburbs...and that's it, I don't have half the money they do...I am the least valuable to you alive'.

Jade said nothing more as Lincoln looked at her, clearly deep in thought and Ana and Elena struggling against the gags in their mouths, though they couldn't manage to make any audible noise. Both of them knew that it wasn't true, Jade had a lot of money, possibly even more than Christian had.

Elena and Ana knew full well that Jade was simply giving herself up in place of them.

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