A little story about Derek and Stiles 5 years in the future. Mpreg ahead.

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Five years after their initial meeting, Derek and Stiles now lived together in Derek's restored family home. Their relationship had changed a lot since their first meeting and they were now in a loving marriage, mated for life by their werewolf traditions.

Sadly the rest of the pack had moved away from Beacon Hill, studying in different parts of the U.S., leaving Derek and Stiles alone. Only Stiles' dad was there with them as a third member of the pack.

After Derek asked Stiles if he wanted the bite as well they decided to tell Mr. Stilinski the truth about the supernatural creatures that roamed the streets of Beacon Hill, his son being now one of them. At first he wasn't happy with the idea of his son being a werewolf after grasping that they really existed, especially as he knew what they were able to do ( nudge nudge Peter Hale) but as a parent he could see that it made Stiles happy. That Derek made Stiles happy.

Now, after almost 5 years together, both had decided that they wanted to have cubs themselves to raise and to love and to add to their pack of three. To them, the cubs would be a expression of their love.

Stiles was suprised that he was even able to get pregnant but Derek explained that it came with him being a submissive werewolf and the mate of the alpha. That was also the reason why he had six mammary glands in his wolf form.

Over the cause of the last year Derek and Stiles realised that being in their wolf form became more and more natural to them, so they only changed back into a human when they had to go into town or when they met up with Stiles' dad. Being a werewolf all day let them both become more animalistic , to the point they hunted deer, slept outside and even made love like that.

They were both able to transform into a real wolf. In that form, the conception oft heir first litter took place, bringing out more primal urges in both Derek and Stiles. Derek became much more possessive and protective of Stiles, who in turn got into a nesting mode.

They were pretty sure their children would be born as wolves as a) the pregnancy progressed similar to a wolf's , b) the litter was conceived while they were wolves, c) Stiles' bump, even during the end of the pregnancy, didn't look like it could contain a human baby let alone multiples.

Their relationship progressed along to Stiles' pregnancy, blossoming even more. It got more intimate and passionate as Derek found even more love in himself for Stiles , for him bearing their cubs and for his changing body. Stiles loved the feel of his cubs growing inside of him and how much compassion Derek shoed towards him and their Children.

The two of them were laying in a clearing of the forrest, for once not wolves but humans. Derek had his hand on Stiles' bump and Stiles just laid there, enjoying Derek's caressing of his abdomen. Both knew that this would be one of the last few moments they had alone before their cubs would arrive, so they basked in the moment.

"I love you, Derek. "

"I love you, too, Stiles. And I love our cubs."

And then they kissed under the light of the full moon.