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-God, I really hate chocolate.

-Hi there Hisao, care to come and watch Volcano with me.

-This summer I'm going to compete in the nudist pageant.

-I always wanted to become a firefighter.

-Chess? Is that like cheese or something?

-This year's birthday, I'm going to the fanciest club in town.

-Why must blonds be so stupid?

-I haven't read a book in five years. Can I borrow your library card?

-I had a wet dream with Two-Face last night.

-I'm having a yard sale this weekend. Those ugly dolls have to go.

-Makoto Shishio is just so dreamy…

-Don't you just love Sabaton's Into the fire ?

-How do you think I would look as a skinhead?

-You make me feel like a cat on a hot tin roof.

-My favorite breakfast is fried bacon.

Okay, blame this one on the 40 in the shade. Next chapter…KENJI.