What would happen if the gender of all characters in b+ where inverted? Yeah, I found that question weird, too. But who cares? Definitely not care bears.

I changed Saya's name to 'Horushi' (you'll find out why later). Although I can already tell you why I changed Diva's name to 'Rocker'. Well, Since Saya (or should I say Horushi) was the one who named Diva (er... Rocker), she/he obviously can't name a male Diva because Diva is a girl's name. So Rocker would be a better yet also dumber choice.

However, I didn't change Kai nor Riku's names because they're unisex anyway.

Anyway, I'm not gonna put every detail of Blood+ in here, just some interesting stuff that might happen...

Yeah, I'm dumb and my imagination is crazy.

And I almost forgot :D


Blood+ in a Different Way

Chapter 1

Horushi Otonashi is an amnesiac high-school boy who was adopted by Mrs. Georgina Miyagusuku. Georgina also adopted two little girls (who are now teenagers too) named Kai Miyagusuku and Riku Miyagusuku. Their family lives somewhere in Okinawa because I do not think that their exact address was stated in the original series.

Since enrolling in their school, Karu-

Kaori: Why did you name me Karu?

Because I'm not a name expert so don't complain. And I'm busy right now so please do not disturb.

Kaori: But I'm a girl!

This fanfiction is about changing your genders!

Kaori: Oh. Why didn't you say so?

Scroll to the top of the page.

Kaori: Oh. Hey, can I give a request?


Kaori: Aw...

Don't mind that folks. Sometimes, my imagination just gets weirder so an imaginary Kaori sometimes just pops out.

Anyway, Karu was the only person who became close to Horushi. So here comes the part where Horushi jumps over this pole thing and landed on the 'land-here' thingy.

"Epic fail, man!" he said.

"That's because you act like a girl," Karu said.

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do. You're all soft and shy and other girl-like stuff."

"You're mean."

"I know, right?" Suddenly, Karu put his head on Horushi's stomach. "Uh, what are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm listening to your intestines."

"Why are you listening to my intestines?"

"This cool idea came into my head that portals to other dimensions can be found anywhere, anytime. So I thought, 'Hey, maybe Horushi's intestines can give me clues'."

"Um, okay."

A little while later, Karu and Horushi were sitting by a tree eating lunch. Karu noticed that Horushi was eating too fast.

"Hey! Slow down! It hasn't even been five minutes yet you're almost done with your food!" he said.

"this is all your fault! You forced me to be like this!"

"Why me?"

"You told me that I act like a girl. Now, other people say that I look like a girl too because of my waist's shape!"

"So now you prefer to be fat and ugly and totally unattractive than slightly look like a girl?"

"Yeah. Something like that."

"Oh. That's not my problem."

Later, some girl on a cool and awesome motorcycle came. "Hey, Horushi! Come on, you're gonna be late!"

"Who cares, Kai?" Horushi replied. That awesome girl turned out to be Kai. Then, a group of girls with knives, guns, shurikens, and the like came behind Kai. "Maybe you're forgetting that I'm the leader here because I'm awesome," Kai said. Horushi gulped and decided to come with her.

Kai and Horushi went to Horushi's doctor, Dr. Julius Silverstein. FYI, he's a foreigner but i have no idea where he came from. Horushi comes here everyday to have his daily blood transfusion which Dr. Silverstein says that can somehow help him remember stuff. Now tell me, what kind of doctor is that?

Anyway, Horushi doesn't know that he's a chiropteran because he lost all of his memories.

And that's all i remember so far that happened in the first episode so let's skip to the part where Hagi (hehehe) enters.

Somewhere around 7 PM, Horushi received a call from Karu.

"Hey, Horushi! How ya doin'?"

"I was fine until you called me while I was watching this really awesome anime on TV called Blood+ because we have cable and you don't and I can somehow relate to it. What about you?"

"I'm also fine. I'm just a little worried about our school though."


"Because I forgot to turn off a bomb I put there which will kinda explode in thirty minutes unless someone presses the snooze button and smash it with a hammer and i think its explosion will pretty much cover up the entire island."


"Some guy I met at the corner gave it to me and said that if I made it explode, we'd get free Wi-fi which you won't have. But my parents just magically put up Wi-fi here a few minutes ago so I don't need the bomb anymore."

"Turn it off right now!"

"I can't."

"WHY NOT? You're house is like one block away!"

"I'm surfing the net because I have Wi-fi and you don't."


Horushi quickly got the hammer under Riku's bed (that's her own version of 'teddy bear') and ran to their school which was like 32 blocks away. Fortunately, he arrived there just in time to hit the snooze button and smash it with Riku's hammer. Soon, he realized that the hammer's handle was filled with Riku's saliva so he threw it out the window and decided to tell Riku that a bear ate it.

Suddenly, some giant monster thingy smashed their classroom windows and looked at Horushi like it was saying 'You're coming with me to the world of yokai and unicorns!'

Horushi quickly ran out of the classroom but the monster thingy was too fast. Suddenly, some tall lady wearing all black with a violin case blocked his way. Her eyes showed no emotion just like her face. "Aaaaghhh! A rapist!" Horushi screamed (like a girl).

Without responding, the woman pulled a string thingy from her case and a weird-looking blade came out of it. She pressed a button and the blade turned into a chainsaw. She lounged towards the monster and hit it on the chest. Yeah, it was bloody.

Seizing the chance, Horushi ran away. But somehow, the monster managed to follow him. It pushed him into a classroom and he lost consciousness. Suddenly, four knives came out of nowhere and pinned the monster to the blackboard.

The woman quickly approached Horushi and took out a manual from her pocket.

Hagi: A... manual?

Yes, a manual. It's been awhile for her so she forgets some things, right? Right?

Hagi: ...

"How to Wake Horushi Up in Case of Emergencies," she read the cover. She flipped one page and read, "Step number one: Slit your right palm." She took another one of her knives and slit her right palm. The wound healed quickly because of her awesome chiropteran powers. What's the use of slitting my hand if it would heal quickly anyway? she thought.

"Step number two: After doing step one, sip your blood immediately. I repeat, IMMEDIATELY." Oops, she thought. She slit her hand again, but this time, she sipped her blood and swallowed it. My blood tastes like rust.

"Step number three: Do not swallow blood. Instead, transfer blood to Horushi's mouth."

"Grhvhfggjkhhr..." the chiropteran complained.

Meanwhile, back at the Miyagusuku's home sweet home, Kai was watching WWE (because they have cable and Karu doesn't) and she was screaming like, "Yeah! Go! Kill him! Break his neck!" and the like. Suddenly, her window broke. She looked outside with a knife to threaten (actually, she was going to kill the culprit).

"My beloved Kai!" some guy in a suit said on the street.

"Moo? Is that you?"

Mao: What? Moo? Why did you name me Moo?

Because it sounds funny.

Mao: But it's unfair! Everyone else gets a decent name but I get Moo instead! Do you even know who I am?

Hey, Horushi's name has a terrible history. You're not the only one with the funny name.

Mao: At least his first impression wasn't so bad!

Saya: Everyone thinks my male counterpart is gay!

No, I don't think everybody does.

Mao: I am the daughter of the owner of a really awesome mafia! I'll tell my daddy about this and he'll bribe the local jail to imprison you!

I don't think that's possible.

Mao: My daddy's freakin' rich!

Well, I come from a different country so my people will defend me. If your dad bribes your local jail, he'll be imprisoned for bribery. Any questions?

Mao: ...

Anyway, Moo was standing behind a formation of lighted candles spelling the kanji for 'Kai' and surrounded by a candle formation of a heart. "My dear Kai," he began, "I have come hear to claim your love. But first, listen to this simple poem which I have made for you." He took out a really, really long scroll and began to read.

"Kai, oh, Kai, my beloved Kai

I love you so much

Please accept me, we've been friends for too long

I want us to be more than that

Looking at your eyes remind me of chocolate

That's also the color of my hair

But within the dark depths of your pupils

I can see something else

I can see beauty so deep

That looking into it would make me faint

Your lips that utter gangsta words

And rule the delinquents in school

To me, they're more than just that

A word from you would make the world stop and listen

Your hair reminds of the hot sun

Because my love for you has the intensity of a thousand suns

Yes, I know that I am making this chapter too long

But I do not care

For the author of this fanfic is insane anyway

But when it comes to you

I would do anything you say

Even if this poem doesn't make any sense at all

I'm sorry if I used English

I know that you hate this language

But, please, hear me, I say

Kai Miyagusuku, will you change your name to Kai Jahana?"

After finishing his poem, a single hobo who lives in the Miyagusuku family's trash can clapped.

Hobo: Yeah, ladies! I'm single!

Yes. Yes you are.

"Moo, for the last time, we're not getting married!" Kai said.

"Aww... Ever since that Horushi came, you've been too busy for him! What's up with you two anyway?"

"I wa- Hey, where is he anyway?"

"I read Karu's tweet that Horushi was on her way to school to kill a bomb. I don't know how a bomb became alive in the first place though."

"Kill a bomb? That's illegal! He might get in jail! He's gonna meet that hobo's mom! (The hobo's mom will keep bugging strangers to listen to her speech about poodles having hair, not fur.) I gotta save him!"

Kai leaped off her broken window. Moo set out his arms to catch her, but alas, thy heart was disappointed, for Kai landed on her motorcycle instead.


I'm not gonna do one for every episode but... let's just see.

Yeah, I made this chapter too long. But who cares, right?