Kurama's child.

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Please don't bash me for saying this, but, I read a NaruKaka and it wasn't half bad. Sure afterwords I had to bleach both my mind and my brain, but, it was written so amazingly I couldn't turn away. It was as if I were stuck in a five hour Guy Lee sunset tear moment!

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It was late at night, dark and still. The birds had quieted. The only light was from the lights of the village... and the fires in the distance. The air seemed to be whispering of a storm. It was troubling, now wasn't the weather for storms. Maybe it was theoretical. A certain calm before the storm. Yes, that had to be so.

Minato turned to the North. His love was battling for control over the Uchiha's genjutsu just beyond the Hokage's Mountain. He looked at the faces. The First, Second, Third and lastly, himself, the Fourth. He contemplated his options. If he were to leave to the fox world with Kurama they could raise their child in the safety of an immense pack of foxes and watched over by Inari. There future would be guaranteed. However, if he were to stay here in the Leaf his child's life would be one of constant danger. Assassination attempts, not only from foreign invaders, but his own people. Minato shook his head and smiled, he knew what he would do. He lifted the breathing bundle of cloth to his chest and bounded to the North after his love.


He had been running for a while until he came upon the struggling fox. She was glorious in her Biju form, roaring and jumping; her nine tails thrashing about. Minato couldn't telaport using his Flying Thunder God Jutsu, he could harm his child. Instead, Minato sent chakra to his feet and jumped. Kurama wasn't a small fox, so it took a while to get to her left shoulder. He nearly lost his footing when he landed his rampaging love, but, he managed to grab a tuft of her hair and held on to catch his breath. He pulled himself up and climbed up to the top of her head and spoke into her ear, "Kurama, my love, let us go home where this human can not go. We must protect our child."

Kurama glanced around and growled. She knew that voice, it was the ray of sunlight in the darkness she was trying so desperately to escape. She understood what he had said and fought even harder. She must break free, even if only a second, then, she could transport them both to her kingdom.

"You can not escape me Nine-Tailed-Fox," A man said across from them, he was standing on a large owl summons. He had an orange mask on covering his face. There was a spiral extending out from his left eye, his Sharingann ablaze.

"We will just see about that," Kurama roared, and, in a spectacular flash of light, she was gone, leaving an irate and flabbergasted Uchiha behind.

The kingdom of Inari was breathtaking. Minato had no idea why he had not agreed to come sooner. Not a single human was bowing to them, well, bowing to Kurama, they were all magnificent foxes. Their tails were numerous, anywhere from one to six. Never more than six. Kurama had explained once that the number of tails represented the amount of power one had. Since Kurama had nine tails, she was most powerful and their Queen. Yes, a Queen. She was given the largest portion of the power of the ten tails when the Sage of Six Paths divided its power amongst the nine freshly formed, Biju. But more talk of that was for another time, their child had awoken. Kurama had quickly transformed back into her human form and took the crying child. "Shh, my sweet little Naru, you will eat."

Minato nearly skipped a beat when she lowered her shirt and allowed their love child to suckle. She was the most beautiful woman to grace the world with her presence alone. Kurama reminded him of Tsunade when it came to facial structure, strong with high cheekbones. Her hair was long and red, towards the middle it began to curl beautifully. Her eyes were a beautiful yellow that radiated warmth when she looked at him. Oh, and that human body of hers was to die for. If looks could kill, she would be a murderer.

Kurama seemed to notice his inner dialogue and swayed at him, Minato understood it meant "follow me." He followed her. He received confused glances from the foxes. A little here and there were a bit hostile, but, a swift growl from his love made them tuck tail and slink back into submission. He looked to her and watched her walk with her eyes shut. Her face held a look of serenity. She knew the kingdom of Inari by heart. She had walked the same routes for a few thousand years; nothing had changed over time. It was a welcomed shift in scenery from the violent and ever changing streets of Konoha. She stopped in front of large twin doors and pushed. Minato would have helped but it was not asked. He realized Kurama preferred doing things on her own and not to be doted on. He conceited and let her have her way. There was no sense in angering a woman of her right... and of her might.

Minato stood in awe of what was behind the doors. Gold and fur as far as his highly trained eyes could see. The ceiling was up too far for him to reach. This Kingdom must have been built to accommodate Kurama and her massive Biju form.

"Dear Kami Kurama, this place is splendid." That was all Minato could say. Kurama smiled at him and lead him through the building. They came upon a room filled with toys and baby supplies. They seemed to be very old. Minato walked around and looked, he then glanced back at Kurama. "I will teach our child everything I know."

Kurama nodded. "As will I," She then looked to their child. "I have been waiting for a baby to be mine for an awfully long time, love." Kurama placed the sleeping baby into a furred bassinet and cooed.

"Beautiful," Minato said as he looked into the bassinet. He saw short red hair on top of a small round face.

"Yes," Kurama said as she lead Minato into the main hall, "She is."


Whoa dudes. Didn't know Naruto was a Naruka did you?

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Plus my bisexual side was calling for a Naru/Hina.

But don't nun of yall fret, Naruka will be bisexual with plenty of those teasing and fulfilling moments with male and female characters. For example, Shikamaru gets a little hot under the collar and Shino blushes. Kiba becomes a bit self conscious and Choji shares his food. Sasuke... I really couldn't give a rat's ass what he feels. Neji shows some feelings (Whoa, did he just widen his eyes?) and Rock Lee goes nuts with eye hearts (as usual). Gaara wants to share his kills and Kankuro let's her touch his favorite puppet (That is NOT what I mean you sickos!). Jiraiya gets most of his material on her and the Hokage let's her do whatever she wants. Iruka gets walked all over and Mizuki avoids her, at ALL costs.

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Exclusive sneek peek from the next chapter!

She couldn't imagine life with out her Daddy or Momma; without her loving friends, Tarlock and Bolin; without her wonderful citizens of the Kingdom of Inari. It then occurred to her, in some alternate universe, where she was actually a he and where he was alone without Daddy or Mother, where everyone hated her and was sad. 'No, no thoughts like those,' She shook her head to help clear her mind.