Kurama's Child

chapter 2

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Minato had first noticed Kurama in her human form. Not only was she breathtakingly beautiful, but with each step she took the flora and fauna grew. The budding flowers blossomed; grass grew more healthy. He even saw vines of flowers grow from the sand once.

There was something else too. She had a golden tiara attached to her forehead. It seemed to be infused into her skin. Her ears were filled with golden earrings that were all attached together by a golden chain, abet, not long enough for an enemy to yank off in battle.

He hadn't known then that this beautiful woman was the Kyuubi. She looked like a normal, human beauty. It was when he first saw Kurama angry, not pissed off angry. But when she was full blown, about to rip villages asunder angry. Her furry was swift and devastating. The wrath she brought with it was disastrous. That was when, Minato Namikaze, fell in love. He hadn't fallen in love with her anger, he had fallen in love with her passion. Never had he seen a fire like her's before. She really had the Will of Fire. And it was glorious.

Minato sighed as he watched his daughter. Naruka was a spit fire, a ball of radiant energy, and the cutest thing ever, all rolled up into one neat, little package.

She was five now and it was time to begin her training. Oh joy. Minato and Kurama had agreed that they were to give their daughter a strict and loving upbringing. Naruka always meditated with them and the other foxes were in awe with the effects it had on their young Princess. Naruka had always been a calm and quiet baby since her first meditation when she was a year old. She never cried once. 'Amazing', the other foxes would whisper in hushed tones, to not disrupt their wonderment. 'Never would have believed it without seeing it with my own eyes', others would say, 'What a natural.'

There was something Minato noticed within their daughter whenever she wanted something, she would sway and look sharply at you. It made him feel naked, like how her mother would look at him sometimes when she wanted something, either from his food to his sex. Yes, he would then give her whatever the hell she wanted, either of them.

"Naruka," Minato called and saw his daughter run up to him with her favorite fox kit, Tarlock, and her fox-ferret, Bolin. The red and white striped tail of the fox-ferret wrapped around Naruka's neck, its long and slender body hanging off her body. "We are going to begin your training. Tarlock, Bolin, you are free to come." The fox kit and fox-ferret ran around the room with new found energy in the excitement of staying with their Princess. Minato chuckled and turned, hand-in-hand, with his daughter, a smile on his face. He sure did love his life.

Minato and Kurama had an agreement: Minato would teach Naruka human chakra control, Leaf jutsu, some sage arts he learned from his sensei and his signature jutsus. While Kurama would teach her to control her yokai (or demonic chakra), Kurama's arsenal of demonic jutsu( including her prized 'blood manipulation'), kit jutsu and the transformation from human to fox. Kurama wasn't part human like her daughter so she would just have to leave the details of the transformation to Wise Kit Odi. He too wasn't part human, but he was the oldest and wisest in the Kingdom of Inari. Excluding Inari herself. She was the oldest and the wisest of all the foxes.

"Naruka, I want you to do as I do," Minato said as he sat on the square rug under his feet. Naruka did as her father instructed and sat on the mat under her feet. Tarlock and Bolin sat quietly a ways away, not to disturb their Princess and the King.

Minato placed his fingers in the ram seal and closed his eyes. Naruka had been taught how to place her fingers in all the seals at a younger age. She was still practicing, but, she was still pretty good.

"Now I want you to focus on feeling your chakra, it should feel warm like," Minato was cut off by his daughter.

"Like Mommy's when she plays rabbit hunting with me?" Naruka had asked with an innocent smile.

"Yes, just like Mommy's," Minato said fondly then continued with his lesson, "It is important, Naruka, that you meditate now, you haven't yet learned to harness the chakra inside yourself. Clear your mind and focus on the blue." Minato waited, then he peeked through a closed lid at his daughter, she was definitely concentrating. Her face was so cute all scrunched up. Her face then calmed and she was at peace. A wild wisp of green rolled off her body. It was quick, maybe it lasted only a second or maybe even two.

Minato opened his eyes to watch more closely, her chakra was green? How odd. "Okay, good work Naruka!" Her father praised, "Keep on doing whatever it is that you are doing Hon."

Naruka smiled and basked in her father's loving approval. She couldn't imagine life with out her Daddy or Momma; without her loving friends, Tarlock and Bolin; without her wonderful citizens of the Kingdom of Inari. It then occurred to her, in some alternate universe, where she was actually a he and where he was alone without Daddy or Mother, where everyone hated her and was sad. 'No, no thoughts like those,' She shook her head to help clear her mind.

"Concentrate, baby, you can do it," After Minato's encouragement a short and very thin purple wisp of chakra rolled off her then disappeared just how the green had previously. He noticed her pant and decided to call a break, "Naruka, let's get a drink," He handed his daughter a cup of tea that was warm off the heated tray next to him, brought in by a small blue fox.

Naruka paused her sip as her young, five year old mind drifted back to her previous thoughts during her meditation. She never noticed a tear fall until she felt her father's hand, rough and yet so soft and gentle, touch her face, "Hon, what's wrong? You are doing amazing in your first lesson, nothing was done wrong, you were perfect." Minato consoled his saddened child in confusion.

Naruka looked into her tea and thought of being all alone. She looked up at her father, her cerulean eyes burning with fresh tears, "I love you Daddy," it was whispered, but, he still heard her and the plea in her wavering voice. Minato held his daughter close and stroked her red curls, "I love you more than the breath in my body."

Naruka smiled and sat down her cup of tea to embrace her father. She knew the thoughts she had they would never be true, she had her Daddy and he would not ever let that happen.

Later that day

"Hi sugar," Kurama greeted her daughter in body movements and growling sounds. She was in mini fox form, her nine tails trailing behind her in unmarred beauty. Then to come together as one large and fluffy red tail.

"Hi Mother," Naruka greeted back to her fox mother in hand gestures and sounds. It was difficult to 'speak' the fox language without taking on the form of a fox. So, Naruka, who was determined as ever, learned the human equivalent that all foxes understood, she didn't understand how they understood, but they just... did.

"What we do today Mother?" Naruka asked her mother in choppy signals. She hugged her mother's furry neck and smelt the ocean on her mother's soft hair.

"Today, Hon, you are being decorated in the traditional fox style by Inari-sama," Kurama flashed a wide fox grin at her daughter's excitement. Naruka amusing her with her arms flailing, failing to communicate in gestures. Kurama yipped to get her daughter's attention. Naruka sat next to her mother and watched her fox body move, "We must get you ready love," Kurama turned to leave and Naruka rose. Kurama turned back to her daughter, "Where is your father?"

Naruka smiled again and moved her hands, "Daddy, bed, sleep, now."

Kurama did the fox equivalent of a sigh, "It is barely noon, why is he sleeping now?"

Naruka giggled and followed her mother to her bedroom. It was a rather large room. The bed was quite a large one too, made from a mass of skins and furs from bears, to wolves, to cows, to deer. In the center there was a small form. Yes, the bed was that huge. Naruka jumped up as high as she could and grabbed the edge of the bed and pulled herself up. She smiled triumphantly as she looked towards her mother, the jump was four and a half feet above her, so it was a major victory to the five year old soon to be going on six. Her mother made a happy yip of approval and grew much larger and simply walked onto the bed.

They neared her sleeping father, he was talking in his sleep...again. The two sweat dropped when they heard him talking to an imaginary man in his dream, "I didn't eat the ramen Fire Daimyo, it was Kakashi, I swear."

He then rolled over and said in an irritated voice, "Kakashi, stop crying and take it like a man." The two girls giggled at the blonde man and Kurama, now in a human form, shook her husband awake. Minato awoke with a jolt and yelled, "Okay, I confess, I ate the ramen! Please show mercy!" He looked at his interrogators and sighed, it was his family. Good, so the Fire Daimyo and the ramen police weren't on his tail... this time.

"You're so silly Daddy," Naruka said as she snuggled up to her father, nudging under his chin. The nudging under the chin was an instinct a canine did to their alphas when showing affection. He sighed happily and pulled his wife down with himself and their beautiful daughter.

They laid their for a while before Kurama spoke up, "We need to get Naruka ready for the ceremony, love," Kurama sat up and kissed her husband lightly on his forehead.

Minato let a fake tear slide down across his cheek as he sat up, "My baby girl, she's growing up so fast." He tapped Naruka's button nose with his fore finger.

Naruka giggled playfully, "Daddy, I'm only five years old."

Minato laughed, "You're almost six little lady!" He then tickled his daughter and they laughed and laughed until Kurama called to them.

Kurama held up the traditional wrap she wore to her crowning for Naruka to wear, it was a simple and beautiful wrap, made of deer skin that had been scrubbed tan and made it flimsy, yet, still durable. The wrap went over one shoulder and stopped at her knees, being held together by a thong strap in her mid-section. The garb had the symbol for the Kingdom of Inari on its back. This symbol was a K and I written in tail brush.

Naruka stood in front of her parent's mirror and stared, she was a pretty half human. Naruka saw her mother stand behind her, a hand resting on her daughter's shoulder, a warm smile on her face. Her mother had a beautiful human-like form.

"I am so proud," She turned to Minato, "We are so lucky."

Minato looked into the mirror at his family. There was a small, yet, true smiled adorning his face. He loved his family, he did miss his sensei, Jiraiya, his student, Kakashi, and his predecessor, Sarutobi though. He shook his head and focused again on the mirror in front of him, "We are very lucky."

At the ceremony

Naruka was nervous, she was standing along side her mother, father and Wise Kit Odi. She was looking out at nearly a million pairs of eyes in the dusk light. In the front row were her faithful friends, Tarlock and Bolin, promising to be there for her one hundred percent of the way. This helped her relax a bit. She was about to be crowned as the Princess officially, everyone was there, even foxes from the other world.

Even Inari herself.

Inari was the most breath taking creature she had ever seen. She was a mixture of human and fox. She was a God of Foxes and attended to humans when it came to fertility. She could bless a barren woman with the ability to reproduce. That was, only if the woman had good intentions in her life. It didn't matter if the woman was on the good side or the bad , she would have to have good intentions. Inari could even bless a man with the ability to become fertile again. Though, they too had to be of good intentions.

She began to speak, "My people, we are gathered here today to welcome the blessing of our next Princess." Inari gestured to Naruka, her fox tail swaying majestically behind her. Naruka took Inari's hand and her nervousness vanished, it was like she was with only her fox-human Goddess, Inari,"Princess Naruka will be decorated in the traditional garb of royalty," Inari picked up a golden silk wrap and asked Naruka to strip. Naruka followed her orders and felt no shame in this honor. "I bestow this onto you, Princess Naruka of the Kingdom," Inari placed the silk wrap onto Naruka and turned again to her people, "Now for the ceremonial tiara," A golden tiara, flat with a ruby in the center appeared in the palm of her hand. Inari turned to Naruka, "Young Princess, do be strong," Inari placed the tiara onto Naruka's forehead and pressed down. Naruka felt a white hot pain erupt in her head. It lasted only a split second.

Inari raised her palms to the sky and the foxes all cheered, "Now we do the ceremonial piercings," there was another applause that erupted within the crowd. She turned to the table and motioned for Naruka to do the same. Laid out before them were twelve earrings of different sizes. Naruka looked at them and could see the other side they were like tubes. She knew this would hurt and felt nervous again.

Inari picked up the three inch needle, "These are a gift to you," Inari then picked up Naruka and placed her onto the table. The audience hushed and watched on. Inari looked to Naruka and smiled. All uneasiness washed away from Naruka and realized once again that she was in the presence, no, in the hands of their Goddess, Inari, there was nothing to worry about. Naruka glanced over to the direction of Tarlock and Bolin, they were excluding positivity and happiness. Naruka smiled. She turned to her parents, they too were happy. She smiled again and looked towards Inari.

Inari raised the needle to Naruka's ear and pushed it through. It was weird to Naruka, it stung slightly, but, it went through relatively easily. There was a substance on the tip that helped glide it through. Once the first one was in Inari did the second one, a slightly smaller size. She did the next and it to, like the previous went through easily. The fourth one, however, stung more as it went through the tough cartilage. Inari ran chakra over Naruka's ear and the swelling subsided. She put in the fifth earring then the sixth. Inari switched sides and did the same. The piercings stung but not badly, Inari's chakra got rid of all the swelling and the pain.

Inari raised her palms to the sky once more and they began to glow, when she lowered them there was... something in her hand. It was foreign to Naruka.

"This is the gift I bestow onto you, Princess Naruka," The Goddess then put the odd necklace around Naruka's neck. The necklace was on a gold chain. Hanging from that gold chain was a circle, within the circle there were two more circles. Those circles were attached by three lines.

"Inari-sama, what is this?" Naruka asked, tipping her head like a fox.

Inari looked at the red curled girl on the table and took the, rather large, necklace into her hand, "This is a dream catcher. But, not an ordinary dream catcher, it is made from my hair. It will help you ward off evil."

Naruka was in awe. This Goddess just gave her something made from her hair! "Thank you Inari-sama," Naruka said as she bowed her head in her sitting position.

Inari bowed her head and turned to the citizens, "I now proclaim this kit as Princess Naruka in the Kingdom of Inari."

There was a thunderous applause of yipping and barking as the gathered foxes began to celebrate.

Naruka jumped off of the table and ran to her mother and father, "Mommy, Daddy, look." Naruka said as she showed them her new look.

Minato nodded, "Very mature, Princess Naruka." Naruka blushed a bit.

"I agree," Kurama said as she picked up her daughter and walked up to Inari.

"Kurama, it is good to see you," Inari looked towards Minato, "And your husband. Tell me Kurama, how was the immortality ceremony with Wise Kit Odi?"

Naruka looked to her mother with confusion, "What's an immortality ceremony Mommy?"

"It was just perfect, Inari-sama," She then looked at her daughter, "You see Naruka, when an immortal being, such as myself, chooses a mortal mate, such as your father, there is a ceremony held to establish immortality in their partner. It is very rare, but it does occasionally happen."

"So if I fall in love with a mortal, they would become immortal?" Naruka asked, cocking her head to the side.

"No, Naruka, it would have to be true love. You would have to be devoted to your partner one hundred percent. Once the immortality ceremony is complete you two would be inseparable, being together forever." Inari said this very seriously, "You would also have to make sure that they are protected from threats, the immortality is only so they do not grow old and die, they could still be killed," She then took on a look of remembrance.

"I had to kill the last queen, she lost her mate and it drove her crazy with sadness and she went on killing foxes, I had to step in."

"Oh..." Naruka then looked back at her mother, then her father. Her father looked a bit sheepish and scratched the back of his head.

"I'm never gonna die baby, so don't you ever worry about me, okay?" Minato said to his daughter. She smiled and shook her head as she understood.

"Now honey," Kurama began, "Let's eat!"

Naruka smiled and ran to Tarlock and Bolin.

"She will change the world," Inari then vanished in a ray of light.

Kurama turned to Minato and he to her. They then kissed and all was right in the world.

"Oh, Minato, you are so, oh," Kurama purred and licked the side of his face.

"Mhm," was all Minato could get out as his vixen ran her hands up his chest, his muscles rippling from the attention.

"I love you," She whispered into his ear, her red curls brushing his face.

"I love you," Minato sighed as he trailed his hands up her waist to the small of her back.

"Wake up," She licked his chin, "Wake up Daddy," Kurama began to vanish. Minato watched as the darkness began to take him, he then heard his daughter's voice, "Daddy, wake up, you promised."

Minato slowly opened his eyes and saw Naruka staring back at him, "Good Morning," He closed his eyes again, "What time is it?"

"Daddy," Naruka wined, "Get up!"

Kurama stirred, she was in her gigantic Kyuubi form, but, not battle Kyuubi form, with the fangs and claws. She was in peaceful Kyuubi form, she looked like the largest fox in the world. "It's six."

Minato moaned and looked to his daughter, "Why are you awake?" He closed his eyes.

Naruka wined again, "Daddy, we have to go see Wise Kit Odi, he's going to teach me the transformation, aren't you excited?"

Minato opened his eyes again and sat up, "Yes, I am," he paused and looked up at his wife and glared, "Just tired," He said this rather loudly. Kurama just rolled over, making the two smaller occupants bounce with her shifting. Minato huffed then hugged his daughter. She hugged him back, knowing she had won, and ran off towards the opened door.

"Kurama-chan, why so early?" Minato wined as he begrudgingly rolled over and stood.

Kurama giggled sleepily and Minato grumbled and left to get dressed and take his daughter to Wise Kit Odi's.

Outside the Palace

"I'm so excited Daddy," Naruka exclaimed from atop Minato's shoulders.

"I know you are," Minato said smiling at his daughter's growing anticipation of visiting Wise Kit Odi's for transformation training. Minato glanced to the left and saw many vendors in the market district. They traded anything from food to materials to trinkets. The Kingdom of Inari had no use for money so they would trade the necessities. It wasn't bad at all, that would mean that everyone was basically equals.

As the crowd began to thin out a straggling vendor caught his eye. The fox was a bit thin and had a white right eye indicating partial blindness, there was a smaller fox by its side. "Hon, remember what I told you about the poor?"

Naruka looked down at her father's forehead, "Pay extra," Minato smiled, she smiled. They turned to the vendor.

The vendor got very nervous and shrunk itself to the floor in submission.

"Hello," Minato greeted the fox vendor, who, shied away from him. Foxes didn't really appreciate or trust humans due to their reputation as ruthless fox hunters. Yet, this human had caught the eye of their Queen and she mated him. The fox vendor respected him and showed it through its submission. Naruka hopped off her father's shoulders to look more closely at the fox.

"Princess Naruka," The fox seemed to breath out, the smaller fox was as quiet as ever. They both, though, bowed in respect to their Princess.

"What is it that you both sell her?" Minato asked in a polite tone.

"W-we sell cinni-cinnamon buns," The larger fox rose a degree, the smaller one lowered further.

"Daddy, what are cinnamon buns?" Naruka asked as she tilted her head in confusion, which was adorable.

"Cinnamon buns are delicious, that's what, try one," He then turned his attention back to the foxes, "How much?"

"Free!" The fox screeched out looking up at the two.

"That will not do," Naruka looked to her father. Minato pulled out a scroll and slid it open. After putting an adequate amount of chakra into it, four plucked chickens 'poofed' out. The two foxes looked at the human male in amazement.

"S-sir, that is t-to much," The smaller fox stuttered out, "A-a cinnamon bun is-is only a-a leg, sir."

"Non sense, we don't need them," Minato said as he laid them down on the table in front of the vendor foxes, smiling warmly the while.

"S-sir you are-are too generous!"

"Yay! Cinnamon buns!" Naruka exclaimed as she grabbed one.

"You-you many h-have more Princess Naruka," The smaller fox said as she hesitated to take a step forward.

"Really? Thank you!" She picked up another, "Look Daddy!"

"Come on sweet," Minato called as he lifted her back onto his shoulders.

Naruka smiled and looked back to the vendors, "These are great! I'm gonna come here whenever I can!" The two then turned to leave. The nearby foxes began to crowd around the vendors, wanting to try their sweets. The two vendor foxes smiled and thanked Inari-sama.

"Long live the Princess!" The smaller fox yelled.

"LONG LIVE THE PRINCESS!" The other foxes yelled.

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