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Kim's POV

It was noon and my brothers were still over jack's house. They didn't say why they came over though. Jack's mom was still sleeping and Melissa, Nathalia, and Josh were taking their naps. Luke went to the skate park. We were watching the movie 'The Three Stooges" and it was hilarious! Then we heard the front door open and jerry, Milton, and Eddie came in the room. They saw all my brothers and were pointing from me to them and them to me. "They're my brothers." I say as casually and normally as I could. Milton and Eddie looked scared but they sat on the couch as far away from my brothers as possible. Jerry, being the idiot that he is, starts touching Kendrick's hair like my brother was an alien. Kendrick stayed quiet for a bit then barked. "Hum!" (A/N is that how you spell the bark noise?) and Jerry jumped back a few feet and starts doing his Columbian war chant. "So… The Three Stooges?" asked Milton. "Yep" I answered. Wow this is awkward. Then we heard the front door open again. Who could it be? We hear footsteps and then a high pitched voice yelling 'Jackie-Poo!" Everyone tries holding in their laughs from Jack's nickname and the horrified look he had on his face. It was Donna Tobin. The mean, red headed, French braid wearing slut! I hated her and for a very good reason! I try not to think about it though. Another reason to hate her is because she likes Jack and there was a time when jack liked her back but he got over her a while ago. Then I heard a gasp. "Jackie! How dare you throw a party and not invite me!" I roll my eyes at her stupidity and snuggle with Jack. "Oh yeah! Guys Jack's my boyfriend." They literally started cheering and I swear I saw Eddie, Milton, and my brothers give Jerry $2 each. Jerry got $16 because Jack and I got together. Wow. Donna Tobin was shocked and was about to snap at me. Honestly I couldn't care less and she has to go through a whole process before she says anything. First steam comes out of her ears, then she puts her hands in to fists and for the finale she turns as red as her hair. She opens her mouth but before she says anything I say "I gotta use the bathroom. Be right back!" I skip past Donna as she tries to trip me but she doesn't succeed. I actually really did have to go to the bathroom but I decided to bother Donna first.

Jack's POV

Donna invited herself in to my house and I didn't like it. "Jackie! How dare you have a party and not invite me!" I saw Kim roll her eyes at Donna. Then she starts snuggling with me. "Oh yeah! Guys Jack's my boyfriend." They started cheering and out of the corner of my eye I saw Kim's brothers plus Milton and Eddie give Jerry $2 each. Jerry got $16 because of the success in my love life. I saw Donna was shocked and was going through her process before she snaps. First it looks like there's steam coming out of her ears. Then she clenches her fists. For the grand finale she turns as red as her hair and opens her mouth but Kim beats her to it "I gotta use the bathroom. Be right back!" Kim skips out of the room and Donna tries to trip her. She doesn't succeed. I hold in a laugh at Donna's fail to hurt Kim. I don't know why they hate each other but it is really easy to hate Donna Tobin. We turn our eyes back to the movie and ignore Donna's "ahem" coughs trying to get our attention. Then she does something totally uncalled for. She sits in my lap. I try to get her off. "Donna get off of me and get out of my house." I say calmly. She smirks and grabs my hand I get out of her grip and she stumbles out of my lap. I walk her to the door to make sure she didn't do any tricks or anything. 'Why did you go for a bitch like her?" She asks innocently. I'm getting pissed now. "She's not a bitch don't you ever call her that again!" Donna smirks and grabs my face and kisses me. I don't kiss back and when she wanted access in my mouth I denied. That all happened in three seconds and I was shocked but I was going to pull away right then when someone pushed us apart. It was Kim "Oh no!" I thought. I opened my mouth to speak but Kim said "Save it Jack." And I looked down guiltily. "Donna I'm going to give you some advice. BURN IN HELL!" Kim yells at Donna. Then Donna slapped her and said 'Suck my dick" I wonder why girls even say that. Then Kim said "No thanks I don't go around giving everyone blow jobs. Unlike some people." And points at Donna. Then Donna yells "URGHH!" and ran out of my house. I was surprised Kim didn't slap ME. Usually when girls saw their boyfriends being kissed by another girl they misunderstand if your actually a player or if a slut tries to stick her tongue down your throat.

Kim's POV

When Donna left I looked at Jack with one eye brow raised. "Kim I swear…." He started saying but I stopped him by kissing him. Then I hear cameras going off. I pull away from Jack with a confused look. I see Jerry, Eddie, Milton, and Kendall taking pictures. 'This is so going on facebook!" Kendall says. "I hate you." I mutter. "Love you too Kim!" Kendall says and pecks my cheek. We go back to watch the movie. "How did you know Donna was the one that started it?" whispered Jack. I sighed. " I know you would never cheat on me, Jack"

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