Title: Against All Odds

Author: Sarge

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   Sometime in the middle of the night, everyone woke to a loud crash.

   Jack opened his eyes to see that Teal'c was fighting with Jesse who had broken out of the ropes. Remembering that the only weapon that could even injure one of the beasts was a staff weapon, he started frantically looking around the room for it. Suddenly he noticed it near the bunk bed Teal'c had been sitting on. For one brief second, Jack looked down at Sam to see that she was awake too.

   As soon as she woke up, Sam knew that Jack was going to have to help Teal'c. So, without saying a word, she pushed herself off of Jack so that he could get up.

   Jack immediately jumped off the bed and made a dive for the staff weapon, but he wasn't fast enough.

   The beast, who was once Jesse, saw Jack stand up. So, in one quick movement, he knocked Teal'c into the wall and then grabbed Jack before he could get to the staff weapon. Growling, he picked Jack up by his throat and threw him into the far wall. Then he turned to Daniel who was still on the top bunk.

   Daniel pulled out a 9mm and started shooting at the Jesse, but it did nothing except enrage the beast.

   "Oh crap," Daniel muttered just before Jesse grabbed him by his leg and dragged him off of the bed.

   Jesse held Daniel upside down by one leg and was digging his claws in, but just as he was about to take a nice bite of him, they were both suddenly knocked down by Teal'c.

   The beast let go of Daniel, got back up to his feet, and went after Teal'c again.

   Teal'c, by this time, was already back on his feet again as well and was backing away toward the door.

  Even as she watched all this happen, Astrid didn't do anything to help. She just sat there frozen with fear. Dr. Webster was doing pretty much the same thing except he was cowering in the back corner.

   Sam noticed that Astrid and Webster were just sitting there wide-eyed watching as Jesse started attacking Teal'c again. Realizing the young lieutenant and the doctor weren't going to move, Sam painfully got off the bunk bed and started to slowly walk over to the staff weapon. Reaching the other bunk bed, she bent down to pick up the weapon even though it sent agonizing pain throughout her body. She pushed the pain to the back of her mind and turned to fire the staff weapon at the beast.

   Jesse was just about to split Teal'c open with his claws when suddenly he was shot in the shoulder from behind. In a fury, he let Teal'c go and turned around to face whoever had shot him. Seeing Sam standing there with the staff weapon at him, he charged.

   Sam's eyes grew wide as she watched Jesse start to run toward her. Just as he was about to reach her, she shot him in the chest with the staff weapon, but he just kept on coming. He came charging into Sam and sent her flying.

   Sam landed on her hard on her, knocking the wind out of her, but forgetting about breathing for a second, she lifted her head just in time to see Jesse collapse to the floor. Satisfied that he wasn't going to get back up, Sam let her head drop back to the ground and she closed her eyes.

   Just then, Jack crawled over to her. "Carter, are you alright?" he asked, his voice laced with concern.

   Sam opened her eyes and gazed up at his worried face. He had claw marks on his neck and his head was bleeding slightly, but other than that, he looked ok.

   "I'm not sure, but I think I'm ok," Sam replied as she gave him a small reassuring smile, but truthfully, she felt worse. She could have sworn she felt a rib or something crack when she landed and her stomach was killing her, but she wasn't going to say anything. She knew that Jack had enough to deal with without her being more of a burden than she already was. "You might want to check on Daniel and Teal'c though."

   "How about we get you up and back over onto that bed first?" Jack suggested.

   "No Sir. For the moment, I'm fine right here. I need time to catch me breath before I move again. Go check on the others and then come back to help me," she said. She really just wanted Jack to go away so that she could let out a whimper that was lodged in her throat. She knew that if Jack saw that she was in a lot of pain, he would never leave her side and he would treat her like a child. She hated to seem weak and she hated to be treated like she was weak even more.

   Jack eyed her suspiciously before nodding and standing up. He first checked that Jesse was really dead and then walked over to Daniel who was sitting against the wall, holding his injured leg.

   "How ya doin', Danny?" he asked as he squatted down next to him.

   "Just peachy," Daniel retorted through clenched teeth.

   Jack looked from Daniel to Teal'c who was back on his feet and was walking toward him. "What about you Teal'c? Are you ok?" he asked.

   "I am fine, O'Neill," Teal'c replied. "I was not injured during the fight."

   Jack looked at Teal'c from top to bottom to see that he was telling the truth. Surprisingly enough, he didn't have a scratch on him. "Well, that's good. You can patch up Daniel then," he said as he picked up the med kit and threw it to Teal'c.

   Teal'c did as he was told while Jack stood up and walked back over to Sam. "Did you catch your breath yet, Carter?" he asked quickly, but when he suddenly noticed that the bandages wrapped around her stomach were soaked with blood, he immediately kneeled down beside her, cursing to himself.

   Sam opened her eyes when she heard Jack muttering to himself, but when she tried to focus on him, her vision blurred and she realized how lightheaded she felt. "Sir, I don't feel so good," she whispered.

   "It's ok, Carter. I'm going to fix you up. Don't worry," Jack told her before turning to look at the others. "Teal'c, bring me the med kit, will ya?" Jack said trying to mask the worry in his voice so that he wouldn't alarm Sam.

   Both Daniel and Teal'c looked over at Jack with concerned expressions on their faces. Teal'c picked up the med kit off the floor and brought it over to Jack, but when he noticed all the blood, he dropped to his knees, asking, "Can I assist you, O'Neill?"

   Jack nodded. "Yeah, pull out some new bandages from the med kit while I cut off the old ones."

   Teal'c did ask Jack asked and then waited patiently for Jack to cut the other bandages off.

    Jack pulled out his field knife and began to gently cut away the bandages, but when he accidentally pressed down on Sam's ribs, she let out a loud gasp. Jack immediately pulled his hands away from her, asking, "What's wrong, Carter? I didn't hit one of your wounds, did I?"

   Sam shook her head. "No Sir," she replied quickly as a pained expression passed over her face.

   Jack looked at her skeptically. "Well, than tell me what hurts and don't lie," he ordered.

   Letting out a shaky breath, Sam looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "I think I might have cracked a rib or something when I was thrown, Sir," she said as a single tear escaped and trickled down her face.

   "Dammit Carter! Why didn't you say something before?!" Jack questioned angrily. When Sam didn't answer, he softened his tone and asked, "Which one is it?"

   "I don't know, Sir. I can't tell. Everything hurts," she said as she cast her eyes away from Jack's.

  Jack frowned. "I guess I'm going to have to find it then," he declared as he gently began to feel her ribs on Sam's right side, but stopped when she suddenly yelped loudly. "I guess that's the one."

   Sam merely nodded, afraid that if she opened her mouth, she might yelp again.

   "You'll be alright," Jack said as gave her hand a gently squeeze. "I'll get you something for the pain in a minute, but first I need to stop your stomach from bleeding anymore and then I have to re-bandage it. Can you wait that long?"

   Sam nodded again. "Yes Sir," she replied in a weak voice.

   "That's my girl," he said as he shot her a smile. Then he turned back to her stomach and continued to cut the bandages away. Once that was done, he managed to stop the bleeding again, and with the help of Teal'c, re-bandaged Sam's stomach. "There, you're all done," Jack declared. "Now let's get you something for the pain."

   Jack pulled out a shot of morphine, but when Sam saw it, she shook her head, saying, "Sir, not morphine. It'll knock me out and I won't be able to do anything when the time comes for us to get out of here."

   Nodding his head, Jack handed Sam some regular pain pills and watched as she swallowed them. "Now that you're all patched up and you've taken your pills, how about we get you back on that bed?" he suggested.

   Sam looked worried for a second, but then she nodded and allowed Jack to help her stand. After the initial wave of dizziness and pain passed, she let Jack lead her to the bed.

   After they both sat down, Jack helped Sam lay down before he gently lifted her head and placed it in his lap.

   Surprised for a moment, Sam looked up at Jack, but when she noticed the small grin on his face, she just smiled back and then closed her eyes.

   Daniel caught the smile shared between them and a small smirk lit up his face too.

   Teal'c seemed oblivious to the whole scene that was going on right in front of him. He was too busy concentrating on Dr. Webster who was still sitting in the corner. "Dr. Webster, you have nothing to fear. Lieutenant Hertz is dead. You can come out of the corner."

   Dr. Webster looked up at Teal'c with a pissed expression across his face. "I know that, Teal'c," he snapped.

   "Than why are you still sitting in the corner?" Daniel asked.

   "Because…because I want to!" he declared as he suddenly found the floor very interesting to look at.

   Daniel just shrugged and then turned to Astrid who was sitting next to him just staring at Jesse's lifeless body. "You ok?" he asked softly.

   Astrid brought her eyes up from her dead teammate to meet Daniel's. She then nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just….I'm the only member of SG-6 left alive. I…I never allowed myself to believe that my friends could die and now they're all dead," she replied as she let her eyes drop again.

   Daniel awkwardly patted Astrid on the back and then he draped his arm around her shoulders.

   Astrid looked back up at him and gave him a small smile.

   Jack watched the two and quietly sighed to himself, thinking, There might not be any SG-6 left…,or SG-1 for that matter, if we don't figure a way to get off of this planet alive.


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