A boy not to drink from

The orange-haired vampire looked around the corner, and he saw two boys playing. They looked like they where between six and eight years old. Larten scratched the scar crossing his cheek as he watched them. They smelled of blood, even from here, Larten could smell it. Maybe not that weired when they ran around like they did. The blonde was clearly the quicker one, «The leopard always win, Darry,» he squeaked happily as he tagged the other boy. The brunett was a little smaller than him, and it was clear he would not run as fast; therefore his complaining about how unfair it was of the other boy to tag him. Children was amusing, Mr Crepsley thought. He did not want children. After watching them for a while, it was clear that the smaller of them would be the most obvious victim. Darry, or what it was the blonde had called him. «See you tomorrow, Steve,» he waved his hand like a maniac when the other left, and he returned the gesture. Kids did not have any social antennas; they just did what they felt for no matter how idiotic it was. Even though Lady Evanna would ask him to make her pregnant, as the only woman who could ever give birth to a vampire`s child, he still might had said no.

The brunett walked against the corner where the vampire was hiding, and Mr. Crepsley quickly breathed in his face as he walked by, and the boy fell over unconscious. Larten smirked; he did enjoy his powers from time to time.

The brunett fell limp in his arms, and he laid him carefully down on top of a container. He was just going to make a little cut on the downside of his knee. He probably would not notice; he was a child, he got a lot of scratches.

Larten caught himself looking interested at the boy instead of drinking the amount of blood he needed. He shook his head, and made the little cut. It somehow seemed like a bad idea making a scar on the boys body. He was... pretty, sort of. Larten was a vampire; neither age nor gender meant anything to him, but he had to straighten up. This was a child, he reminded himself. A human. Not even eight years old. But he stopped again to look at the boy. His body was slender, and his skin slightly tanned. He opened one of his eyelids very carefully, just to look at his eye-colour; it was not like the boy could see him or anything. Blue. Dark, beautiful ocean blue. He sighed. He could not fall for someone like this. This was... blood for him. Not that he hadn`t fallen for humans before, he had, many times. He had fallen for Arra even before she was a vampire, but this was different. This boy would never become a vampire. He searched «Darry`s» pockets, and found his phone. After some searching he found the boys number, and then he called to yellow pages, and found out the boys name. Darren Shan. He nodded, and pushed some of the boy`s long, brown hair behind his pointy ear. Pointy.. just like a little elf.

Larten smiled fondly. He was not sure what he felt for this boy he had just met. At the very least he somehow felt responsible for the young boy. Like it was, or would be, his job to care of him. Of course, this would be possible if he disposed of Darren's parents, but he didn't want to kill unnecessary, nor make the boy unhappy. He wasn't a simple vampaneze either. The boy mumbled something in his deep sleep, and moved his head slightly against Larten. Larten smiled fondly. No, this boy was not for feasting upon, he decided, and licked his fingers, stroking them over the little cut and healing it.

He lifted the young boy up in his arms, and carried him all the way back to his house, which he had located trough yellow pages as well. He made sure no-one saw them trough any window, and before he placed the boy`s sleeping body down at the porch, he kissed him tenderly on the lips. He smiled. «Fare well for now, master Shan,» he whispered in the boy`s ear. «I am sure we will meet again someday,» he said, before he turned around, and disappeared without sight, as he was seeking for something else to drink from instead.